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I played the first one and I don't feel like playing any other AC game.

So maybe you can consider it's a great game because it's completely satisfying...

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@ki11tank: playing easy games is dull and boring, its actually like the worst work in the world, a bunch of things to do that are not any rewarding because they were not any challenging.

You can see my activity here:

Last time I played a game was september. I may not play much, but if I play I want a challenge. If a game lasts for 80 hours, that usually means a whole year, and I'm fine with it. There are quite a few interesting games out there, but if I don't play all of them I'm fine with it, because I have a life and going through a game is not a priority in my life, I don't need to have finished any number of games by the end of the year or month.

Work hard, party hard, play hard.

If I'm too tired to play, which happens sometimes, I spend some time on the forums, I watch some series, read a book, whatever. Games are there for the challenge. The story may be good or not, but usually TV series have better stories (and are "easier").

"I don't know why people get so sensitive"

I don't like people making false statements. But I'm just a PhD student with a crappy salary that cares about that to publish (correct) papers, if I was an executive in finance maybe I could be thinking wrongly (with a flawed logic and implicit wrong assumptions), stating wrong things and basing my decisions in wrong information, why not?

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I usually choose hard and then go through again in the hardest, because usually the hardest is locked as well (E.g. Gears of War). If the game allows the hardest setting and it looks easy (E.g. Darksiders) I choose the hardest from the start, for the challenge and the achievements.

If it turns out to be too hard (I decided to play Halo Reach on Legendary from the start and I'm not any good at FPSs) I get frustrated after about 2 or 3 hours and restart on a easier setting.

It does also depend on the game. I have no problem in going through a FPS again since it's more or less the same and it's fun. Going back to the start of Darksiders is not so nice because you get lots of abilities and stuff during the way and starting with nothing of that (but the armor) is slightly frustrating.

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You can trick steam beta client to think that it's running under SteamOS by adding -steamos to launch options and then starting the BP mode. In the settings there is then option to "Enable Access to Linux desktop".

You can also probably just install any window manager you want.

Very interesting, although having dual boot you don't really need any of those things. I'm guessing the partition for SteamOS will be readable and writable from a Linux dual-booted. It takes restarting the machine but, who cares? And dual boot should definitively be possible.

I'm actually in the market to build a new PC in early 2014 and the compact-ness might just get me to get one of these. If the video card is a GTX 770 with a overclockable CPU, I'm in. All I would do is install an SSD, slap windows and dual boot into SteamOS when I play games and Windows to watch videos, write papers and do research.

Research on what? Use Linux! (In the line of the thread, I am disappointed)

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@jimmyfenix said:

With those specs why did you even pre order a ps4!?!

Exactly my thoughts.


@jimmyfenix said:

With those specs why did you even pre order a ps4!?!

Uh because I'm really bad and like having new shiny things?

Then give me your old PC and I'll give you a newer and shiniermirror. :P

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I'm only excited about Steam Machines.

Freedom, sweet freedom.

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We're all living in America, ist wunderbar.

I didn't see this, though, the only game that really felt american to me (among the ones I played) is Halo, it happens in the UN, but the UN and the US are really similar in many aspects, and the UN may be even a more exaggerated version of some aspects of the US.

I see a strong predominance of shooters (usually FPS), though. We could probably use a little more diversity there. Where are the games like Monkey Island, Dragon Sword or Grim Fandango anymore?

Personally, I love the quirky diversity that English's weird diverse roots give it, but I admit it makes it perhaps an odd choice as a lingua franca. However, these things aren't ever decided that way, are they? They were decided by England and America's large periods of cultural and economic dominance in many areas. If we wanted to change it now wouldn't it make just as much sense to adopt one of those artificial languages specifically crafted to be logical and easy to learn?

Define "large periods", philosophy and science was doing great in Germany before the WWII (Einstein being a prime example), Russia was nearly on par on the nuclear and space competition in the 80's (actually they are kind of ahead now that NASA closed the Space Shuttle program), China has been the most populated country for a while and economically will have the greatest GDP in the world soon.

I'd say the role of USA as the leader of the world has been clear for about 30 or 40 years, no more, and it may end up soon. According to your discourse, this means that we all should learn Mandarin as the next lingua franca soon, which is going to be really complicated. I think that is not going to happen, there have been different "linguas francas" in the world in different periods in history, but there was one major language when the globalization "happened", so IMHO English is there to stay, with a strong presence of Mandarin and Spanish as languages that you can usually hear on the streets because there are many millions of people that speak them.

@budwyzer said:

Are you simply requesting that more games need to be originally cast with characters based in other countries, along with main voice casting? If so, why? The more English dominates video game sales, the closer the world comes to a single common language. Are you against global unification through open channels of communication?

Most of the games are dubbed nowadays. At least for major languages and most games. I learned some English as a child due to games, but that is going to be less and less the case. There can be some unification, but expect many languages surviving, for instance Chinese, Spanish, Indy, Portuguese, Arab, Russian, German, French and Japanese have many chances to remain in a globalized world.

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That depends, is a Steam Machine a "next gen gaming rig"?

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@syed117: you have two more buttons in the back, so your "face buttons" can be the two on the right and the two in the back. That depends on the use.

Personally I don't need this controller to be the best controller in the world for every game, if it is a better controller than a 360 controller for some things (specially those that would require mouse&kb), then that's a win, IMHO, considering the 360 controller should work anyway on a steamOS machine, AFAIK.

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When I saw the XBox360 controller I saw a controller in the exact same way I would have designed it, it was "my" controller.

This thing is not, I'd have never thought of something like this, and I say that as a good thing. I'm thrilled and I want to try it, because it may be good and better than current controllers, especially for shooters (FPS, over the shoulder and 3rd person shooters) which are the games that I play most anyway.

Besides, if this means I can play guild wars with a controller count me in.