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I bought it when I saw it was $1. I got to Peggle Grandmaster status on the PC version of the game, so I loves me some Peggle. The iPhone version is a pretty sweet port, no complaints at all.

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I'm not real proud of that.
They were out of COD2 when I bought my 360 and needed something to play.

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I'm hoping Fallout 3.

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Mass Effect

I'm a sucker for Sci-Fi RPGs.

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Thrawn said:
"I remember playing it over and over, but for a different reason. I was young and stupid, and couldn't figure out what to do. But I played it a few years later, and really enjoyed it. Does anyone else get reminded of the Kyle Katarn games when they think of SOTE? (Mostly the stlye)
Jedi Outcast was pretty much exactly what I had hoped Shadows of the Empire would be.

The first level was almost like a little taste of the awesomeness of the forthcoming Rogue Squadron, even though they had different developers.
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Iiplaygames said:

Ah, the Bob Loblaw Law Blog.
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Please delete this, the title is misleading. Some games can't be added to lists, but ti doesn't appear to be related to dates.

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cann3dheat said:
"Well it's just that I think off-topic is for stuff that's not game/site related, and general discussion is for people who want to talk about video games.

And since this thread contains no boobs, the off-topic crowd might not feel the need to read it.
I'm inclined to agree. I would think a gaming related podcast would be on-topic for the general discussion forum.

Is there an official policy on what is considered on-topic for the general forum? The Forum FAQ doesn't seem to cover that.
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In (rough) order of time spent on each:

World of Warcraft
Anarchy Online
Star Wars: Galaxies
LOTR Online
Guild Wars
Hellgate: London
City of Heroes
EVE Online
Ultima Online
Asheron's Call 2
Earth and Beyond
EverQuest II
Lineage 2

Wow, now that I've written this, I feel really pathetic.

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DOA4 and COD2

The next day my roommate got me Kameo, PGR3 and Perfect Dark from the MS Store.

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