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Darn DOWNers ruin/make everything. ;_;

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So far, this is my favorite gif to come out of the madness...

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For every crazy thing about the staff, the community one ups them on the craziness. They jump off a bridge. The community jumps off a bridge, blows up that bridge, and then makes a funny video about the bridge exploding with Jeff's face in the flame.

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Alright, guys. Now I'm ready to save the world.


OK, in my memory the outfits were much closer in colouring.

ha. Well, with the color options, I bet you could get closer. You should give it a shot!

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Is this comicvine with a different name? am I an alternate reality? my head is getting whoozy just thinking about it...oh how did I end up here?

Yeah, this is Comic Vine with a different name. Brad is the main anime editor and Jeff is the one to talk to about Superheroes. Vinny is an expert in 4-koma and comedy graphic novels. Patrick used to be really into European alt-novels, but now he has been trying more Japanese manga. Drew specializes in Adventure and Detective comics. Alex is the expert in ero titles. And Rorie regularly posts puppy-based doujinshi.

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@truthtellah: Drew is clearly the master of the masters

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pshh. That's old news. What you should be looking into is the Illuminati behind the Giant Bomb Illuminati.

Who is the master's master? Who pulls the strings of those pulling the strings?

Sean Coonce. They mention him occasionally in hushed tones, with a reverence no other man receives.

Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation, causes your worst fears to come true.

I don't know, have you seen how powerful Brad Muir is?

His smile alone seems to project authority.

You can't help but smile along with him. That is True Power.

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I'm all for it if only to watch chat go mental as Brad randomly flips switches and Drew quietly suggests ways for them to actually make progress.

Breaking Brad's Brain coming soon.

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pshh. That's old news. What you should be looking into is the Illuminati behind the Giant Bomb Illuminati.

Who is the master's master? Who pulls the strings of those pulling the strings?

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@truthtellah: Yo, I know you find these gifs amusing (and they are) and you're not a big XIII fan, but can you maybe keep from pulling the thread completely off track?

Anyway, I finally had time to start deeper into the game tonight. I'm probably not using my time as well as I should; I've spent all of day two still in Luxerion, bumbling around on sidequests and looking for the code numbers. I've collected the key that I assume will let me fight Noel, but otherwise I should probably spend the next few days exploring the other regions and try to get more quests in general done so I can extend the time limit past the initial six day mark.

Also, that three star monster fight in the alley? Oh, fuck, I get stomped by that asshole. Effective guarding is something I'm still learning.


Well, I wasn't a big fan of the original, but I did find FFXIII-2 interesting and Lightning Returns the most enjoyable. Just because I'm not as big of a fan of the series as you are doesn't mean I or anyone else can't have a little fun. I understand your interest in keeping things on track, but come on. No need to be a bit snippy. I already made my main point and only continued because others carried along with it. It's a silly game with certainly more fun than deathly seriousness, and I'd say a little levity helps this thread actually reflect people's total impressions.

Anyway, it sounds to me like you're doing alright. You're focusing on side quests and trying to practice guarding. As you said, effective guarding is going to be more and more important. And it gets crucial later on. So good luck with learning it! :)

Sorry. I'm not trying to be snippy. The thread just started going off in this weird direction that didn't seem particularly constructive, is all. Not trying to derail the fun, or anything.

But while the game does contain its silly elements and it's not deathly serious, there is a dramatic mood that the game evokes, and I really appreciate it for that.

hmmm Well now you've got me thinking how we could make this thread more dramatic.

You and I should fight or something. Or I just talk in riddles while you sneer and call it nonsense.

heh. I'll try to keep more strictly to impressions. I genuinely look forward to seeing people's impressions here as more get further and eventually beat it.