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"Oh no! A guy is on top of me! He's inside me!" - @danryckert


Despite mostly being in one room, this was a tense and fun episode.

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@cuuniyevo said:

@truthtellah: I have enjoyed my time at every museum I've ever visited, and did not intend to offend. The word "dumb" may be used as a pejorative by some people, but I generally use it in a loving way. That being said, I would actually be interested in hearing your explanation of the piece, if it holds a special place in your heart. My appreciation of such pieces usually amounts to thinking about the effort that went into making them and whether their shape inspires a sense of being at odds with or in harmony with their surroundings.

Ah, well, I'm glad it's the loving kind of dumb. heh. I actually agree with Dan to some extent; though, usually in the context of big minimalist sculpture in front of corporate or government buildings. I think sculpture in front of art museums makes perfect sense, because it's an art museum. But many corporate and government buildings are senseless with the minimalist sculptures they place in front of them.

As noted art critic Tom Wolfe(and Alex Navarro inspiration) once said, "This type of abstract public sculpture is known within the architectural profession, sotto voce, as the Turd in the Plaza school... The term was coined by [the architect] James Wines, who said, 'I don't care if they want to put up these boring glass boxes, but why do they always deposit that little turd in the plaza when they leave?'"

A lot of abstract public art is placed there without concern for the community and buildings around them, and it's a real shame.

Yet, a structure like the Denver Art Museum is different. It is itself a magnificent piece of architecture, bursting from the streets of Denver. It is forward-thinking and striking, if a bit impractical. Some criticize it for overwhelming the art within it, but I think that can be forgiven for what it adds to the area around it.

And Suvero's red sculpture is abstract expressionist painting with steel forms, reminiscent of the cityscape around it. You said it well! Some of such works' greatest intrigue comes from considering their construction and how the shapes interact with you and their surroundings. Its form is even arranged in front of the museum in such a way that it juts out like the museum itself, emphasizing its distinct form. To me, it is like a little brother of the building trying to have its own message in the museum's shadow.

Good architecture and public sculpture interacts with the area around them and brings value to the community. Unfortunately, a lot of quality sculpture has been abused over the last century with businesses placing them carelessly around cities, and it has distracted from the value of such distinct imagery in the public space.

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@squiggle said:

"Buildings with a bunch of dumb stuff in front of them are usually art museums"

Dan's cultural commentaries are endlessly fascinating.

To be fair…he's 100% correct. I did a quick google image search for "art museum" and the following pictures were on the first page of results. They're definitely art, and interesting in their own way, but there's no getting around the fact that they're preeeeeetty dumb.

I really feel like defending art museums, especially the last one you showed, but I realized that might take explaining the importance and intent of modern minimalist sculpture and public art.

If you're interested, I can explain as best I can, but if not, I hope you may take my word for it that the Denver Art Museum(the last one) and Suvero's sculpture in front of it are fantastic.

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This was the best episode yet! That's exactly how that boss fight went for me back in the day.

Definitely continue to go with this level of help. @drewbert, the episode was quite entertaining, and you don't need to stress so much about wasting people's time. This was great. :)

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Mighty Gunvolt looks like a fun little thing. I kind of wish I could just buy that.

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"You should try Game Room sometime."

Jeff just opened up a dark world to young Dan...

They should do a new Game Room video.

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Colonel Ryckert, what's a Russian gunship doing here?!

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I am... psyched, to say the least.

Sure they were mainlining through a story quest, but it looks like a wide world of Witcher.

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I am so psyched for Dark Souls: London. Looks great.