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@hexennor: Welcome back, duder. Losing Ryan impacted a great many of us, but fortunately, Giant Bomb continues. I hope you'll renew your enjoyment of Giant Bomb now that you're back. :)

Since someone recently asked a similar question about what has happened since Ryan's passing and I gave a long answer, I thought I might as well share it here, as well. Hope it will be helpful!

Since you left, Vinny has become a Dark Lord. Drew revealed himself to actually be an alpaca. Brad "Max doesn't count" Shoemaker is out of control. Hey Small Business Man. Under royal Rorie decree: instead of cursing in thread titles, it is now customary to use the word "puppy" to indicate just how puppied up something is.

Patrick "Chicago Brad" Klepek, Max "Cards Against Humanity" Temkin, and Dave "Lang Zone" Lang established Giant Bomb Chicago, the quasi-evil, scrappy counterpoint to Giant Bomb San Francisco. Mento is a mod now, along with rmanthorp. A secret coup is brewing. Brad mainlines Crystal Lizard dust to feel alive. Vinny is playing Castlevania games in a VinnyVania video series. Ding! Wrong answer. The new consoles are okay; gaming isn't dead. Bombin the AM with Scoops and the Wolf is a thing. We also now have F1 racing and wrestling podcasts. Patrick got way into Spelunky for a while.

There are now fun emotes in chat, including one of Brad Muir's smile. The Bombcast is more about starting civil wars than videogames. It's "thongs", not "flip-flops", you backwoods Brisbane hillbilly. All hail FMVinny, savior of many a UPF. There are now "Unfinished" videos for Early Access games. Mother-f*ckin Gang Beasts. Patrick usurped Brad's throne as Senior Anime Editor. Live streams have for the most part been moved from Twitch to GameSpot's video streaming. Danny O'Dwyer is a jewel of a human being. Dave Lang is a piece of human garbage. The dark days of the Navarro World Order are now.

And.... that's pretty much it!


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@krullban said:

I guarantee if Microsoft did this same thing there would be a whole lot less people defending it.

I do think there might be more people complaining about it if it were Microsoft, but only because of how quick to anger many people are online, not because the situation actually deserves it.

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@jarmahead: Again, I wouldn't say it's an issue of honesty. A year later, they have said the expanded demo will be less than they anticipated. It's the same as them saying Driveclub would come out in the Launch window, like Watch_Dogs. That was their plan, but game development doesn't just translate to everything going as planned. They certainly wanted it to be out around launch, but it didn't work out. I don't know why, but it sounds like they had a bigger undertaking than they expected. That likely impacted how many resources they could put into the free little sampler platter.

That isn't lying; that's something changing. Lying would be them saying the game is something and upon release, we find that it's something else. "This game offers a hundred hours of gameplay!" when it only offers on average 20 hours. Things like that. This is the difference between a company changing plans and lying. Here, they changed plans. I imagine they were so swamped with just releasing the full game that they realized they made the free version sound bigger than it was really going to be; so, they let people know. This isn't them coming out after the free version is released and admitting it's less; it's them now saying what people will actually get when they get it.

Earlier this week, Giant Bomb said Patrick would be streaming the Blair Witch game tonight. There was a countdown on the front page and everything. But then today came and they explained that technical issues kept it from being able to happen today. Instead, it would be happening tomorrow. That isn't them being dishonest. That's plans changing.

I may not be happy that this free version will have less, because, hey, more free stuff is great. But to suggest that this kind of change is at all related to genuine deception in the gaming industry is silly. There are real examples of companies being deceptive. Developers promising tons of content in a game and players finding far less after they buy it is classic deception. A game coming out with the whole thing busted and unable to actually do what the box says it does is deception. A developer admitting before release that a free promotional game will be more limited than originally anticipated is just a simple disappointment.

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@jarmahead: It's not acceptable for a developer to significantly change a game or free demo before release?

It's not like they didn't let people know before it came out. No one has pre-ordered the PS Plus version of Driveclub. They have updated what it will be five months away from the point when people will get it for free with the service. And it sounds like it's serving the same purpose it always had. Being an expanded demo for PS Plus users that gives a taste of what someone will get with the full version of Driveclub. A promotional tool for their big game.

As the director of the game put it:

"... the PS Plus Edition of the game will be available on the same day as the full release... offering a selection of cars and tracks from the complete version, we think it's the perfect way for those new to the genre to get an idea of what the full Driveclub experience is all about."

Sure it has changed, but it also sounds like Driveclub itself has changed after all the delays. This "game" is changing with it, and now they've clarified so we know what we will be getting for free. It isn't wrong for games to change prior to release, and as long as they let people know, as they have here, gamers can make their own decisions on whether to buy the full game or not.

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We are all dying.

Everything on Earth is dying.

The entire universe and all that is known is dying.

One day in the distant future, gaming and everything else in existence shall be dead.

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@baconhound said:

@truthtellah: Hmmm... I read "in terms of events" as something like Forza - where the "events" are things like "Asian Championship, "American Muscle Showdown," or "AWD Tournament." I understood that to mean that every "event" in the single player mode would be available. It sounds like you (and maybe others) interpreted "events" as "circuit race," "point to point," "elimination," etc - which I hadn't even considered. In that case, yes, the PS+ version would be closer to a demo.

I still can't help but feel that the original announcement was misleading at best. As the OP has said a couple of times, "slight" and "few" generally do not imply 80%. Oh well. As I said initially, I never really cared about this game anyway - I was more surprised by the lack of outrage. It seems like most folks are willing to get up in arms about almost anything these days. :)

Yeah, I don't think anyone would deny that it sounds like their plans for it changed, but frankly, that's true of the full Drive Club, as well. It just seems like their expanded demo changed a little, and now that we're getting actual details, that difference is clearer.

And people do seem to get angry about anything online, but sometimes folks show a little calm. This just seems more like par for the course with how plans change in gaming. Plus, being a free "game", I don't think many ever had too high expectations of it.

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@baconhound: I think you actually made a similar point to what many here have. They indicated that it would have all of the single player content "in terms of events". Which, at the time was even considered by many to mean the same as what you described of a demo. A single player slice with each event, just with limit car and track selection. A racing game demo.

I agree that it sounded more like an expanded demo when originally announced, but I wouldn't consider it surprising that, after all the delays and issues they've had, that it's now more or less a normal free demo. At least they haven't switched to asking money for it. It has gone from a big free demo to a free demo.

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@mrfluke said:

meh, i see why your mad, but its not exactly a dealbreaker, whats gonna be the dealbreaker is if driveclub is boring.

Yeah, what exactly would be a dealbreaker on a mostly free game? I guess someone could just decide to not play it, but that isn't exactly making them less money for someone to do.

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Sounds like they somewhat exaggerated a year ago how much content is in their free version. It's pretty lame, but it's not exactly surprising. Who honestly expected -most- of the game's content to be free? It always sounded like they were being purposefully vague about it for the very reason that it is only a taste of the full game.

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Wait, has anyone actually sped up this segment? I love it done slowly, but I'd be curious to hear it played as they jokingly intended it.