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64328 Butt Attack Concept Overview Both Juliet Starling and Fat Princess have specifically-noted "butt" attacks in their respective titles. 10/20/13 05:46AM 4 Approved
64327 Butt Attack Concept Overview Lollipop Chainsaw has a "Butt Attack" skill to unlock. PlayStation All-Stars' Fat Princess has a "Butt Stomp" attack. TMNT: Tournament Fighters has a character called Aska which attacks with her butt. And Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 has an entire mode dedicated to characters attacking each other with their butts. 10/20/13 05:43AM 8 Approved
41369 Maria Character Overview Maria has unfortunately been mislabeled as a "red punk-haired girl", when she is actually the green-haired sister of Giana. Giana can switch between "Cute" Giana who is blonde and "Punk" Giana who is red-haired. Thus, this page is wrong on multiple fronts. 07/07/13 01:05AM 9 Approved
28177 Candy Box Game Guide This is a post of the best Candy Box walkthrough out there right now, and while it is all here, I'm not sure how(or if it's possible) to place spoiler blocks within spoiler blocks, as that is very necessary for the nested style of walkthrough that was created. If it is not possible, I can go back in and edit it to perhaps make more sense in this format. 05/06/13 11:09PM 4 Denied
28176 Candy Box Game Overview aniwey is a young, one man indie developer whose first breakout game is Candy Box. He developed it and published it online. 05/06/13 10:50PM 373 Approved
18197 Dungeon Hearts Game Overview Dungeon Hearts is a newly-released strategy title on Steam, and people streaming it on Twitch.tv have requested that a wiki page be made so that they can properly credit the game in their broadcasts. This serves both the streamers and the awareness of those interested in the title they are streaming. Thank you. Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/229520 Gamespot Page: http://www.gamespot.com/dungeon-hearts/ 03/31/13 01:40AM 5 Approved