Impressions on Deus Ex, and Dropped Footage of Human Revolution


As a young gamer who is losing hope for  this money-demanding industry, I tend to take sneak peeks at the wondrous games of the past. The ones that took gamers' hearts, and changed game design perceptions forever. When PC gamers experienced their System Shocks and Starcrafts, I played on my N64, experiencing other classics that, too, changed me. Then, after years of translation, I would soon experience more than one platform, thus being the owner of both a PC and a console.

I have not experienced the games that many adult gamers today consider to be masterpieces. I await my chances to delve into the luscious juices of the unplayable classics, leading to deniable pirating and fair STEAM buys. One of the games following two of those those game-obtaining tactics is Deus Ex.

Deus Ex (Game of the Year Edition, that is) takes place in a cold-hearted cyberpunk world that's in an unbearably catastrophic economic depression. The US is under siege by a terrorist group known as the NSF, and civilians are doomed by these bastardy, dastardly devils. To make things even worse, a hurting diseases is contaminating the far reaches of the world, and the cure is held captive by the NSF. It's up to a UN-crafted force, UNATCO, to defeat these evildoers and save the God Blessed USA and end this horrendous disease!

As upbeat that story summary may have sounded, the actual game is far from such a tone; Deus Ex is a depressingly sad game full of seriously exposed conspiracy theories, street whores, political refuge, and human augmentation . It feels like a message-filled piece of art than an actual game at times, thus causing probable censures from many players. Conspiracies can be disbelieving, but heed not; Deus Ex takes it to the level to where you want to believe the conspiracies. It's well done, and very interesting. Many of the things shown and expressed in the game can be true, as the small hints demonstrated can be realized both today and maybe tomorrow: the lack of Twin Towers in New York, the economic depression, augmentations, population decreasing diseases, and ect.  

The presentation, even today, holds up well. The graphics may seem dated by today's standards, but they still carry their charm with solid voice syncing, great character design, and inspiring sound. The voice acting is top notch with Jay Frank doing the voice as the bad-ass sounding JC Denton. The supporting actors and actresses can be pretty bad, or even cheesy, but they all add some heart to the game and get straight to the point without being melodramatic. The main attraction is the soundtrack, however. It's cyberpunk trance at its finest, and it does a phenomenal job at toning its world. You will throb your head at the beats, and will want to forcefully ruin your stealth spree just to hear the action segments of the area's looped song. It never gets mind-numbingly derivative, and you will remember every song for a long while. Maybe even forever.  

 Techno Viking concurs

One of the things that this game does that no other can do, and why Deus Ex is considerably amazing by the special individuals that have witnessed it, is the open gameplay. Depending on your stats, you will have the ability to reach your objective in any possible way, could it be stealth, hacking, info snooping, persuasion, or good ol' belligerency. Depending on your activities in each mission, the story will change dynamically and you will be rated by what you have done throughout, like being merciful or not, completing secondary objectives, or random gray-scaled choices that alter the story completely. You will gain experience by finding new locations, secondary paths, and completing objectives. You will use this experiences to build up particular skills for your character.

I've built JC Denton to be good at small, single-handed weaponry (pistols and throwing knives) and hacking devices. There's no way to build up your skills in stealth, for that is entirely up to you. If you want to play the game as a shooter, build up your explosives and weaponry skills, and ignore the rest. The design of the levels you are placed in are simply ambitious by design, but there's not one area where I thought may have seemed taxing to the developers; it's as if Ion Storm knew what they were doing as they developed this game. It's quite shocking, and you will enjoy every minute of it. This isn't your typical, linear shooter -- this is something you probably have never experienced before. Ever.

Deus Ex is an amazing game. I have not even beaten it yet, and I can tell you it goes beyond the level of games today. Why game developers have not copied Deus Ex's innovative design schemes is beyond me... And that's where the third game, Human Revolution, comes into play. 

Before Screwattack's leaked footage of the game dropped by the ignorant developers that are too scared to show off gameplay, I've seen it all. I can safely say that Human Revolution, while following the design schemes of the original, will be a trash game full of overlong animations, recharging health, Rainbow Six Vegas cover system, and no RPG elements. All of it will be streamlined enough to where it loses the uniqueness of the original, and bellows in the confines of mediocrity. What's the point of open-ended design if the main mechanics that support it are fucking horrible?
 The yellow/black art style may have seemed promising in the CGI trailers, but they do not intertwine very well in-game. It looks almost like MGS4 with the colorless post-processing effects and the shitload of wrinklies on people's faces. They were aiming for a Japanese inspired Ghost in the Shell theme, but it ends up as unoriginal and pointlessly dissimilar to the original game. The only great asset I can really point out is the trance music, which is kept intact from the predecessors and, of course, sounds really cool. It's just too bad that the music doesn't match very well with the universe that's presented.
I know there hasn't been many out there that seen the gameplay demonstration at E3, but coming from a guy who has actually witnessed it and hasn't even beaten Deus Ex yet, Human Revolution is going to be bad. Consider this a foreshadowing of the gameplay yet to come at some following point. This is not going to be a good game. If you're going to make something as good as Deus Ex, expect Ion Storm to do it.

My Top 50 Video Game Musics #1 (50-40)


Final Fantasy X

 Nobuo Uematsu -- To Zanarkand
Believe it or not, FFX was my first ever RPG -- swear to almighty god. It's quite a strange and early start, especially since there were so many incredible RPGs in the past. But despite all, FFX made me wish I was an adult in the yesteryears. Not only was the gameplay fun and the story emotionally engaging, the music was the main attraction to this game. While there were tons of memorable tracks contained within this game, To Zanarkand was the one that stood above my head the most.


Mass Effect

Sam Hulick
-- The Secret Labs
  Mass Effect has some of the most uniquely stylized music ever conceived in a video game. It reeks of low-budget Sci-Fi, film grainy, Blade Runner-esque goodness. I think The Secret Labs is a perfect example of Mass Effect's palpable musics. 


Gears of War 2

Steve Jablonsky -- Hope Runs Deep
  It's been a while since Epic Games finally made a game that was actually epic (or Peter Jackson stylized, in laments terms). While Gears of War 1 had the gears, it didn't have the "war"; this being caused by the lack of powerful music and inspiring speeches from government leaders or high-ranked soldiers. Gears of War 2 sure had the speeches, but it most importantly had an emotionally neck-tingling soundtrack that the original Gears of War needed. "Hope Runs Deep" is the example of what Gears of War 2 brings to the table: war.


Too Human

Steve Henifin  -- Relic
  Hate Too Human all you want; you can't argue against its awesome soundtrack. The stuff here makes most game musics pale in comparison. Too Human's aria has both organized beats and gorgeous orchestral instruments. I find Relic to be the best in the whole soundtrack since it doesn't take it too far with the drama, and it flows well with a nice beat that somehow connects with each kill you make within the game. Relic makes you feel like a god.


God of War

Gerald Marino -- Vengeful Spartan 
  God of War had very high production values; The Vengeful Spartan proves this. I bet you that after going through this game, the only song you will remember is this one. The drum beats and the choir tell you that "this is the main theme of the game". It's kind of odd that the future games didn't have this song. Quite odd...



Jami (freaking) Sieber -- Undercurrent
  It's Jami Sieber; she's not only the greatest chellists standing on this planet, she's also one of the best damn composers around. While Undercurrent may not be one of her best pieces, it's great to see one of her works finally get into a video game. Just wait Jami till I make my own game, and you'll be my Martin O' Donnell.
Speaking of Martin O' Donnell...


Halo: Reach

Martin O Donnell / Michael Salvatori -- Lone Wolf
  Halo Reach may not be released yet, but Bungie decided to give us a free-be(bee?) just for the hell of it. Well, I can safely say that Marty is going to take our hearts and ears (again) this Fall. While Reach might have better music than this very one, it's still a great start in what we might hear later this year. Lone Wolf feels like ODST with steak and muscle drugs -- all things anti-pussy. (ODST still has a phenomenal soundtrack, though. :-D )


God of War

Chris Valasco -- Minotaur Boss Battle
I think I only remember this song because of Alex Navarro's review. Despite that, Minotaur Boss Battle is a great piece. It's very intense, epic, and Kratos-ish. I wouldn't mind this being the main theme for American Gladiators.


Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Nintendo -- Title Theme 
  Y'know, time fucking sucks. Listening to this makes me want to be a kid again, and endure another first play through all over again. Why must we suffer the future when the past was so good? Screw you nostalgia!



Garry Schyman -- The Ocean on his Shoulders
  One of the best video game themes to come around since Halo. The violin nails the drenched art-deco style that Bioshock establishes. It's a dark, sad place with a pinch of beauty, and a sign of hope.


Modern Warfare 2

Hans Zimmer -- Going Loud / Control Room
  Team Deaf Mootch  "Dun dun dun... Da da da DO DADADADA!!!" LAS DO DAS!!! *sprints*

Chatting about Life Itself

 A friend and I typed to each other about life, death, human nature, and the universe.  Forgive the typos and grammar errors. I just wanted to copy/paste this for your thoughts on the subject.
 SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: you know i always think...what if the human race as been redone multiable times? like maybe we always live for years and years and go on to kill ourselves and then God just basicly creates us again but we wind up doing once again?

True Blue: Sort of like... TEH REAPERS?!

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: idk?

True Blue: Don't worry, Shepard will kick God's ass.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: dude havnt played me2 yet....

True Blue: You played ME1.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: yes

True Blue: Yeah. The Reapers.

True Blue: these dudes.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: yeah i know

True Blue: They make life. They let life evolve. Then they harvest them.

True Blue: Repeat

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]:
yeah but im not talking about harvesting, im talking about like, we basicly kill off our own race by being so greedy and bloodthirsty

True Blue: If only humans die in a never ending cycle recreation, then why us and why this planet? Why not the bigger picture, such as our universe? Why must you think of such a concept as this by minority.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: but what if this happens to any race on any planet?

True Blue: Well if that's the case, then probably. Civil beings have a tendency in not understanding the stranger near her or him.

True Blue: My Father always complained about my addictiveness to the internet, telling me to get out and be apart of the world. But then he says that you can't talk to strangers.

True Blue: On the internet, people can understand each other out of random coincidence, just as how friend making should be (and bear with me, I'll get on topic.)

True Blue: The world will end by the negative segments that make up human nature. These negative segments are caused by misunderstanding and desperation from ill order and law that destroy a human's possibility of survival; currency being one.

True Blue:
Yes, we may say nuclear weaponry is the foreshadowing of mankind's destruction, but think about: are people sitting on a thrown that sovereign the society they were apart of, dumb enough to throw a bomb at someone, knowing that it will simply cause problems?

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: exactly

True Blue: Rulers, both moral and immoral, were smart enough to reach their level. I doubt they're dumb enough to destroy the fabric of their species. Why dominate when your domination is pointless without a land to plunder?

True Blue: Governments are powerful enough to feed themselves turkeys and steaks that the individual dreams of drooling upon.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]:
no im not saying people are controlling this, im saying what if its just happening, but none of us are aware of it?

True Blue: How can we be aware if such an uncomprehending force creates or recreates us? If we are meant to die and relive, what is the purpose of such?

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: no its not our purpose...we just always fuck up and it happens

True Blue: Life, horribly organized and greatly depressing it may be, is a mysterious concept owned by ill minds; trivial by comparison to the typical scientist or philosopher.

True Blue: Life is life; the greats want to know of it, the random individual wants to know about the next episode of Lost.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]:
lol pretty much

True Blue: Whatever created us is greater than life itself, or greater than god himself. If there is a god, he is not human.

True Blue: No offense.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: no, exactly. i know what you mean

True Blue: Man, the reason of life and why it's "here" is one of the most oddest things to think about; a head spinner of epic proportions. It's just... Why?

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: i know right?

True Blue: It's out there. The answer is somewhere at the veil of our universe. But whoever planned this foundation made the universe untouchable and impossible. "It" "he" or "she" doesn't want us to grasp the answer.

True Blue: Scary shit. Maybe we are expendable things that are meant to die. Our species dies everyday, and I think more are supposed to die eventually.

True Blue:
Humans die everyday. Solar systems are slowly getting sucked into the epicenter of the galaxy. Galaxies will eventually collide into each other. Suns lose their energy in later years, freezing or injuring orbiting planets. Black holes are summoned out of random, sucking matter, light, and sound. Life is meant to die.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: yes

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: now you see what i think about when im not doing anything lol

True Blue: Yeah. Life is very depressing. We think positively and read greater futures or hope, but such things are guises for what life truly is: expendable and purposeless.

True Blue: Human nature cannot be sustained, no matter the government. We are meant to die.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: i mean if you go around thinking the worst of everything your going to wind up killing yourself due to depression, i mean i try to be an optimist but im still a realist.

True Blue: I won't kill myself. Why do so if I'm doing great in school, have a great visioning and a dream, and video games that make me hyped and entertained?

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: yeah i know, im not talking about "YOU" im just saying some people are like that

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: if everyone thought that way, no one would ever do anything, they would just sit at home, moping to themselves

True Blue: Yet again, another cause of death. If one commits suicide, who cares? You're no different from the other individuals that surround you.

True Blue: Your family or friends might show remorse, but it'll all be forgotten soon.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: not necessarily, i mean it can cause repercussions

True Blue: Like the suicide's connections following suit?

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: ?

True Blue: Y'know, the person that committed suicide will make his or her family also commit suicide?

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: yeah that happens sometimes, but then again this leads to the fact that what about the afterlife? where do we go? i mean its been said even by science that we do in fact have "souls" so what happens to that? i mean i myself believe in God, heaven and hell, but i don't see how some one as an atheist can think that nothing happens?

True Blue: Well, when in death, your body's functions deactivate, even your brain. In sleep, we still think and dream. But if we sleep without a brain, then... what?

True Blue: Are we resting without feeling of comfort, a dream of fantastical pasts and revelations, and idea of waking up?

True Blue: I don't see how that's possible.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: im just saying is everything about us dead? i mean if youve ever been around some one dying you would know what im talking about, i mean when they die its like the body is just a shell and you feel like you dont know that person. i mean we all have our own thoughts, personialty, ect....what happens to it? it cant just be gone? if so why did we have it to begin with?

True Blue: Personality is created from us being raised. Coincidence, association, and learning craft one's personality.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: i know, but whats the point if its going to just fade away into the nothingness

True Blue: It's point is to make us the way we are. When we die, we are nothing. We are just existing nonexistant beings. it's like a machine being turned off, only that machines have no consciousness. 

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: yeah i get what your saying but why do all this and just have it become nothing and go away? its a wast of time. 

True Blue: Exactly. We are expendable. Our specialties and persona just make an individual. Our life is a waste of time. If we change our world and its politics, or create a piece of art that start new movements for decade, then you have not wasted anything. Your personality and thoughts created the very things that fluttered the planet. However, compared to the size of the universe, your actions meant nothing.

True Blue: Again, pretty fucking depressing. But it's the truth.

SpeedMλn72 [Effen]: yeah i know


Halo Reach Impressions (From 4/29 to 5/3)

The Good

  • The weapons feel powerful, smooth, and slick; something Halo2/3 were missing from Halo CE.
  • The long/mid range weapon (CE pistol/BR/DMR/Carbine/NR) is now balanced enough to be very adequate without making the AR useless.
  • The pistol is a phenomenal starting weapon for long/mid range, compared to the useless Magnum.
  • The graphics are artistically eye-popping.
  • Melee damage doesn't affect health, no matter the shield amount. Some hate it; I like it.
  • Delay from equipping the Plasma Pistol makes the Noob Combo even more unlikely.

The Bad

  • Spartans' movement speed is too damn slow.
  • Sprint is too damn fast.
  • Camouflage is useless -- who knew a highly trained stealth operative could get stealth killed from someone who is NOT a stealth operative?
  • Jet packs are nearly impossible to use with the Bumper Jumper control layout.
  • AR, despite how sexy is feels, is rather weak, and needs a few notches.
  • Make the flag carriers move at the normal speed -- it'll stop jugglers who are too idiotic to know that you can't do such a tactic anymore.
  • Nuclear bomb grenades (again).
  • Hey, Bungie! You know those edible pineapples soldiers carry? Why are they so angry when they hit the floor and lend their steam unto the catcher? BECAUSE THEY NEED TO CALM DOWN!
  • The matchmaking Social Settings don't work as well as they should. Most of my matched team mates were too dumb to melee a shieldless enemy. Is the matchmaking comparing me to these knuckleheads?! How dare it!
  • The sniper is too damn cheap -- the aim assist is Halo2-esque, and the Spartans' dilatoriness gives the weapon's inheritor 95% control the map, and it's placed within Swordbase...
  • ... which is a god-awful map.

The Ugly

 I dunno why I made this category. I thought it'd be cool.


Halo Reach, despite how frustrating and hair-tearing is can be, can also be an enjoyable, if-not addictive experience. It's kind of sad that dieing from unavoidable grenades, skilless snipers, and flawed map design can boldly hinder your experience. As a man who has been waiting for the new Halo CE, I still have yet to see it. But despite all, this is a BETA; most of these claims will (hopefully) be amended with great passion. If the campaign turns out mind blowing; the Forge mode improves amongst its flawed foundation; Firefight is contained within; Forge can alter the Firefight mode; and the multiplayer is bettered after the beta, then we just might have the greatest Halo game since the past ten years.

How to Revive Sonic

Many may already know that Sega is prepped to dish out a Sonic the Hedgehog 4 to the console arcades. Some have given Sega full praise for trying hard in giving their mascot a hand. Some are still in skepticism if whether or not it's all going to all work out in the end. Personally, taking Sonic back to its 2D routes isn't going to save Sonic; it's going to make him look stupid and lazy. 

Now, don't consider the last statement as offensive. What I mean is that Sonic shouldn't be in hopeless maudlin, and backtrack to a type of career that he belongs; he should not give up, and move forward like the other franchises that it competed or worked with. Zelda went to 3D and did its Z-targeting thing. Mario, too, went 3D and did its exploring-open-level, star collecting business. Metroid eventually did the same by going first-person, and still maintaining the gadget finding exploration that its 2D children carried. The series's that we know and love from the past have become a part of the future. (That excludes games that went back to previous routes for good ol' nostalgia, like Other M and Super Mario Bros. Wii/DS.)
Sonic needs to follow suit. Sonic Adventure did what it did, and don't get me wrong, it was great at that; but it would lead to a time when such gameplay would grow dated and unworkable, as what we see as true with the greatest Sonic game of all time:

 (insert sarcasm here)
Yes, yes, I know; after this piece of dog shit suffered undeniable apologies from its creators, Sega finally decided to develop solid products that contain the blue furry that we all know and love and forgive. But those games were still not enough to help Sonic compete with the big competitors. So what was it going to do? Make another failure or mediocre 3D product? Yes, but simultaneously, no. It was going to do what the fans pleaded:
All well and good. It's better than nothing. However, it could be so much more. This move--no melodrama intended--is cowardice in my eyes. The game might turn out good, in fact, better then the 3D games before it. But do you see the lack of risk that Sega is willing to take? In truth: no. Sega already took the risk in trying to modernize its mascot. They're just doing to wrong! They're not realizing the fact that they destroyed their main dude, their universe, their side-characters, and their lore. Sonic is now anime inspired. It's punkish. Its style and tone is redundant and cringe worthy. Its full of bad voice actors, lame epic stories, and a crappy design concept in which every level a record maker. Sonic isn't entirely about speed. 
The guy is just an agile, rudely playful dude that's sympathetically cocky by his manners, but intelligently hasty by his planning. Sonic isn't speedy by just movement, but instead, by his (...semi?)humanity. How do I know that such a character should be this way, if it's not one that I have forged? Because that's how Sega made him originally. Not only is the dated design destroying Sonic games, its world and style is assisting its bacterial decomposing. Enough with Amy, Knuckles, that white and black hedgehog, and that fat cat guy that we don't even care about.

 SATAM crew
The Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series is not only one of the greatest cartoons of all time, it's also the greatest realization of the Sonic universe. The concept doesn't involve giant gods that destroy dimensions in a spiraling time cycle--only to predictably get defeated by a furry Super Saiyan. It, instead, involved a small resistance of primitively weak, nature loving furries fighting off a technologically advanced enemy run by a corrupted human named Robotnik, and his whimsy side-man Snively. It's a simple premise that could be thought up by anyone, but the the characters that it supports cannot even be conceived by your article-writing ass. They all seem cute, and carry cartoony flaws that give them a kiddish feel, but the problems at hand and the relationships that they carry give out so much power and realism that even adults will feel attached to such a cutesy bunch. And yet, while scenarios can get darkly serious, the cartoon is still toned lightly enough for kids. This is all done by incredible writing, passion, and cautious thought processing.
This is the way Sonic should be. The games should follow the essence of this cartoon. Since the series was canned at the end of Season 2, all thanks to the Power Rangers, the original cartoon writer should come back and write the whole script for the SATAM game from Season 1 to the unprecedented end. SATAM fans want their unforgotten story to continue, and doing so would also benefit the actual Sonic fans. Let the voice cast make a return in playing their roles from SATAM, just as how the cast from the classic Batman cartoon returned for Arkham Asylum. Let the design not be based on beating time records, but instead let it be some type of open-ended game where you travel across the plains of Green Hill zone, and live safely in the town of Knothole. Try to survive by the use of stealth and tactics when inserted in Robotropolis. Instead of spin dashing your enemies, let Sonic toy with their robotic innards by twisting their heads, dancing around them, or using items from Sonic's backpack that maybe deemed useful.
Do side quests that involve the side episodes that had nothing to do with stopping Robotnik. Help Router find parts to make items and gadgets. Let Dulcy transport you to areas around the very landmass of Mobius. I can spat on about my ideas for such a game, but such a concept would dare happen. Sega is stuck with where Sonic is now, and changing it would probably many the fans even angrier than they are currently. So for all that are out there that have probably read this probably horribly written blog post: What do you think? Is this a good idea? Do you think it's a little too risky? Will it destroy Sonic? Are my ideas vague or tribulate? 
Answer, and thanks for reading. (No seriously, thank you.)

Who Gives a Shit About Blast Shields?

... When you can have a SCAR with fucking stopping power assisting its already powerful godliness?
Seriously, IW. Fix your fucking game. I do not know why your team is so neglecting towards your fan base. What happened to the CoD1/2/4 days when you actually cared? Why can't you alter the perks for for balance purposes? Why was it so fucking hard for you to fix the 1887s? Do people hate your design schemes? 
I guess this is what happens when a PC loving developer gets infected with consolitis; they no longer show support towards the fan base, for they think the children are too stupid to realize any problems with their Stopping Power/spawn rape infested shooter, Modern Warfare2.  I guess it'll be way too much money for IW or Activision to make contrast with the disproportionate perks and weaponry. They just love their 12 million pieces of greens. It's not about the virtual game, it's about the REAL game -- and we are the players, and they are the creators.
It's quite sad that Valve is following suit with this business tactic... Or, at least I hope not. L4D2 is a good theory that Valve has given up on passion, and lent themselves to the uncomprehendingly destructive laws of business logic:

" It's just business, you inferior piece of human flesh."
I have created this blog out of anger -- out of disturbed serenity from a match of MW2. I have never been spawn raped to such a degree compared to any other game out there in recent memory. The way the Harriers, AC130s, and Pave Lows shadowed above my team. The way the enemy teleported to our flags in a sudden, unfathomable flash that not even God himself can sustain from gawky amazement. And all of this rape was caused by the enemy's use of Stopping Power. If you want to be unique with your classes, prepare to lose your chances in getting that AC130 or Nuke.
At least Bad Company 2 is tomorrow...
EDIT: I heard about the IW news that has been going around. Apparently, some of the employees within that very company have been laid off for insubordination. But most of those employees were the top of the line within the team; they were what made the developer the way it is now. Seeing such a talented bunch lose their jobs while I ramble on about their flaws makes me rather guilty. Fuck me sideways and call me Sally. :-(
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What Halo: Reach Needs to be Amazing

 -Improved Forge: Ability to let objects clip into each other. Delete All button. Better and easier way to align objects. Unlimited resources. Download Forged maps in-game. Separate multiplayer server list for Forged/customs.

-Improved Theater: Tons of awesome filters, all in real time; no holographic-ball bull crap. No camera sway--option to switch it on or off. Forcing a player with a better connection to be host is rudimentary; get rid of it. TRY to make an ability to instant fast forward. If it's not possible, then all is forgiven.

Turn video files into actual files to be viewed on PC; there will be no need for capture cards if this is the case. Also, make the site's video section easier to manage. Most awesome screens and videos gain no recognition at all most of the time. Give us the ability to download videos and screens in-game.

-Custom games: A separate multiplayer section with server lists full of Forged/custom made game modes--showing the rating of the game mode within, giving us the ability to know that the server contains an awesome game. Download customs in-game.

-Less weaponry, more balance: Halo CE had one thing in common that most shooter fail to accomplish--the limited weapon management. Halo CE started it and still has it in spades, for every weapon was useful in their own way. Even the pistol had its uses. Yes, it was overpowered, but there's a way for redemption!

Make the AR actually useful. More long/medium ranged weaponry, for Halo3 didn't have enough. No Mauler. Make the Needler have incredibly cheap tracing, but only have two clips of ammo and a long respawn. Make the rocket launcher SLOOOOOWWWW; slow reload, slow rockets, but high splash damage. Better hit detection with the Marksmen rifle/BR, but keep the range spread. No shot leading--we aim good, we hit good. Keep it like Halo2 without the exaggerated auto aim and hit boxes.

Get rid of the lazer in multiplayer. PLEASE. At least balance to where it makes vehicle use actually useful and not suicidal. Make sword lunge humongous, but let it drain energy like honey--two/three slashes, and it's off.

-Physical abilities: Take damage from falls--they are SpartanIIIs after all. Make melee attacks weak, but have a ability to paralyze the target, both SP and MP. Let us FEEL the impact from the melee attack, like Halo CE. No lunge in SP, only in MP.

-Maps: Blood Gulch, nuff' said. Lockout/Blackout. No pointless geometry details that hinder movement. Have fun, for I shouldn't judge Bungie's design schemes.

-Graphics: Throwing grenades shouldn't lead to the Spartan scratching his crotch. Melee animations should be realistic, not robotic like Halo3's. I won't go further, since I know Reach will look great in quality. If not, who cares? I think animation and AI count is all that matters.

That is all.

Our Complaints, Our Relation

I went through a serious realization as the days passed--something that I had to urge myself into expressing. We all complain about the whining children in our online gaming communities, for they spew grotesque squabble within our very ears. Pessimistic gamers state bluntly that children are the dominant populace in the game industry at the present moment. It's an obvious speck of knowledge that we already know, ever since the release of Halo2 and the bulging sells that shocked the some of us.
Since then, we've been yanked of our sanity by young gamers. They threw away their Toddy Alphabet Adventure Deluxe boxes in the trash and witnessed their true fluorescent discovery of online gaming. As immature as they were, it was their first time. We all have had a discovery during our lives that involved the very hobby that we interact with. We remember the time when we beat Mario, even when we were rudely told that the Princess was in another castle. We also remember the first time a head crab tried to latch unto our faces in Half-Life. Oh, and that time when we witnessed the exteriors of Kikori Forest in Ocarina of Time. Or experiencing SHODAN for the first time in System Shock1/2.

We too were whiny, bratty, misbehaved children. Our shock-and-awes have stretched far and wide as our hobby's history carried along the timeliness of planet Earth. They will grow up and talk about how awesome it was when they got an Overkill in Halo3, back when they were six years old, just as how we restate our past times in gaming. Forgive my overuse of the word "we", but we gamers seem to never give children the chance to explore gaming and the details that it carries within its developers and industry. Plus, sad and funny as it is, we never realize that we were once like them. We complain about how popular titles like Halo and Call of Duty are for kids, and are inferior to the awesomeness that is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with its realistic gameplay and survival mechanics.  

Honestly, we don't give new breeds the chance they deserve. As we mock children because of their natural actions, we don't grow a sense of guilt within ourselves. Gamers have to start some where, such as how we had a genesis with our Nintendo controllers and Sega Genesis controllers (notice the failed pun). We were never back talked by adults and young teenagers, for online gaming ceased to exist. The memory of how we truly were as kids has deteriorated as such, also deteriorating our wise persona towards the adolescent. Let children game, and teach them that soon, they will experience their fair share of kid whines.  It is their first time, after all.
God, that last sentence sounded wrong...