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As someone who voted in their GOTY poll, I'm glad that they saw something suspicious and did something about it. I would not like the actions of a few idiots messing up the list.

This isn't about whether the game is an eroge, because there are actual eroges that have not only gotten coverage but -praise- on the site. The issue is with it clearly being someone pranking them with a game that I have never heard anyone on Kotaku mention once before now. It's so clearly a troll, and it obviously shouldn't be in the top 10. Kotaku did the right thing by acknowledging it and then going with a final list without it.

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@mb said:

This topic could end up on my "Dumbest shit I've seen on the Giant Bomb Forums, 2013 edition" list.

So, like every other Darji thread then?

This was one of the saddest realities of being on Giant Bomb in 2013.

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@grissefar: Yeah, now that people mention it, you do uses versions of "suck a dick" a -lot-. What's the deal? That's really not a cool thing to use as an insult this much, if at all.

I'm guessing it's just a force of habit, but maybe switch it up a bit?

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@donpixel said:

Anime is plague to society, The Gertsmann is one of the few public figures brave enough to fight it without fear.

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I watched a bit of the Valkyria 3 translation, and I have to say, it was decent. They've said it's a first, functional pass on the translation, and for that, it's good. Sounds like they intend to keep improving it. :)

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There's a bit of a decent point here, but this just sounds like the worst way to express it.

You practically sound like a NBA Live 14 producer.

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Persona 5, Broken Age, Titanfall, The Witness, Transistor, whatever new awesome games are coming to the 3DS. Lots of things!

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@pepsiman: Yeah, translations can really suffer from that, but I'm hoping that they're just trying to get it understandable first before maybe tweaking it to have more of the actual personality. The main point is of course to convey the information and help people understand the game and story, but as you said, it loses a bit of that character if you don't really work on placing it in the translation.