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@billymagnum: I would gladly negotiate to win or pay for one of those posters. I missed out on getting it, and since you apparently now have 6, I'd love to take one off your hands. ;)

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Have fun, Rorie!

We'll try to uh... keep everything from burning down before you come home.

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I watched a video that said Zoe Quinn has rigged the Game Industry Rumble PAX 2014, and I believe it because it reinforces my preconceived notions about her much-rumored ability to kick ass and take names.

Zoe "The Quinnspiracy" Quinn will win the Rumble.



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I feel like this thread about how an over-the-top police-based videogame may relate to some concerns about modern policing is lacking without this real video that used to be on the front page of the Doraville, GA police department's website.

Featuring the classic song, "Die Motherfucker Die!" by Dope.

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After reading these comments, I was expecting some kind of leftist monstrosity, but... it just seems like a straight-forward opinion piece from a writer that has already made it clear many times that he disagrees with how violence is handled in many videogames. In that context, it makes perfect sense that he might feel this way about Battlefield Hardline and desire to share his opinion on it.

I don't happen to feel the same way as Plante, but I also don't think him having a rather different opinion from my own somehow means he is terrible, Polygon is terrible, and I need to say ten Hail Mary's to apologize for clicking on the article link.

I had a similar initial response to Battlefield Hardline as he and others have had; which is that it reminded me of my ever-growing concerns over the militarization of many police departments in America since the start of the War on Drugs and post-9/11. A developer making a Battlefield game in a police setting certainly highlights how similar the military and many police have become, and if you feel there may be an issue with that, it's only natural that you might feel something off about this.

I'm not necessarily a fan of tying the situation in Ferguson to it, but I can at least see the reasoning behind it. Dramatic images of gangs of police with assault rifles trained on unarmed citizens are bound to resonate with people. I don't think that has much to do with EA, but I think it's fair to ask them about it. No media exists in a vacuum, and as an artist, I'm quite glad that is the case. Videogames aren't just "murder simulators", but we can consider how art reflects individuals and aspects of our larger culture.

In my opinion, the prevalence of violence is more about violence in our culture than the other way around, but it makes sense that it could work both ways over time. Media feeds upon culture, and culture feeds upon media. That we might have a game presenting police as a kind of military force reflects upon some modern realities, and it may connect to a modern history in media of presenting police as soldiers in a homegrown war zone. To me, it is more concerning that it may be something in our reality to be reflected than a game choosing to reflect it.

I'm not particularly hyped for Battlefield Hardline so far, but I do appreciate this discussion around it. As it gets closer to launch, I will be curious to hear more about its reception. It does reference some things that many are concerned about, in a similar way that the whole Battlefield series always has. We will naturally not all agree on the significance, or lack there of, in various aspects of the game, but a lot of it is well worth thinking about and discussing.

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@johannes: Wow! So generous. Yall are awesome. :)

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Is someone just making Bizarro versions of forum regulars?

I initially thought someone named "CorruptDevil" said that. :o

Who are the originals?!

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@corruptedevil said:

Is someone just making Bizarro versions of forum regulars?

I initially thought someone named "CorruptDevil" said that. :o

Who are the originals?!

Lizard Men!

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@thunderslash said:

@truthtellah: Wow I didn't even notice the slightly different username. Good catch. I'm so confused right now. Illustartion indeed.

Also, there is now a "StarveGamer" instead of @starvinggamer. That's super weird.

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