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Why 3? It's a number that, provided your answers aren't retarded, should be attainable.
Simple question. Throw me the answers.

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  1. Get a job that pays well and that I actually enjoy going to.
  2. Well these are all conditional on each other so I count them as one. Learn Japanese, live in Japan for several years, if not forever, and find a Japanese lady whom I fall in love with and her with me.
  3. Have one or two kids and raise them to be good human beings that treat other people with respect, care for others and are good people instead of the ungrateful, greedy, rude little shits that I are infecting this planet.

Dream of Dreams

  1. Live on a space station or an underwater city.
  2. Create something that has an effect on the world for generations to come like Star Trek and Star Wars has.
  3. Some how become extremely wealthy with little to no effort on my part.
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1) Be a father.
2) Make my wife happy.
3) Retire and play games full time.
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1) Eva Wyrwal. 
That is all.

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1) Go on an a date with Sara Lima
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1. Build a house.
2. Paint a self portrait.
3. Kill the Batman.

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1. Make it to top 8 at evo. Its gonna take a while.
2. be a father
3. own an arcade.

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1. play a show in front of a large group of people 
2. be succesful in my career 
3. lose weight

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1. A redhead 
2. A blond 
3. Some combination of the above

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1. Own a mildly successful business I can make a living off of.
2. Move to Hawaii. 
3. Write and play music someone listens to and enjoys besides me.

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@Mrnitropb said:
" 1. A redhead 2. A blond 3. Some combination of the above "
replace blonde with brunette, then this. 
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1. Have an exceptional CD collection. 
2. Have a book published. 
3. Live to see a Xenogears remake.

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1. go to every buccaneers game at least one season, home and away. 
2. go to at least three other countries, for at least a year each. 
3. see a snake eat itself.

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#1 Wingsuit skydive, 

#2 Learn to play the Guitar I just bought, The Drum kit I am saving for and The Saxophone my Grandfather gave me and start a band,  

#3 Go to Europe and either have a work visa travelling through from to the Mediterranean, or be wealthy enough to have a year holiday travelling through .

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Oh, Also, Before I turn 25 I want my goddamn car back. Goal Number one.
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I want to many things. 
1.- Get married (which i will in 17 months)  
2.- Finally move to Canada to be with my husband to be. 
3.- Live a nice comfortable life. With no money problems. (not that i have any)

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1. See the entire world, including every state in America!
2. Experience all the goodness it has to offer with friends and family. 
Thats basicaly it, i love being outdoors, i love traveling.

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1. Find someone I would enjoy spending the rest of my life with
2. Find a job that i truly enjoy
3. Build enough computers in my lifetime to be able to build my kid a decent one from spare parts in my basement. (I mean decent, not crap, like it would be currently)

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1. Have a male offspring to continue my lineage.
2. Conquer the neighboring  village.
3. Visit Australia.
Yup, that's all I want out of life.