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They deposited Helix Fossil and S.S. Ticket into storage.


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Some people are saying they want to release everything but Eevee so there's no other choice.

Stop the insanity! ;_;

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There are now a bunch of people purposefully trying to get to the PC to release the rest of the Pokemon. It's terrifying.

It's like there's a little voice in Red's mind telling him to end it all, and it has been given physical form...

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Loading Video...

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This is like watching the minds of Congress...

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You madmen...

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And it just crashed for a second. Can't take 20k idiots banging on the keys.

Though, man. After releasing Jay Leno and Charmander, we lost over 15k people. (Edit: Alright, seem to just be a Twitch glitch. Only lost about 5k)

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@truthtellah: Oh ok I thought they released all the good pokemon.

Fortunately they only released one good one and the run mascot, Jay Leno. It's still on.

Though now Eevee people seem intent on spending all our money on great balls. ha. We just have one more person to beat the Dojo! We can do it!

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@maverick1 said:

wow i guess the run is over right?

Nah, why would the run be over? Pidgeot is still there. Just lost Charmander and Jay Leno. The Helix apparently did not protect them, as they say. :\

Still have hope.

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@carryboy Yeah, we had to heal at the Pokecenter and jerks had to deposit Pidgeot and release Jay Leno and Abby.

Though, did pull Pidgeot back out successfully and now on to the gym.