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@gnomeonfire: I don't believe that's always the case. Though, they seem to have implied that this would be uploaded for everyone.

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As far as getting used to navigating in 3D space in a safe, fun environment, maybe try some old racing games like Super Mario Kart or even the Animal Crossing series. AC is super good for getting your feet wet a bit.

Turn-based RPGs are usually pretty good, too. Just run around and not have to stress about going fast. Don't underestimate the value of puzzle games, as well.

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Skyward Sword is great. One of the best in the series.

Controls take getting used to, but it's one of my favorites.

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Could folks upset about the evils of game journalism maybe not bring it up in chat on the PAX livestream please?

It's embarrassing to see actual Giant Bomb members posting in chat about SJWs and accusing Patrick of sleeping with Zoe Quinn...

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Dave, stream's back up! Thank you!

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Dave, stream's busted.

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@icyeyes said:

@splodge: Just a little something I like to call "Jeff Killme" But maybe this new one will calm your discomfort?

Think outside the Dan

"Ya know, I've never actually eaten potato chips, and uh Mountain Dew is a cleaning product, right? It's pretty bright and pungent. But yeah, totally buy em. I assume they're good."

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@splodge: Could you edit your title to indicate that it's actually a video for everyone? Not sure if you can, but maybe that might help some people realize it's not just premium. :)

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Anyone else have a problem where the new promo video doesn't go Fullscreen? It makes the video tiny instead. Just a little thing. Otherwise, really cool page.

Not loving the new splooge on premium videos though. Looks kind of gross, like Jeff had too much chili.