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Posted by TrulyAlive

Warriors, Kings or Gods? Who is truly to say what title to bestow upon these magnificent specimen? 

They're locked in my basement now and can be rented out for less than $9.99 an hour...for whatever your needs may be... 
Song of the Day: Teenagers by My Chemical Romance 
Posted by Claude

That dude must workout.

Posted by TrulyAlive

He does. He used to be a chubby sonofabitch.

Posted by CharkeeFarlee

That seriously looks like a McDonalds in my town, but i guess all the McDonalds look the same amirite?

Posted by TrulyAlive
It depends...where do you live? 
This is the McDonalds I work at in Lincoln, UK.
Posted by CharkeeFarlee
@Bo17: Aah no, i live in Coventry. Guess they just look the same! :)
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@Claude said:

" That dude must workout.

I'm not sure if you just gave me a good laugh or scarred me for life. Possibly both.