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Yeah. I think my step-father may even play more videogames than I do. ha.

He just finished up another playthrough of Xenogears.

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It's super cool! I'm excited to see how this patch is. Feeding Shovel Knight is like a dream come true.

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We should responsibly drink various alcohol until we are sufficiently inebriated to better enjoy one's company!

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@excast said:

I'm so tired.

Tired of innocent people being made to feel afraid. Tired of the sad reality that there is absolutely nothing I or anyone else can do to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Tired of it seeming like entire communities are somehow being broad brushed as supportive of this stuff.

This has so little to do just with gaming or gaming culture. There is anonymous hate all over the Internet. People saying or doing things that they would never dare to if they were standing in front of their victim or had to deal with the societal repercussions. Who can really say why some people need to be making someone feel worse in order to enjoy themselves? It doesn't make much sense to me, but alas.

You can actually do something about it. That's the cool part! You can share with voices supporting victims of harassment and speak out for dialogue over crazy Twitter campaigns. See how you can personally do even better to make Giant Bomb and other places a more welcoming place for women and minorities. Be cool and consider ways to be even cooler. It really does make a difference. :)

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@bocam said:

I can't believe this is the first thing I read after getting off the plane from my vacation in Japan. I was promised smiles and sunshine.

Sorry, Bocam. Though, standing up to this kind of nonsense -is- the sunshine in this all too unfortunate storm.

And there are smiles seeing people's compassion toward victims and others leaving behind a misguided effort. :)

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@fapathy said:

This sucks that it happened to her, but it's also an obvious false flag to anyone who isn't new to the internet. Not as bad as the 8chan "death threats" where all the posts have the same ID(which means they're all by the same person), but close. And I'm not claiming Anti-GG doxxed her or anything, but what people still don't seem to understand is that there are 3rd party trolls like FYAD who play both sides and I wouldn't be surprised if this was their work too. Pro-GG reports any harassment and doxxing as soon as they see it, even when it's against an Anti-GG. Felicia Day's doxxer was no exception and was reported by everyone as soon as someone mentioned it on the hashtag.

It never seems to be a true Scotsman.

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@lanechanger said:

But it's sunshine and smiles week :(

In the interests of long-term sunshine and smiles, it's important that we acknowledge and address what prevents so many from enjoying sunshine and smiles in gaming. :)

You should be in politics.

Thanks... I think? ha.

I had two long conversations with GG folks today, and while they may be misguided, they're still fellow gamers and human beings. I've been misguided in my life before, too, and outside of the worst of the worst, folks can change. It just takes time.

I've seen progress over the years, and this bump in the road isn't going to stop it.

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@lanechanger said:

But it's sunshine and smiles week :(

In the interests of long-term sunshine and smiles, it's important that we acknowledge and address what prevents so many from regularly enjoying sunshine and smiles in gaming. :)

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@ottoman673 said:

People claim to do shitty things for all the right reasons all the time.

I'm sick of blaming GamerGate for this. We have to start blaming individuals who are doing this, instead. Shame the doxxers, shame the swatters, shame the generally shitty people of the world...not a group who wants a little journalistic integrity.

The answer is more decent people stopping associating with what has basically ended up acting like a misguided hate group. No one needs GamerGate to speak up on things they care about. It has never represented a worthwhile cause. It has only ever represented a mishmash of contradictory messages based on a nondescript anger in a subsection of the gaming community. That isn't anything to identify with. Why would anyone tie their good name to such a thing?

People should identify with "integrity" or "ethics", not a muddled, chaotic banner like "GamerGate".

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It's very tragic. The doxxing was, frankly, obvious. Of course she'd express fear and then people would back up that fear and make excuses about how Felicia Day "false flagged" herself. It's a joke at this point. A sad, twisted joke.

That her and others(myself-included) have to feel uneasy even mentioning the name "GamerGate" is sad. It has always been bad enough just mentioning "women" or "representation", but GamerGate has been even worse. Not just on Twitter or Reddit, but around here. The mods have helped clean up so much, but this has truly been an unfortunate period for the wider gaming community.

None of this has been necessary. Every day, I further regret ever holding any hope for some decent people turning it around to be something more positive than hurtful. Now it's just a chaotic storm continuing to muck things up while it slowly unravels.