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@schwing: sure, no sex, no drugs, no swearing, no reasons for anything more than T, just death, death everywhere, but Mario dies because of goombas and Mario games are rated E or something like that, so... yeah.

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I hate KB+mouse because it feels too similar to work, it does actually feel exactly like work after a while when the game may not feel so novel and not as entertaining as when it is new. If this allows me to play with a controller games that are designed for KB+mouse I'll love this, period.

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It's a cool flash game.

It's a cool game.

But it's a flash game.

Keep it easy...

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You can see nipples in the sculptures in the Vatican, but if a game company puts some boobs in a bikini you should totally take offense. Put a burka on that!

So genitalia would have been better? Male AND female, both in one pack, no sexism there.

Oh, please...

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Picture me as surprised as Master Chief, I guess two of them are Sabrewulf and Fulgore from Killer Instinct, but who is the other guy?

PD: @Generiko: thx.

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lol, man i did not know being a president in the future is so exciting.

"And I promise all of my fellow Americans that I will do my best to create jobs, take care of the family unit, and pilot this sweet-ass mech through a building."


So what is the criteria here? The promises? The capability to fulfill them? The skills to pilot a mech? Dat ass?

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Oh, man, dat FoV... Glad I'm playing on PC.

I don't see any problem.

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I think terrorists should be a disaster in Sim City. I mean trying to counter hijacked planes and bombings, that sort of thing would be cool.

Haha - that may affect the ESRB rating a bit. Sorry kids - the dudes from Talibanistan are here. Earmuffs (and eyemuffs I guess...) for now.

UFOs are a metaphor for that. They have basically the same role while preserving the political correctness.

I would like to see more granularity when defining taxes, for instance havin a Tobix tax and similar options, basically anything that is an open debate now in politics, so that you can try both options in the game and see the consequences in this virtual world. Even if they are not completely realistic they can get to be quite pedagogical, IMHO.

That would make this game deep and epic because I do also fear this:

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This game is the new spore, it seem deep but its not at all.