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Thanks everyone for your donations! There is only a short time before the Elder Scrolls. Maybe 20 minutes at most.

Can we get any more last minute donations for Air Force Gator for Morrowind?

We can do this! Just $20 or more from a number of GBers can get this to happen. I know there are European fans up. Let's make this happen!

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The second half of 2014 was probably the lowest I've ever watched anime, because of everything going on.

But I look forward to 2015 being full of great shows I can catch up on!

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@hassun: For some reason, my other donation didn't pop up, but heh, I guess I'll be back. #TeamEven is always out there lurking, ready to set things right.

I'm uh... having a bad night. Kinda a bad few days, at that. Please folks, donate even just a little more than what you were thinking of donating. Seeing AGDQ's charity fundraising do even better is a real joy to me.

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@hassun: @demoskinos:You dastardly do-gooders!

Everyone, please donate odd and even amounts so that the totals remain Even against the nefarious Odd storm! Do it for the children!

AGDQ 2015 is here! I hope everyone has some holiday money left over to donate to a good cause. :)

#TeamEven #GBS

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Seems like a good fit! Glad to see it.

Kotaku has needed more big story writers, and they've also focused more in the last year on streams and videos of new games. After working with Giant Bomb, that is right up Patrick's alley. He basically offers everything I could imagine them wanting right now.

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I can dig this list, and if they all do come out in 2015, it'd be amazing.

I am most excited about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and then there is Persona 5. Beyond that, I -hope- the new Legend of Zelda, Xenoblade, and Final Fantasy XV come out in 2015.

I am crossing my fingers that Mario Maker is good, too. Just have a bad feeling about it. I wish there were some 3DS games I was looking forward to... That and PC are my main systems. Maybe there will be some indie surprises thrown in there, too.

(Can they please just announce a new 3DS Advance Wars and then release it the same day? heh)

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Nice! A great list of titles!

I didn't even think of including Hearthstone despite being one of my favorite games. ha. For some reason, I felt like it was a 2013 game. Regardless, glad it got on the list. :)

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@iceland_grrl: I hear you. It's clear this is more about your feelings on me than the topic of this thread. At this point, I'd ask you to please stop this and not reply to me further. I won't be replying again.

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@iceland_grrl: Yeah, Bargainben's comment more bothered me, but you still chose to have your first comments be insulting ones toward me, dismissing my concerns. Your implication that no one of consequence cared about it just because you didn't care about it was not alright.

I'm still a human being whether you disagree with me or not, and you don't get to speak for all trans individuals. You made a mountain out of a mole hill in trying to defend one line of dialogue I didn't like. You can like it if you want, but please don't act like I have to like it.

Also, do you follow me on Twitter? Sure my tweets are open, but you'd have to have pursued finding that tweet, as I never mentioned names or where I was talking about. That's kind of creepy.