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@nightriff: He has not finished it on air. I imagine he will eventually.

And when I finally send him this Space Jam stuff, it'll force his hand...

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@hailinel: Cool. I can understand that desire. I hope some cool games you'll like come out for it lickity split! :D

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@hailinel said:

@slag said:

It felt weird not to get one today, I feel odd pangs of non-buyer's remorse, but the I see impressions like yours and conclude I probably made the right choice for now.

Assassin's Creed 4 doesn't do it for you? I agree the launch lineup looks thoroughly underwhelming right now but AC4 does look pretty fun to me.

I admit I was hoping for a Japanese developed AAA game at launch, very surprised there really isn't any. That's what usually pushes me over the edge to buy one of these.

I already own Assassin's Creed IV on the Wii U, so I never planned on the PS4 version. I'm honestly not sure what my first new retail game for the PS4 will be; I know I'll be getting Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III eventually, whenever they come out, but other than that, I'd like to try out the PS4 version of FFXIV, and I'm interested in Infamous: Second Son mostly because I live in Seattle. Otherwise, there's honestly not much I can think of that really excites me in the near or far future. The games I'm most looking forward to are all on the Wii U.

Hearing you explain that, I have to ask, why did you pick it up at launch? Why not just wait until it was closer to actually having some games you wanted? I mean, it's cool if you just wanted it or like launches, but it sounds like there weren't any games at launch or coming really soon that interested you.

I guess I'm just curious. The PS4 looks super snazzy, but if there aren't any games that really caught your eye, why pick it up so soon?

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Glad things went smoothly for you! I've heard a lot of people having issues. It's kind of odd, but eh, it's day one.

I'm looking forward to the Japanese launch next year. I'm guessing there should at least be one or two decent JPRGs released next year for it. That's all I really want. Outside of the 360, I've never bought a modern console until there was at least one JRPG I wanted to play on it. Hopefully devs making games for the PS4 can deliver! And then all us JRPG fans can argue over whether they're amazing or crap. heh. :)

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Vinny, man. Vinny... that guy.

There were some real nice moments in this stream.

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@alanm26v5: I like the option; I think it's a nice compromise when you have people used to just popping a disc in and playing. I think allowing you to choose to jump right in or elect to wait a few extra minutes for it to load completely is the right way to go. Having people be uncertain as to whether it is really loading all the way is not great though; so, when someone pops in a new disc, it should just pop up asking whether you want to do a straight install or a partial over time.

As far as impressions of games go, I do imagine they will allow these games to fully install before Quick Looks in the future; this was just launch day.

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I like videogames. These look like they might be fun videogames. So, instead of the usual cynicism that permeates almost every aspect of videogame chatter, I kind of appreciate just having a bit of hype and saying, "Ya know what? I sure hope these games are really cool. I'd love it if that were the case."

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I'm not overly bothered by this kind of jerk-ish post outside of the fact that you spelled it "Theif" and used two exclamation points in the title. But I think it's worth considering that this is more likely to just antagonize people making misguided threads like this than convince them to not make them.

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This is an elaborate performance art piece about the struggle of the everyman against ever-encroaching consumerism in a world that knows only the language of violence and madness.

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I don't know. Just felt right.