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Skyrim is the most recent one. I was HYPED for that game, only to be down trodden by lazy quests and soulless character.

My biggest disappointment was Assassin's Creed. That game is fucking torture.

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ODST for campaign.

Halo CE for multiplayer.

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Muh feminism

don't worry, billy. these awkward feelings are natural when you reach puberty. :)


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That cleaver sword of his looks pretty bad ass.

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Sorry if I sound like I'm not taking this seriously, but the title to this article sounds like something right out of an intense action flick or a trailer for one.

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It's great to see the game have this effect on you. I've always wanted you to indulge yourself with Dark Souls as it, for me personally, reignites and clarifies a reason to play video games and why video games are so awesome. It's such a powerful title.

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This question is too extreme.

Would you like to play a shooter with middle guns? would have fared better.

No way *in hell* do I want all FPS to go back to middle guns but I'd love to play a few like that.

It was. I'll rename it.

EDIT: Nevermind. Can't edit my own poll posts. Awesome.

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I mean, that's kinda what games do when you aim down the sights. Actually, that's exactly what games do.

But you go really, really slow when you do it.

I'm talking about QUAKE forms of aiming-down-sights - the MANLY way.

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@tru3_blu3: You can edit your thread title and first post if you need to.

Eh, may as well...