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@aronman789: Well, Fantasy Life's story can be mainlined in about 30 hrs, but it has a decent bit of replayability. It's more focused on a casual, light-hearted experience which could get you 50+ hrs easy. The story is pretty boilerplate but has well-written dialogue that many people find charming. It also has an enjoyable adventure soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu(of FF fame).

Freedom Wars has more of a multiplayer mission focus over story, with AI "accessories" (allies) helping you out on missions to take down creatures in an area. There is a story, but that isn't the big draw for most people. Its main content can be completed in about 25 hrs according to many folks, but like most hunting games, there's more missions you can grind for many, many hrs after that. It's a much more difficult game that requires some tactics and item crafting. Some have complained that it's a bit too difficult and at times relies too much on RNG with crafting and such, but many appreciate its difficulty and enjoy the grind.

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@aronman789: hm. Well, Freedom Wars is faster-paced and less-based on that kind of methodical action, but it has that similar mission structure. Fantasy Life is a cute and accessible fantasy action RPG with very light life sim elements. It's good for short light-hearted sessions of fun.

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@aronman789: How did you feel about the faster combat though? Freedom Wars is kind of like a faster, more dark anime-style version of Monster Hunter. It's a faster entry in that genre, similar to SS.

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@truthtellah: I love Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I hated Soul Sacrifice with a passion. I didn't like the time constraint on things in Animal Crossing at all, but I liked the aesthetic and like cute things.

Okay, you'll have to elaborate on what you hated about Soul Sacrifice.

Freedom Wars is a lot like a mix between Monster Hunter and Soul Sacrifice; so, what you disliked about SS is important.

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What are your feelings on Monster Hunter and Soul Sacrifice? Ever enjoyed an Animal Crossing game? Do you like cute things or prefer serious and dark? Do you want something to play for a few hours straight or something to play for short stretches off and on?

With answers to those questions, I can tell you exactly which one to pick up.

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Aaaaa can't take the excitement!!

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@believer258: @thunderslash:

Burnout is actually a really great point, I didn't think 50h was the normal run time, wow. I may focus on Shadow of Mordor for now then and play these two games after PQ

From what I've heard, that is likely a wise decision. It's what I'm doing, as well. :)

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Weird post...

I'd say Fire Emblem Awakening was the last one. Or maybe Shovel Knight. Oh! And a Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds!

I don't get hyped often, but usually when I do, it pays off.

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Hurray! Thank you, @bakajyanai! Glad this could raise a bit more money for the cause. :)

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@franticrain: I'm glad you're still alive.

Have you checked with your doctor? Ya know, just get yourself checked out... I guess that may make more sense right after the challenge, but man, I'm kind of in awe that your health hasn't already gone downhill during this mad ride into hell.

Good luck getting the PS4!