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@northsarge: Glad you got to watch most of the streams; it really was quite the week!

If you enjoyed it, I hope you'll support their cause and donate to Prevent Cancer if you haven't already. Even $5 is great in the bigger picture! :)

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You did it, Patrick! You defeated!

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@peasantabuse said:

Here's some true class

And Gary isn't being racist, just pathetic u_u

I don't see how Gary's comment was "pathetic". He thought it was a disgrace. Sure, why not? Unsportsmanlike conduct can be embarrassing to see, and it's discouraged for a reason. He acted out of line in a previous play, and then he spouts off like a nut in an interview afterward. It's understandable that some people might be put off by it.

I feel like Sherman was like a lot of people who say nonsense when hyped up; so, I'd consider it more embarrassing than offensive. But I'm not surprised that some other people may respond differently than I do.

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Shockingly, someone super hyped up in an aggressively competitive setting expressed themselves poorly.

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The Seahawk's Derrick Coleman becomes the first legally deaf man to play in the Super Bowl! :D

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With how that ended, I can't help but hear Dave Lang going, "WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWW!"

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It was my pleasure nonetheless - no hard feelings. I did plan on putting up a fight AFTER Patrick had collected the humanity - but I sure feel the way it actually played out was much more entertaining. (Those dodges looked way cooler on my side, btw. :P)

You should let @patrickklepek hear that.

He sounded like he had finally seen the true abyss within his twisted soul...

The darkness awakens.

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“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”- Friedrich Nietzsche

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@trilogy said:

That's similar to my issue with the internet in general. I've noticed that people on forums who are reasonable, logical, and avoid confrontation are usually ignored. Their posts seem to just get buried by people responding and engaging with posters who are crass, loud, obnoxious, offensive, or argumentative. We're probably all a little guilty of it. I have various theories on why this seems to be the case. Maybe we just find kindness and moderate thought to be boring. As the proverb goes, the nail that sticks out the furthest gets hammered first.

It's certainly not always the case, however. There are plenty of examples of attention given to those who deserve it, and not to jackasses like the titan fall guy. I suppose I just feel the inverse to be more often true.

That's quite true, and unfortunately, it's wider than just the Internet. News of all kind focuses more on murderers than those doing good or the loudest politicians with the best soundbites over those trying to say reasonable things. You hear more about North Korea and its angry rhetoric than a relatively peaceful country like Poland or Iceland with interesting ideas for progress. The people who get heard are the shouters or the bloggers with the loudest or catchiest lines, not those taking the time to figure out or explain practical solutions. The Internet has certainly added a layer of emergency to even the most mundane things, and even casual conversation practically has to be catchy to get someone's attention today.

Frankly, it takes people making a concerted effort to care about the reasonable out there, and we do need more of that. Many people will likely read more from tweets than books, and we'll know a little about a lot but understand even less. It's an uphill battle, but we can do our best to give more of our time and coverage to the reasonable and thorough. It just takes more effort than simply grasping to the catchiest headlines or most shocking comments we see.