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Back in my day, I remember feeling privileged to have a 33.3k connection. ha.

I average 30 Mb/s down and 23 Mb/s up as part of a Internet, TV, and phone package for around $100 a month here in Dallas, Texas.

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A clever little 13 year old. Loves some Zelda and Final Fantasy. Can't play them very well, but with help, he loves em.

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Oddness = Giant Bomb.

But thanks for the heads up!

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@wolfgame: We haven't built a good list? I think plenty of us who have addressed what the OP asked have given them plenty, and they seem to have some good ideas for more JRPGs to play. Some people may want to argue about whatever else, but as far as people giving some decent titles for them to check out, I'd say the OP got what they asked for.

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Dragon's Dogma.

This is a good game.

However, you can create your own characters and "borrow" other players characters as AI allies. Many of the player-designed characters are cheesy/creepy/sex-ified, though nothing near what is in other games that allow customisation. Since the allies are called "pawns" it may also bother you.

It's the best game I have played in ages though, but when you occasionally run into a super-cheesy character within the city or on the roads, it breaks the atmosphere/narrative slightly.

Sure, I think some NPCs can be cheesed up, but in general, it allows you to have and make good characters. A female fighter can wear armor that actually looks like armor, and they're just as potentially powerful as male fighters. When your awesome woman is riding on the back of a troll before stabbing it to death, it all just works.

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Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Came to post this. REALLY didn't think someone would have beaten me to it.

I've got you covered, duder! We with good taste have each other's back.

People posting Trails in the Sky in this specific thread make me laugh because of *sequel game spoilers*

Shhhhhh. :P

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Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

Came to post this. REALLY didn't think someone would have beaten me to it.

I've got you covered, duder! We with good taste have each other's back.

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Wow, that's unexpected. And to be that upfront about it. Sounds like a big mistake on Bungie's part.

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@truthtellah: When you sum it all up like that... what the fuck is this bizarre website that I spend so much time and money on?

I... I don't know, man. I just don't know.

Whatever it is... it's Giant Bomb.

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Welcome home.

Since you left, Vinny has become a Dark Lord. Drew revealed himself to actually be an alpaca. Brad "Max doesn't count" Shoemaker is out of control. Hey Small Business Man. Under royal Rorie decree: instead of cursing in thread titles, it is now customary to use the word "puppy" to indicate just how puppied up something is.

Patrick "Chicago Brad" Klepek, Max "Cards Against Humanity" Temkin, and Dave "Lang Zone" Lang established Giant Bomb Chicago, the quasi-evil, scrappy counterpoint to Giant Bomb San Francisco. Mento is a mod now, along with rmanthorp. A secret coup is brewing. Brad mainlines Crystal Lizard dust to feel alive. Vinny is playing Castlevania games in a VinnyVania video series. Ding! Wrong answer. The new consoles are okay; gaming isn't dead. Bombin the AM with Scoops and the Wolf is a thing. We also now have F1 racing and wrestling podcasts. Patrick got way into Spelunky for a while.

There are now fun emotes in chat, including one of Brad Muir's smile. The Bombcast is more about starting civil wars than videogames. It's "thongs", not "flip-flops", you backwoods Brisbane hillbilly. All hail FMVinny, savior of many a UPF. There are now "Unfinished" videos for Early Access games. Mother-f*ckin Gang Beasts. Patrick usurped Brad's throne as Senior Anime Editor. Live streams have for the most part been moved from Twitch to GameSpot's video streaming. Danny O'Dwyer is a jewel of a human being. Dave Lang is a piece of human garbage. The dark days of the Navarro World Order are now.

That's pretty much it.