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@mcfart said:

I think you should move.

There's better countries then Ukarine even before Russia started annexing.

It's his home. It's where his family is. It makes sense for him to want to protect that no matter how dire the situation may be.

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It's understandable. Though, really, it's more the "slumber" of videogames.

When you initially become an adult and start taking on more responsibilities, videogames do often go by the wayside, but as the years go by, you tend to come back to them. You find a way to fit them in your life, and they become a welcome friend.

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*places money on table*

It's here, From Software. It's here just for you.

*steals money and buys a 20 Piece Mc Nugget and Large fries*

*notices the missing money and makes a line of Mc Nuggets on the floor leading to the basement*

The real Dark Souls starts now. o_o

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*places money on table*

It's here, From Software. It's here just for you.

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Wait, I've never seen "mark as read" as a feature. I think that's just a browser thing for you.

As for last page button, well, you luckily get placed to the last page of a thread relatively often. Works alright.

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It's terrible to see things continue to get worse in Ukraine, @snakevsgiantbomb. I always think of your posts when I read more news about the situation, and it's crazy how successful Putin's long-term plan appears to be going. As many of us thought when first discussing the war here, the East would likely be lost along with Crimea, and it's shaping up to be exactly that.

How are you doing? Is your family keeping safe? You had mentioned possibly volunteering to defend from the Russian invasion. Has that changed thanks to Russia's shift to a more covert strategy of making it look more like a civil war than an invasion?

I hope things don't escalate further, but I hoped that before, as well. And here we are.

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See you later, duder. You'll always be welcome back. :)

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Isn't that how the PS4 works? It downloads a portion of the game to the point where it's playable so that you can play it as it downloads? When I downloaded ACIV it let me play about 2 hours until it got to the point where the data wasn't there to be played so it had to install the rest of it. The place I downloaded the game had pretty bad internet though.

Yeah, it probably wouldn't be as much of an issue if it was simply pausing the game instead of pushing people out suddenly. That does sound rather frustrating.

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*checks out the emotional Update video*

Dammit, I... I got some sand in my eye... yeah...

Well done, everyone.