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Are efforts being made to fix Notifications?

I don't see it on the main list, but Notifications from forum posts linked to a wiki page have been broken for days now. Is that not a top priority?

I'm sure yall are working hard; I just haven't seen an update on how it's going.

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It's a little odd to me for it to be happening on April 1st, but hey, sounds like a good move from Sega.

Which is also a little odd for me to say.

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Nintendo Microsoft is Doooooooomed!


Sounds like they're trying to improve sales of their console.

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What are you... what?

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@carryboy said:

What town are they actually in at the moment?

They are in Celadon City trying to get to Silph Co. to obtain Lapras.

Or go back to the Fighting Dojo and beat the final trainer to get a Hitmonlee.

Or get to the Pokemon Center and release the rest of the Pokemon.

Because some people are monsters.

People tried to stop them before, and they'll keep trying...

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@shagge said:

Didn't one of our own communi-duders do this exact thing with Advance Wars some time ago? I wonder why that never picked up steam and this did. (not to diminish this, mind. It's still awesome)

I'd guess because Pokemon is more popular? And because Advance Wars would probably be impossible. ha. Pokemon at least allows some level of progress despite the madness.

(Though I absolutely adore Advance Wars)

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@carryboy said:

Yeah back to the PC guys whats the worst that can happen?

Well, the Helix Fossil is back. So, that's something.

And they just got Pidgeot to level 44 and avoided learning Agility. ... maybe there's some hope?

(and the admin is blocking Start inputs now)

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@golguin said:

What is the update? Has any forward progress been made since the loss at the PC?

Since the loss at the PC, it has basically been a few hours of Twitch sitting on its balls over and over again. So to speak.

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I closed the stream.

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They deposited Helix Fossil and S.S. Ticket into storage.