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@sweep said:

Evolution is true whether you believe in it or not.

True whether you believe in it or not?

So... Evolution is God.

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@sammo21 said:

Those are cool, but I am married so I'd feel ridiculous having those, lol. Nice collection none the less.

The trick is to get your wife into collecting them, as well.

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@sergio: Buy that. It's Isabelle! You can wake up each morning and imagine her laying out your schedule for the day, Mr. Mayor!

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@mb said:

@the_nubster said:
I dont even...what

I went in expecting to hate this game and I didn't think I was going to use any online features.

I messed up. ):


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@liquidprince: ooo Do you have a close-up shot of the Liara T'Soni figure? I've considered getting that. :)

(Nice collection!)

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@sigmacloud: Nice Steins;Gate figures!

I'm jealous of your collection and cool way of presenting them. :)

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Oh, I'm just playing...


But seriously Texas is hell on earth, which might make it worse than actual hell.


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I guess I shouldn't be surprised a Texan would resort to physical violence to solve a dispute...