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If only Dan Ryckert was a woman.

Don't worry, just like what happened in this thread, Photoshop can fix that.

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@mb said:

@truthtellah: The thread *would* have been closed pages and pages ago if it wasn't started by Rorie due to all kinds of off topic rants and arguing, it has nothing to do with my opinion on what is being said by some people.

Thanks for clarifying, @mb. It seemed like you were pretty much implying that it was the mentions of diversity(which weren't even common in the last few pages of silliness) when you responded twice to people complaining very clearly about those of us talking about a desire for diversity.

Along with your comment mocking those who might dare to bring up diversity and threatening a member objecting to your dismissal of her concerns, I think it's reasonable for people to conclude you were more bothered by talk of diversity than any off topic ranting.

If you're saying that's not the case, that's great, but I think you can understand how your responses could easily suggest otherwise.

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@mb said:

If someone were to start a new topic welcoming the new guys to the fold, maybe we could put all this behind us and finally move forward. I just hope the welcome topic isn't turned into some kind of platform to argue about Giant Bomb's hiring decisions or toss out a bunch of backhanded insults against the new guys. Anyone new is going to have a big enough uphill battle as it is just getting acclimated to everything.

Considering your comments just now about potentially locking a non-staff thread for addressing similar issues which you may disagree with and feel like mocking, I can understand some hesitance from duders to make a separate non-staff topic welcoming the new guys to the fold.

When you said this thread "would have been" locked, you indicated that staff-created threads like this are apparently the only safe haven from quieting those with any potential reservations about the new hires. I find it hard to believe that is the genuine policy of the moderators or staff.

I agree that Dan and Jason have a stiff enough challenge as it is; I've been around here long enough to be concerned about the eventual "The new guys are ruining things!" threads and comments. But members should feel that they can express reservations and concerns about the selection without fearing that they will just have their concerns mocked or threads locked.

Despite having any reservations, I welcome them with open arms. They are part of this community now, and I'm glad they're here. I hope they do great. Yet, if I didn't feel quite so excited, I would hope I would be able to freely express that without fear of moderators that might not feel the same way.

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@video_game_king said:

You guys do realize that "diversity" doesn't have to be race, gender, or sexuality, right? It could also be "somebody who doesn't dismiss JRPGs, anime, and a lot of stuff that comes out of Japan outright."

I've actually brought that up a few times! :D

It's what people often get excited about when they see new people. The point being, they bring their own -different- contribution to the mix. Taste is a difference along with race and gender. That sentiment is reflected within desires for greater diversity to a site we enjoy.

And that's why I joked with @hailinel a bit how great it would be if they hired a woman who enjoyed JRPGs and anime. ha. How wild would that be? Really mix things up a bit.

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@truthtellah: I'm actually a lady. Which I guess is why all of this...yeah....not fun.

Sorry about that. I seemed to remember that you were, but I fell back into the general "he" out of expedience. I'll try to remember better next time.

Though, as you said, that kind of "male as default" is itself part of the issue. I would have liked to see a woman added to the staff, but, well, I'm willing to give these guys a shot and see why they're considered the best for the positions. After Patrick's discussion of diversity in the E3 streams this year and bringing up the "rolodex" phenomena of passive discrimination, I hope he'll perhaps talk a bit about these choices, as well.

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@slindz said:

@truthtellah: You're making a fuss about nothing. They hired the best people for the job, there is nothing more to it. Just let them do their jobs/hiring.

I don't really see me or anyone else making much of a "fuss" about anything. Some people have said they wish the choice added a bit more diversity to the staff. Well, that's their opinion they're entitled to. We like different folks, and that's why we're all excited that there are new people on staff. They bring their own perspectives and energy to the site. Race or gender are just factors within that added diversity.

I'd have enjoyed seeing a more apparent shift in diversity, but hey, it was their choice. Dan and Jason do still bring their own unique differences to the site. If Jeff and the guys say they are the best people for it, I'm cool with seeing how they do. I hope they add their own spin to the Giant Bomb mix. :)

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@mb said:

@dannyhibiki said:

@mb: You sound kinda like a jerk for a mod.

You should probably carefully read the forum rules before you continue down that path...ill-advised, duder.

I can understand you not appreciating how he objected to your comment, but you have to admit your mockery of those interested in diversity is on a similarly ill-advised path. Mod or not, we are all beholden to the rules of conduct.

Let's just be cool to one another, sit down for some boneless chicken wings, and bask in the bright glow of these new hires.

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@mb said:

@marc said:

Holy lord what has this thread turned into? Jeff hired the best people for the job. They just happen to be white dudes. It is not a big deal. If it were a woman or someone not white who were most qualified for the job, I'm sure they would have gotten it. People who make a big deal about these things are half of the damn problem.

Evidently you're not allowed to hire the best people for the job if those people are white males. That's insensitive and does not support diversity!

Was that really necessary? Come on, man. There's no reason to mock us.

I'm excited about the new hires, but I do think diversifying things would have been cool to see. Still, I imagine the new guys will at least bring different game preferences and interests. I hope that will help freshen things up a bit and make things even better.

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So... now that we know...

What does everyone hate about the new guys?


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Peace in our time!