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I think I have it figured out now.

Quiet has little to no clothes both for mere titillation and to better show off the cool teleportation tech they must have put a lot of work into. It does look crazy with her clothes, skin, muscles, and then bones disappearing.

Still looks ridiculous, but I feel like I get it more now.

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@adequatelyprepared said:

Anyone else notice that his arm is yellow? Customisable robot arm confirmed.

I bet you'll be able to develop upgrades for it at Outer Heaven just like anything else.

Looks like that is one of the versions of the arm, called the "Stun Arm", with the ability to shock enemies. I bet you'll be able to upgrade it or get different ones.

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So, Quiet as a call in Sniper. Cool.

Of course, demoer using the camera to zoom in on her body..

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@fredchuckdave: Best show of the game. Previous looks were pretty limited, but this showed a greater variety, with a demo that showed how it will really look to play, different locations, and different enemies. The best "show" of the game.

Could be game of show, but not sure yet.

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That Sneak Suit! He looks like a beefier Solid Snake from MGS1!

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Next gen ponytail physics.

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@hailinel said:

@theblue said:

@truthtellah: Yeah, I feel like if I went to Japan and picked up the first men's fashion magazine I could find, these guys would be on the front cover.

I'm a little disappointed as well that your party seems to lack diversity in this trailer. I'm the kind of person who always picks the girl because I get sick of playing as Johnny White Guy all the time....or I guess Johnny-kun. Though, have they ever shown anyone besides Noctis to be playable? Are his crew just NPC's?

Noctis and his crew are presumably the game's core party. At least as far as we've seen. There's no evidence to suggest that any other characters are playable or party members at this point.

I hope they will switch it up more than it looks right now. Perhaps they're just holding back from revealing too much.

If these guys are the only playable characters, that... well, it would be disappointing. Maybe they will end up being cool folks, but, right now, I'm having a hard time seeing the potential there.

Really hoping they're just holding back. No indications that they are, but it's what I can hope at this point. Because, like a shmuck, I'm probably gonna buy this day 1 either way. It's a main FF.

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I finally feel like I have a decent idea of how the rest of the game will be, and as what appears to be a gothic Demon's Souls, I'm on board. Best show of the game so far.

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Finally! New locations, new bosses, and co-op shown!


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We have ragdoll! Silly ragdoll confirmed!