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That depends, is a Steam Machine a "next gen gaming rig"?

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@syed117: you have two more buttons in the back, so your "face buttons" can be the two on the right and the two in the back. That depends on the use.

Personally I don't need this controller to be the best controller in the world for every game, if it is a better controller than a 360 controller for some things (specially those that would require mouse&kb), then that's a win, IMHO, considering the 360 controller should work anyway on a steamOS machine, AFAIK.

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When I saw the XBox360 controller I saw a controller in the exact same way I would have designed it, it was "my" controller.

This thing is not, I'd have never thought of something like this, and I say that as a good thing. I'm thrilled and I want to try it, because it may be good and better than current controllers, especially for shooters (FPS, over the shoulder and 3rd person shooters) which are the games that I play most anyway.

Besides, if this means I can play guild wars with a controller count me in.

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Valve has my full support as long as they keep their open philosophy.

For example, if I can use their controller and the XBone controller with their system then the controller that I'm going to use is at least as good as the XBone.

Openness is the real game changer.

Besides, the contoller looks good. Even if it was worse than other controllers (which will not, IMHO), at least they are doing something new and that is praiseworthy.

The concepts they are presenting, with openness as the most relevant concept, are what got me really excited, and also skeptic. I still have to see how they manage to stream games from a computer to the living room Steam Machine, they say that will work, I will suspend my disbelief on that by now, if it does that is great, if it doesn't then it's still as good as next generation machines.

All is for the better.

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Tacos and Doritos, I'm guessing the battlefield is in México.

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Thank you. That's a good advice. I'm speaking about Borderlands 1. When you mention humorous properties you refer to something like T.K's Wave or are more humorous weapons out there? (shrinking weapons for instance). Could you put an example?

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This question is probably quite stupid, but after playing Fable III (where weapons are meant to be collected) having not enough room in the inventory is causing me a cognitive dissonance. Unique weapons are not better than regular weapons, I find no reason to keep them, but selling them is a non-reversible AFAIK, so once sold they are gone for ever until the next playthrough (which may be never).

Fortunately I didn't play Katamari games yet.

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I would like to know if the armors I can buy for game credits are actually useful for something (they work as armors and reduce damage) or they are simply for customization, to look cooler and prove your capitalist success without any change in the gameplay.

Thank you in advance.

PD: they are only aesthetic (sorry for asking, google had the answer) and I'm disappointed for being such a noob (if I could improve the armor I'd have a chance), I take about 2 hours to finish a chapter in legendary...

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