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Yup, GW2 will almost certainly kick ass.

I played it at gamescom 2010. Even in that early stage the game played better than any MMO out there.
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Wouldn't hurt.

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Thanks for the info.

I just wish there would be more GW2 info on this site. It seems the game is going to be one of those rare instances where cool new ideas are injected into a stale genre with features like persistent dynamic events, personal branching story, competitive e-sports PvP and action oriented combat. One would guess there would be more excitement for a title when developers actually take some risks, especially in the MMO genre, where taking risks is even more, well, risky. :)

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So the staff isn't checking out the forums? :)

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I was just wondering if you guys are planning any external quick looks for Guild Wars 2. Would love to see you guys play it and maybe reveal some new info. :)