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Merry Merry Christmas to everyone!

May it bring many great joys and surprises for you and yours!

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Since it was developed exclusively for the PS3, I doubt it. It isn't exactly the most port-friendly platform, and Vanillaware doesn't seem like the size of studio to really take on a big port like that.

I'd -like- for it to come to PC, but I would not be confident at all in saying there's any likelihood they will port the game from PS3 to PC. Here's hoping a miracle happens!

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@truthtellah: Hmm... I guess you're. Damnit, I hate it when it shows how stupid I am.

Don't worry about it, Alexander! Happens to the best of us sometimes. :)

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@humanity said:

@truthtellah said:

This thread and a lot of the comments in it are exactly what he's talking about.

I'm not quite sure whether to find that ironic or oddly appropriate. A lot of you do have a real influence on the environment around here, and until we take more responsibility for that fact, things won't improve. This isn't just about fighting the unrelenting hydra of Internet thoughtlessness. There are real, reasonably-sized areas where we can improve things. With our focus on our own little slice of the gaming community here on Giant Bomb, we can actually make a difference in making this a better and more inviting place for all kinds of gamers.

Well it's very easy to stand atop the crowd and yell "we need to make a difference we need to be better!" but it's more productive to be going on about it instead. It's always a little ridiculous when gaming press turn their gaze towards the grey masses and point an accusatory finger proclaiming that it's up to you, internet. Then this grand proclamation is followed by a trailer for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z and a hot new scoop about how many units each console developer has pushed followed by vitriol in the comments section. The way the press celebrate their own short lived moments of inner reflection only to just as quickly slink back into the backdrop of internet noise does nothing to help the situation. Instead of making these videos that tell us something we already know, make a video that does something about it. Do a charity drive for female gamers, do female developer appreciation week, whatever. Telling me that the internet is full of hate and ignorance is nothing new or beneficiary to the cause.

The video is pretty much just pointing fingers at others without any constructive message. In some ways it resembles to a political campaign speech where the candidate speaks about the problems the country has and that he will fix them, but not really detailing how he will actually do that. If there was an idea how to improve things, I would love to hear that but frankly, we are still at square one.

I actually thought it was kind of the reverse. He didn't go as in-depth into explaining why not to do certain things, but he very clearly said things for people not to do so much if they don't want to be part of the problem.

Specifically, stop seeing people concerned about problems in the community and defensively suggesting that the problem is only with some alien non-gamers that don't have anything to do with you or the "real" gaming community. The majority of a problem is rarely just the vocal fringe which represent the worst, and deflecting all blame onto them generally just distracts from the point.

And when you see people concerned about something and wanting to discuss it, if you don't want to discuss it, just don't take part in it. Don't lobby for everyone else not to care or angrily denounce those concerned about something. If you don't care, then just don't care. Forcefully suggesting that everyone else should also not care continues to make problems harder to discuss and possibly improve.

So, he specifically mentions two easy things that can help discussion of possible problems in the community. Try not to just deflect and suggest that problems are only distinctly with trolls and bigots when it's far less black and white than that, and if you don't want to discuss something, don't discuss it. You don't need to lobby for dissuading others from caring about or talking about something, as well.

And if you already adhere to those two things, then great! He wasn't talking about you and you're already doing some easy things to not make things more difficult for others. :)

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@quantris: It has certainly been cheaper on PC before, and it will be again. I'm guessing this is just for those interested in playing it on the 360. Not everyone feels that they have a PC good enough for the game or they prefer playing on their big screen and don't have it hooked to a computer.

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You're saying I can get a JaredA for only one easy payment of $13.99?? Boy howdy, this is my lucky day!

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@hunter5024: Then, well, let's hope this stroke of good luck endures. :)

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@hunter5024: And how are you paying for college? Would this put an added burden on you or loved ones to spend more time and money on another course you don't need?

Personally, while I understand your concern over this odd turn of fate, I would simply be thankful I somehow passed.