Rockstar Better Freaking Hurry Up

They're delaying their GTA4 DLC like crazy, and it's making me grow impatient. As I keep looking at my GTA4 copy weeping by it's lack of attention, I go toward it and cheer it up by saying, "Don't worry, chap! Rockstar is almost done with your new surgical make over!"

Now my GTA4 copy is going completely insane and wants to leave me; and by that, I mean I want to sell the damn game. There are other releases coming out this month and I need the green. If Rockstar is going to take this long to release 10-freaking hours of gameplay, then I am not going to wait for the next set of DLC. Call me an impatient douche, but this is ridiculous. This isn't even a full game for goodness sakes!

I am sorry, my beautifully crafted sandbox game, but I must let you go...

*dramatic music*