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The ideas of subjectivity and context are indeed important with videos of this kind, but considering it's a discussion of Sarkeesian's personal views on the creation of the videos and once again more about her than any video or games, it is off track from the actual topic of the thread.

With all due respect, I hope you all might take this argument to a PM instead so that things are not derailed and others can continue focusing on the video and thread topic. Thanks!

Her personal views are reflected in the content she produces. How she constructs those arguments, whether or not they are valid, if there are problems with some examples she uses as the basis of her argument, are perfectly on topic if you have chosen to include her latest video in the OP. Unless he has edited out a personal attack, and comparing her to Fox News isn't a personal attack, then I don't see any derailment going on here.

The video itself is part of the topic, not her. Many other members have seemed to understand that. If other aspects of her work might inform this topic, I can see including that, but only talking about hypotheticals regarding her intent with her video series doesn't have to do with objectification of female characters within videogames. All it does is shift the topic toward her alone.

If you want to tie it back into the actual point and what I and others are talking about(as some have), that's cool, but if you want to change the topic from objectification and basic respect to just her, I hope you will take that conversation elsewhere. It's hard enough to discuss this topic when people are actually on topic, but it's even more difficult when people just want to discuss the person and not the content. You know full well this isn't easy; so please don't contribute to making it even harder for me and others.

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@truthtellah said:

The ideas of subjectivity and context are indeed important with videos of this kind, but considering it's a discussion of Sarkeesian's personal views on the creation of the videos and once again more about her than any video or games, it is off track from the actual topic of the thread.

With all due respect, I hope you all might take this argument to a PM instead so that things are not derailed and others can continue focusing on the video and thread topic. Thanks!

With all due respect, the next time you don't want people to talk about Anita Sarkeesian, don't make a thread about Anita Sarkeesian.

It's like trying to make a thread about the general topic of racism by putting "Donald Sterling" in the thread title, embedding a video of Donald Sterling's racist comments, and then asking people to not talk about Donald Sterling.

Sorry, but that's not going to happen.

I don't want to have to get moderators involved, but I would ask you to reconsider being rude to me and purposefully derailing yet another thread involving her and this topic.

I imagine the other duders involved can respect those members who are trying to make some kind of effort to contribute, and I hope you might consider showing that same respect by moving this to a PM or your own thread.

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@jaqen_hghar: Sounds smart to me. South Park and Blood Dragon are two fine titles, as well. Though, as you said, not quite as calmly paced as a city builder. ;)

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The ideas of subjectivity and context are indeed important with videos of this kind, but considering it's a discussion of Sarkeesian's personal views on the creation of the videos and once again more about her than any video or games, it is off track from the actual topic of the thread.

With all due respect, I hope you all might take this argument to a PM instead so that things are not derailed and others can continue focusing on the video and thread topic. Thanks!

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@jaqen_hghar: The DRM is still the DRM on Anno 2070, but if you're only planning to play on one computer, it should be only a minor inconvenience. Launch in Steam to Uplay, and then into the game. The main issues come from trying to play it on a lot of computers, but if you have one main pc for it, you should be fine.

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It depends on the video and the amount to which a work is transformed.

Artistically, a Let's Play or Quick Look is fine because the primary appeal is the commentary around the game and not the game itself. It's like how Marcel Duchamp's modified Mona Lisa is an independent work of art due to the main content being what he has added; the original was adequately transformed. The appeal is the change or addition, not the original. No one looks at Duchamp's Mona Lisa as a replacement for the original.

When Pop Artists made wild and at times suggestive collages out of popular magazines and pornography, they were not replacements for the magazines or pornography. Their rearrangement and presentation changed the point to what the artist was doing. Many times, the artist was simply commenting on the very magazine or ad they were showing in the image. When Andy Warhol mass-produced reproductions of the Campbell's Soup Can, people saw that the can itself is not the same as the can containing soup. The appeal of the Warhol can is not the same as the actual can sold in stores. He had transformed an iconic corporate creation of the time to say something about that creation.

Yet, where we draw this distinction is murky at best. For movies and television, it is especially difficult to suggest that commentary is enough of a transformation, but it is arguable. For videogames, it is somewhat more unclear, as a great deal of the actual content of most games is gameplay, and that can't be reproduced by simply recording it. Thus, a video of it may actually be enough of a transformation. Though, in general, even advocates of looser restrictions on games agree that some kind of additional content must be applied. Usually this involves notable commentary. Commentary which serves as the center of the experience and not simply window dressing.

Most of us come to Giant Bomb and watch their videos because of what they specifically offer as a crew, not to simply watch them as a replacement for playing the games they talk over. This involves both a transformation of the game from a playable experience to a purely visual experience and a change of emphasis from the game itself to the "artists" of Giant Bomb who make it their own. Now, video series like the Endurance Runs may be less clear than Quick Looks or Unprofessional Fridays, but as far as transforming content from a work into their own work, I believe Giant Bomb does a considerably good job at doing so.

I do not believe anyone needs to make the argument that developers are somehow compensated for the use of their videos by additional attention. As far as fair use goes, that doesn't really matter. It's at best a side benefit of the video-maker's actions. You can't infringe against someone but say that infringement is worth it for them. What you can do is say you aren't infringing, as you are making something new which cannot be mistaken as a replacement for the original. A Let's Play is not the same as playing FEZ. A Quick Look of Arma III isn't the same as playing Arma III. You watch both for what the creator adds to it. For games in which the single narrative is most of the content, that edges closer to movies and becomes more debatable, but the argument could still be made that the lack of gameplay and addition of commentary is enough to make it something new.

Now, I can see how frustrating it might be for developers, especially who make very narrative-heavy games, and many people do believe there should at least be some kind of sharing arrangement. A kind of grand bargain to compensate for each artist's input into the final work(the video). I don't believe that's the right way to handle it, but it will likely be appealing to many worried that the alternative is a simple ban on such videos without developer approval. Youtube has already laid their stake on that side, and any kind of bargain between video makers and developers will be at the developers' discretion. For me, that is not an acceptable resolution which respects the rights of the video makers, and it will eventually raise questions about what is and isn't allowed to be added to videos of videogames. Will some developers make sure only Let's Players who enjoy a game are allowed to monetize their videos? At what point does a video strip down enough from a videogame for it to not be afraid of a rights claim?

We are safer as a society to take a more open stance regarding fair use. When the primary power rests with corporations to decide what is and isn't okay, fair use will naturally be weakened over time. No matter how much you may like a developer or enjoy a game, the protection of your basic rights as an individual should be paramount. Even relatively small threats like this pose a challenge to whether your rights should be prioritized over that of corporations. Should their interest in maintaining market value threaten our interest in protecting free expression and art?

I hope that even the many who can sympathize with the challenges this offers to game developers may keep an open mind to the argument that the burden of proof for restricting freedoms should weigh heavily on the government and corporations and not instead rest heavily on individuals to defend those freedoms.

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@taku128: True. These deals seem to be until June 30; so, you've got some time to see.

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@taku128: Dood, Deadly Premonition is 75% off and only $6.24!

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ is 75% off, as well! Only $2.49!

Devil May Cry 4 is also 75% off and only $4.99!!


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But yea, an alarming amount of games have strip clubs and brothels in them. thats pretty much all i took from this video. Cus well she's right on that point.

This is why an actual examination of tropes in games could be really valuable for us and game developers as a whole. Writing in games is generally poor when compared to other mediums, clichés are rampant, and quality and depth in most other areas that aren't graphics related are really stagnating. The problem is when the tropes are connected to wild claims like reinforcing real world violence toward women.

So many times in these videos I'm right along with her, interested in what she's exploring, and then she pulls out some false equivalence or inaccurate assumption about a game that makes the record scratch in my brain and instantly dilute any good point trying to be made. And based on a lot of comments in this thread, I'm not the only one to constantly have that "Oh. Hmm... WTF?!" experience.

A deep analysis of tropes in games would be wonderfully productive and potentially widely influential. Unfortunately though, that's just not what these videos are really about.

So you're saying some regulars from the Giant Bomb community should work together to make a substantive video or blog series based on the potentially problematic tropes within games and how they might be handled better in future titles? ;)

I imagine you might still take issue with some of my differences in perspective on the relative damage or dangers of some aspects of games, but maybe people could look past the moments of difference to consider seriously the core points and ideas worth their attention.

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As an avid Daily Show watcher myself, what I'd like to know is how many republicans actually believe or buys into what Fox News is selling? How many republicans actually believe vaccinations is bad for your child and probably even causes autism? How many actually believe in the whole Bad guy with a gun vs. Good guy with a gun, arming teachers and Open Carry? How many is actually against the Affordable Care Act and believes it will lead to the downfall of America? How many denies that global warming is a thing?

If the majority of republicans are just half as bad as they're portrayed on The Daily Show, no fucking wonder "unspoken rules" about not talking politics are put in place.

I think it's worth clarifying that the roots of this "unspoken rule" are more in the American spirit of focusing on everyday life and our own business. So, you shouldn't -have- to think about politics much; the government should be enough that you can live your life, run your business, and go about your day without having to bother with it very often.

A lot of countries emphasize the government as a (if not the) central part of the country, but as far as enduring American traditions go, an emphasis on individuals and just getting to live your life and choose your own path is at the center of the country. Politics and government, for most people, will almost always come second to that.

As for your questions regarding Republicans, a lot of that isn't as scary as you may be led to believe. Though, plenty of people do enjoy Fox News(often because they don't really completely trust any news outlet but they seem the most conservative). The issue of believing that vaccinations are bad is actually a problem for liberals and conservatives alike. While not as prevalent as it once was, there is still a decent bit of people who don't trust them. In my life, I've mainly seen that from strong liberals. Socialist or anarchist folks, vegans and hippies. They seem to not trust anything that is from the government or isn't "natural". All those dastardly chemicals.

A lot of people do believe that owning a gun is important for home and personal safety; though, people big on open carry aren't as common. I live in a part of Texas where many own guns but don't take them outside of the home. I haven't heard anyone passionately believe that we need to arm teachers, but I have heard some people say it's something to look into. There are a lot of people against Obamacare; though, many are coming around on it. I haven't personally heard anyone seriously say that it will destroy the nation, but I have heard people worried that it will hurt the health care system or add to the national debt. And then the national debt might sink the nation. So, that's tangential, I suppose.

Belief that climate change is occurring is relatively common and rising, but there is still considerable debate amongst people over whether it's mostly man-made, partially man-made, or unrelated to human activity. People are concerned that the government could hurt businesses and their families over something that isn't actually their fault or something preventable. Opinion is moving toward greater acceptance though.

Hope that helps. I live in a mostly conservative with a little liberal community near Dallas, Texas, and while these feelings may vary quite a bit from state to state and region to region, I think that's generally reflective of what I have seen with Republican friends, family, and acquaintances. :)