I made a music thing! Again!

Yo here's this video gamey sounding song I made with Fruity Loops.

Kinda reused part of it from the last Fruity Loops thing I made, but that one kinda sounded like two different tracks squashed together, so hopefully now it flows a bit better as an overall...piece? I dunno man, this music thing is hard.

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Ode to Vib-Ribbon

Since that Unprofessional Friday with Vib-Ribbon I've had parts of that soundtrack stuck in my head to a ridiculous degree. Its a really good soundtrack! So in an effort to unstick this particular song from my head, I made a bass cover video of it. Not the craziest bassline by any means, but fun to play, especially with the tempo changes. So here it is! (complete with swanky flying-disc t-shirt :D)


Its 2013 and I wrote a review! And apparently started a blog also

Yeah, the title pretty much gives you the size of it. I bought The Binding of Isaac just after Christmas and was so heavily impressed by it (and how efficient it continues to be at consuming my free time) that I decided to type a thing. Write a review, even. Its not a thing I've done before, but I kind of enjoyed it so I'll probably do another at some point. Probably on this game, because its a BEAST.

I've been using the site for a good while now (its pretty good you guys), but I'm not super great at being part of the 'community' aspect of it. Will 2013 be where I become adept at using the site to communicate with people? Fuck knows, but I typed it out so NOW IT IS REAL.

I'll close this with a few words on the word 'blog'. I don't like this word. Not because I'm some crazy 'Oxford Dictionary purist' or anything, I just think its...crappy. It sounds like what you might call the home planet for a race of sentient toilet-limescale creatures, or intestinal space-worms. And when you move the letters of the word around you just make it worse! Glob...Bolg...Golb...just disgusting. What a disgusting, shitty word.

Thanks for reading.