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Actually there's even more flexibility, since you can switch weapons in the midst of combat and completely change your first 5 skills on-the-fly or as the situation warrants. Sure, you can only set the last 5 skills, but you get more skills to play with in combat. And there's traits that change how skills work. Also, certain classes, like the elementalist, have access to even more skills on-the-fly when changing attunements etc. Oh, there are 10 skills in GW2, not 8.

It's not that drastic as it may seem at first. :)

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All of them. Everything about HoN and skills was explained over official blog posts and interviews a long time ago. :)

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Sorry, but you asked questions that were already known for at least a year or two. Good job nonetheless. :)

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I'll be going. Need to check out PvP. :)

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[...] and new mid-level charr content.

The mid-level stuff is for all of the races; it sounds like it'll be on or around Orr. I am excited to see the Charr starter area, though. Anything that doesn't look like Post-Searing Ascalon is a plus in my book.

"Did I mention that you’ll be playing sylvari and asura characters for this high level content?" Sounds like just asura and sylvari for mid-level content.

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I think quite a lot of people are waiting for PvP info. Probably a huge chunk of GW1 players.

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There are some cool screenshots at that site and interviews at incgamers. Also, seems GW2 PvP will be very eSports friendly.