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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA, 2nd, and extend (PSP games) have all had PS3 companion software (Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Dreamy Theater, 2nd, and Extend) released that replicates just the songs but at a higher resolution and at 60 fps. But they also require validation of a local save game for the related PSP game by connecting it by USB (it's one time for the later two, but the first apparently requires it on every startup). Currently in the wiki, the trophies for the first two are tied to the PSP games--which makes sense if these are considered DLC--but individual pages also exist for Dreamy Theater one and two.

Should the Dreamy Theater pages be deleted/merged into the PSP pages as DLC or should the trophies be moved to the Dreamy Theater pages?

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@xbob42 said:

Listen, when we pay a company money, we expect to be treated a little better than this. They don't HAVE to do it, but it makes good business sense TO do it. Customers that are treated well are the most loyal customers and therefore spend MORE money.

Cost analysis is too hard for multinational corporations, then? When we pay a company money, we expect a good or service. You got the former when you accepted the case with the UMD in it for what they were asking. This reverse entitlement notion is new and exciting.

Sure, people that get free stuff are more likely to buy stuff that isn't free from the company that gave them free stuff. But that free stuff wasn't free to said company. Said company has to weigh the value of those future purchases with the immediate loss they'd take on the aforementioned free stuff. It only makes "good business sense" if there's profit in it, and it looks like Sony didn't like their odds.

More simply, if you had an expectation that your UMD would be worth more than a UMD then I'd like to know how you came to it.

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@patrickklepek said:

something terrible is better than nothing

Pithy. Nothing was owed, nothing was promised, and nothing was given. Outrage is the only logical response. That or dismissal.

BTW: you missed an opportunity to juxtapose this story with one about FFT hitting the ipad.

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There’s a reason Giant Bomb’s news section doesn’t have many posts each day.

Once upon a time that reason was that gb didn't have a dedicated news guy.

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@chilibean_3 said:

Serious games journalist Patrick is awesome. Troll Patrick is the worst.

What news site does Serious Games Journalist Patrick post to?

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@MormonWarrior said:

Just sell your UMDs on Amazon and buy the digital version. I guarantee you'll get more that way than you ever would have otherwise.

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My PSP still works, so, whatever.

This and this.

It didn't happen for the Go and that didn't have an entirely new platform's worth of games for it. I don't see why anyone was seriously expecting anything but this.