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Can we get back on topic of his apology and resolve to improve himself?

One member's relative quality is both not the topic and something I specifically requested people to please not drag into this. Unless it is in the context of resolving to do better in your own interactions with others, it doesn't seem relevant to Gabe's public statement.

I appreciate some of the back and forth on trying to inform someone, and yall have been awesome about it. But let's try to stick to Gabe's statement about seeing an issue within himself and wanting to change.

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@theht said:

@trafalgarlaw: there was a dismissiveness to it that undermined the notion of gen--wait, why are we discussing the fuckin years old tweet that already had consequences and apologies and repercussions and hashing out?

Because what happened still impact the gaming industry. It's a long line of examples like Orth in which people are ostracized based on tweets. Civil conduct on both ends is important, it basically stigmatized both sides. Take VGX, 5 years ago we'd shrug at Joel's Mario transgender joke and move on. But now we have to actively condemn it or we might be either supporting it or be part of the problem according some groups. You could write a brilliant thesis on this how we've changed our tone. This needs discussing with real thought put in it, not swept under the rug, even if it was done and took place very long time ago.

hmmm... It might be good to write a post on how far we've come. There is certainly more awareness, and conversation is more common rather than simply a rare occurrence. You're right; things have been improving to some extent.

If I feel like a glutton for punishment in the next few weeks, maybe I'll write up something about the progress we've seen in recent times. :)

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@metalliccookies: Awesome work! So cool. Can't wait to see their in-game models. ;)

(and uh, may want to edit your OP, as it still says "Also thanks for all the comments and help with the fags".)

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@greggd said:

@joshwent said:

@greggd: In the spirit of Gabe's letter, and this thread, please be careful about insulting people that you find insulting. This is a good chance for all of us to examine if our online behavior is helping, or just escalating problems.

I tried to make it seem like constructive criticism, but like halfway through typing it I kind of unloaded. I honestly want him to get an avatar, though. Darji has been a staple of the forums for a while now, so I think he needs to go to the next step.

Okay, I just edited it. Hopefully nobody can get mad at it now.

Thanks for editing it. I think it's generally best to just avoid engaging with certain people that are consistently destructive to discussion. I can understand the desire to vent a bit, but as joshwent said, we just have to be prudent and rethink it on occasion. ha As is the central point with this topic, considering our words more closely is always wise and helpful to communication. :)

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It's really puppy. And the hacker group is claiming that they've actually hacked into Origin and the Battlefield 4 servers. Which, well, would be more than just a DDOS. Though, I haven't seen confirmation of their claims.

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Well of course there's a high chance they're going out of business in two years.

All companies are likely going out of business in two years...

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I think the success of FTL: Faster Than Light is another one well worth mention.

Glad to hear Broken Sword 5 is turning out well!

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@wjb said:

This thread was an elaborate ruse to make you comment. This is an intervention. Your hostility and bullying has not gone unnoticed, and you are tearing this community apart. Now @development has accidentally killed someone under your influence.

It was brave of @truthtellah to create this thread as an attempt to get through to you. We all thought the fake "Gabe from Penny Arcade wants to be a better person" was unbelievable and we were all concerned it wouldn't work, but he made a link to a fake PA blog post and everything. We couldn't say no.

Yeah... @milkman, we need to talk.

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@milkman said:

I'm glad. I don't think Mike (Gabe, whatever) is a bad person but it's nice that he can recognize where he has been hurtful to others. It's probably something we all should do more.

Be hurtful to others? Well, okay, but I'm telling people milkman told me it was okay.

heh! You little scamp! >_>

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I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony cut back significantly over the next few years, but I doubt they'll go out of business. There are good, profitable elements of the company, and as long as they can focus on those sectors, they can still go on for quite some time.

I can see how their recent numbers might freak out an algorithm, but there's a reason human analysis is still essential to really understand a company's position.