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@raven_sword: hmm. Well, you might be able to be okay with 720p at that distance and size, but after looking at the sets, the 1080p ones come with 3 HDMI inputs. And as far as the future goes, that actually seems like the safest bet. Most things(like these new consoles) are just going with HDMI now; so, that should be a factor in this. I'd pay the extra to make sure it isn't just behind the times in a year or so.

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@raven_sword: How far away are you planning to watch it?

I like 1080p on a 16 in display from two feet away, but if it was four feet away, I'd probably be fine with 720p. If your 32in is six feet away or something 720p would probably be fine.

All I'd wonder is how old the set is to only be 720p.

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@zombie2011: It's definitely not good PR. I've seen multiple major news networks cover it, including an article on CNN.

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@gaspower said:

@zombie2011: Yep, considering that the failure rate this time is a lot lower compared to X360's RROD which was around 30%. This one was

below 2% if I remember correctly.

The RROD failure rate was an accumulated total over months and years. In its first week, Microsoft estimated less than 1% of launch 360's were impacted by it. It's unclear what extent the PS4 BLOD will have and whether a software fix will resolve it, but it's too early to suggest that it is more or less of a worry than the 360's RROD.

Hopefully reports of it will wain soon.

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@truthtellah: Yeah, there is yet another Spike TV / GameTrailers launch event tonight at 11PM EST / 8PM PST.

Featuring performances by Macklemore and Deadmau5, so...yeah

ahh... Well, I guess I will give it a look. Someone's gotta watch it, right?

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It seems like Twitch has already responded to this and it's mostly taken care of. Horror has been put on a kind of suspension and won't have a public role in the future. Those who went too far in their comments are still banned, and those wrongfully banned are unbanned.

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Wait, is there going to be a launch event livestream like the PS4 had? Or is the livestream you're talking about the livestream tomorrow?

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eh.. They do seem to have Super Mario 3D World. That's something. Hopefully it's indicative of the next year of games.

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Come on, guys. This is silly.

We should be freaking out about -this- quote from Jeff's Tumblr!

Anonymous asked: Is it true that the Xbox One has a built in machine gun that automatically shoots everybody in the room when it detects happiness?

Yes. It displays games right up until that moment, then it flips to a laughing Steve Ballmer skull who says “this skull is rendered in 720p” and then it begins emitting gas and bullets.

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