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Lots of chatter in the facebook and twitter feeds. Went to check what was happening and find Ryan is gone. Can't really express how I feel. I will miss him a bunch! Been a fan of his since the GameSpot days. Giant Bomb has been a part of my daily habits since it started and without him the podcasts and videos will never be the same. Condolences to his wife, family, friends and all you guys at Giant Bomb.

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/long rant. skip if you want.

I was dying to play the new game from Eric Chahi. I loved Out of This World and Heart of Darkness. From the Xbox reviews the game looked great. Preorder on Steam. Did not notice the Ubi DMR "feature" as I thought, by earlier stuff I read, that this game would not have it.

Come time to play...First it made me create an online Ubi account. For a single player game. Next was the endless wait for the patching to end. Did it ask me if I want to patch the game? No. Put a file in your webpage and I’ll download it whenever I want. Or have Steam do it. It’s one of the reasons it’s there. After this, did the game start? No. More ubiplay pseudo-steam, origin like shit. Why would I need to have another interface where I have to click to play the game. And an “always on” internet connection. This is a single player game. Also, I launched it from steam for heaven’s sake. “Click to play” again.

And then the game. Nice cut scene. Go to main menu. Mouse sensitivity is way off in the main menu. Go to settings. At least they let you adjust it. Only other options are resolution and fullscreen. Right there I knew I was in shoddy port land. This is a PC not a PlayStation or Xbox. Give me my damn settings back.

Even so, let’s hope the game is worth it. First map. WASD to control camera and mouse to control the snake thingy. WTF. The mouse navigation interferes with the keyboard making this game annoying to play with these controls. I cannot have precision control with this. Also framerate sucks and stutters a bit. Shoddy port land again.

Solution for shoddy port, like in Assassin's Creed (another Ubi title...I should be wiser now) I pick up my PC controller and go to the settings menu. At least they let me select the controller but I can’t redefine the buttons. The image that appears is of a PlayStation 3 controller. WTF. Shoddy port land again. Ok now the game is playable and I can start to enjoy it. Controller plugged in and the button tooltips are for the Xbox controller. My controller dos not have an A,B or X button but at least the controls are OK. Near perfect I would say. But you know, PC is keyboard and mouse. You should not have to buy a controller to play a PC game. Shoddy port land again.

Eric Chahi deserved better from Ubisoft. I bought this to support his work. All this crud and annoying little things really take away from the experience of playing the game. A really nice game by the way. I Will not ask for my money back. But Ubi will have to do better if they want my money next time around. I’m a paying costumer and have been buying Ubisoft titles for a long time now. From the Rayman stuff on Playstation to Assassins Creed and all the Prince of Persia games I loved.

Just let me click “Play” on Steam and play the game I bought. Make a good PC port of the game. Take your time. I would prefer that you release it a year later than in this state. That is all I ask.

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Steel Storm has been added to the Humble Indie Bundle 3.

For those that already bought the bundle go to the link sent to your email account when you bought it to download it.

It has also been added to the Steam account for those that activated the HIB3 on Steam.

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all because of the DLC. miss the days when you bought expansions to the game and were not nickel and dimed by the game publishers.

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I already had VVVVVV and Cogs. Even so I bought the bundle. Will be giving a few more later on to some friends. Even if you have the games or don't like the lineup donate to support the charities and the indie devs. More dollars means more great games for windows, mac and linux (some ports were made to be released with this bundle and the last one)

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it just pushes the console to its limit. maybe some of the older models are not good at dealing with the heat generated when the console gets pushed to its full capacity