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This game does give me the heebee jeebees. I don't know if it deserves to be removed from the omnipotent Steam's glorious marketplace because I haven't played it but man is it a disgusting looking game. It embodies evil. I assume that was the intent judging by the name.

That's a huuuuuuuuuge market to disappear for the developers so this probably hurts them a lot. At the same time, this game probably benefits a bit from controversy like this. Now the people that want to buy it are going to look that much harder for it and the potency of their experience will be even greater. The coverage of this game all thrives on people making a bigger deal about it than it is. It not being available on Steam gives it credibility.

I have a feeling the developer knew full well it wasn't going to get published by Valve. It fits too well with other AO games that have been rejected in the past. But putting it out there like this garners them some extra hype and coverage. They may seem out of touch in some ways, but they also seem to understand the current subsection of bitter gamers that will likely support them no matter what. They can capitalize off that anger and potentially make a good buck.

As an artist, I personally support them being able to make whatever ridiculous thing they want to make, but I also support Valve's decision to not string them along in the Greenlight process, as they were never going to publish them.

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I wouldn't be surprised if part of the reason Valve pulled it (in addition to the highly questionable material) was also due to bots flooding in 'Yes' votes. I happened to be looking at the Greenlight data panel soon after this thing was posted and it spiked to the #10 spot and beyond so fast that it seems extremely unlikely to have been a 100% legit response.

Mere minutes after Hatred's Greenlight page had gone live.

Wow, that seems pretty flagrant. I mean, I know this dev isn't big on subtlety, but you'd think they might inflate their numbers over a few weeks instead of a few hours...

It's certainly curious. I wouldn't count this out as a potential reason. Though, Valve also said they weren't going to host a game like this on Steam; so, could just be a coincidence.

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Oh right and Charlie is back in Street Fighter V.

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@benjo_t: Unless they're being a jerk about it, they appear to simply be using Internet lingo to express an earnest thought.

I don't think you or anyone else has to set them right. We all cope with this in different ways. That he didn't respond as seriously or eloquently as you did doesn't mean he was any less genuine.

I used to be more judgmental of these kinds of responses, but I've come to be understanding of the different ways people express themselves. This doesn't appear to be so out of line as to warrant chastising. I hope you'll leave them be.

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I think you might be onto something.

I guess we'll find out June 22nd.