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@crithon: Yeah, the only reason I stopped using my Dualshock 2 for PC gaming was that I needed analog triggers to play Trials. Switched to a Dualshock 3 when that came out even though I've never owned a PS3, just because it's actually a lot more convenient IMO than a 360 pad, which you either have to get the wired model, or try to find a non-bootleg wireless dongle. The DS3 works wired or wireless with a cheap bluetooth adapter. Then I got a Dualshock 4 when the PS4 came out just to get in on some next-gen excitement since I won't be getting an actual console. I find it a very nice improvement over the previous ones and I just use x360ce to wrap xinput, so I haven't had to mess with any of the unofficial drivers.

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Definitely get a new PSU. The newegg page specifies "500 watt or greater power supply with a minimum of 30 amps on the +12 volt rail." This is a good PSU with enough power and PCI-e connectors to power the card. Replacing a PSU is not hard, but be sure to keep track of all the cables you had to unplug to take the old one out so that you put everything back the right way when you get the new one. I just upgraded my old Radeon 6850 to a GTX 770 and it's insanely sick. Good luck.

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I'm a little bit confused by the turn from Rohrer's support of pay-what-you-want, saying "A lot of people really have to think very hard about what game they spend their money on," to his ultimate conclusion that "pricing the game higher really will help you have almost all the players who come in be willing to get to that point [of appreciating the game]." He seems to be saying that only people who can pay full price are good enough to play his game. If he's worried about people not investing time if they got the game for cheap and ultimately not enjoying the game, I think he should weigh that worry against the possibility of people who will not be able to afford the game at full price, but who would truly enjoy and appreciate it at a discounted price.

The economic reality is that not all goods are worth the same amount to all people, and I believe that the capability developers have with digital games to offer cheaper prices and draw in more players holds far more positive potential than negative.

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@your_name_here: Awesome run! A lot of bomb jumps with Jeff that surprised me. I think it will be a tough time to compete against.

@ravenlight: Tool assisted will not be eligible for the competition, but that doesn't mean I would love to see someone make one.

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Well I'll get the ball rolling. I wouldn't mind a T-shirt myself. First time clocking in at 12:00 with lots of mistakes and missed time savers.

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Those of you who followed last year's Giant Bomb E3 coverage will no doubt remember the game that took the show by storm: Giant Bomb E3 Fighting Champions: Victory Edition. (Rehosted)

Well This year the series is back, it's bigger than ever, and it's not a fighting game, it's a platformer!

So get playing! (Win)(Mac)


To the person who posts a video of the fastest legitimate completion time of Giant Bomb E3 Fighting Champions 2: The Next Generation: The Road to E3 by Wednesday June 26 12:01 AM PDT I will award one (1) T-shirt from the Giant Bomb store.

The judging will use RTA timing, starting from the file select menu loading and ending when the words "You beat the game" appear on the screen in the final level. Runs must start from a fresh save file. Video may be taken by any means as long as it is legible. If you have recording software like FRAPS, that is the best solution, but if you need to tape your phone to your forehead, that is acceptable too as long as I can tell what's happening. I reserve the right to call shenanigans on any fishy looking videos.

All right that's everything you need to know, now go download the game! (And tell me if it doesn't work at all because this is the first time I've distributed a Unity game :D)

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Hey Dave, I'll miss you here on the site, but I'm glad we'll still be seeing some of you, and of course I'm happy for you to be able to spend time with your family. Your personality always brought something special to the site, and Random PC Game remains the best GB feature ;)

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Hey guys, don't know if any of you are playing the Trials Evolution Gold beta, but I've been learning the editor and while searching for inspiration for a level, I decided that I wanted to pay homage to that masterpiece of level design and symbol of track editor mastery, Karsh's Star Wars Metallica. I just uploaded my take on it to Track Central, so check it out if you want.

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