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@clonedzero said:

Do books limit men and womens potential?

Does television?

Does movies?

Does literally any form of entertainment or hobby?

Fuck this. Stupid nonsense.

Books, TV, and movies don't provide the false sense of achievement that playing video games does. I'm not saying I agree with the article or not, just that video games are unique for a number of reasons.

I actually have to somewhat disagree. I do think videogames give a unique sense of achievement, but people still very often live vicariously through books, television, and movies. People get attached to fictional characters as though they are family and friends, and the stories of books and other entertainment often help people feel less of a need to experience such adventures themselves. Books especially transport people to other places and lives, and people have been known to get lost in books, as the imagination is a powerful thing.

I do not believe that videogames or any of those mediums limit people's potential, but they absolutely can be abused in their own ways. People limiting their potential can use videogames or books or television in that pursuit. Unfortunately, some of the greatest creative strengths of these mediums also give them the potential to be misused.

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Independent of this topic, that source website is a detestable embarrassment. @jeust, you should seriously consider finding a better source, as this is far from the only place to ever suggest the idea that videogames could limit real life achievements. It is a shame on this forum to even have that linked here, and the fact that any more people might have given them hits because its link was shared here is a horrible thing.

I sincerely hope you will edit the link out of the original post. Please do so, as people already understand the idea behind this poll without needing to give that smut any more attention.

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Simple answer: No.

Nuanced answer: Of course any good thing can be misused, but it's someone's drive and circumstances that limit their potential, not videogames.

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(P.S. The motivation of this comment was not to bump out a comment of a spam bot...not at all.)

ha! Hey, whatever works, man. ;)

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@funkasaurusrex Thanks! Your joy is enough payment, good saurus!

@fattony12000 Well now that was just unnecessarily mean... 。゜(`Д´)゜。

(I enjoyed it)

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@omdata said:

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

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@truthtellah: Well thanks for the post. Really well done! Though, I'm glad I watched football as opposed to this.

Hey, I understand, bro. Though, football is just one night. VGX is forever.

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ooo A linked account where your eShop wallet is cross-platform? That sounds nice.

It also sounds like a step toward them eventually attaching your eShop purchases to an account instead of a physical system. That's all I really want.

Well, and the ability to take screenshots in any game. I've been spoiled on Animal Crossing, and now, out of reflex, I hit both L and R in other games, expecting to have it take a screenshot... I just want to share how pretty and fun many of these 3DS games are!

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  • Any feelings of hope are quickly dashed aside as Rooster Teeth remind everyone that they are still alive, but honestly... how alive are they really?

I don't know, remember Extra Life? When RT raised more than anyone else? And like tripled our total?

heh. I was mainly just making a joke, but yeah, they still hold plenty of clout. I'm glad they helped raise so much for Extra Life this year. That fundraiser has been a great thing. :)