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@Tebbit: ladder? the adagio from Albinoni is much better, in the intro sequence, IMHO. Really epic, according to what a planetary exodus should be.
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Maybe it is time to put this franchise to sleep for a few years, although it has many chances of being superseded by assassins creed IMHO.

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One of the very few "full 3D" RTSs, actually I don't know of any other, but probably there are some.
I wish that game was made, the chances are very low though.
Maybe when real 3D is popular for games (the one you can see as 3D), or something like that, it will be reborn. The same way bionic commando was reborn. I know sequels are more of a problem than a good  thing, but while some games get too many it would be cool to have a third installment of some games, like homeworld, dungeon keeper, black and white, ...

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@Claude said:

" You have more problems than I can explain. "

lol, wut? I will limit the CPU usage with BES and use the programs that SlasherMan recommended me to reduce GPU heat. (Thank you again, BTW).
I cannot edit the thread title to add "[solved]", otherwise I would.
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I guess just cause is using only one core. Half life 2 may have fixed that, as I said there are some exceptions. The norm with old games is that they will use all the CPU they have available.  It took starcraft 8 or 9 years to get that patch, I don't know if a similar patch for half-life does exist the time span between, hal-life 1 and 2 is much smaller than starcraft 1 and 2, and starcraft 1 got that patch quite recently, also.
Every old game would be like this, it would use 100% of the cpu, and that wouldn't be fixed because newer games would be released before, the minimum system requirements would go up and in the end, usually there wasn't a lot of spare resources on the cpu when considering latest games with latest hardware. However, when playing old games with new hardware there is a lot of power that doesn't need to be used, since games industry is becoming more mature and there is a wider time span in which games were released with different system requirements
Try the oldest you may have, the logical assumption is that they should use less than half-life 2, since they are older, but the case is that they will use 100% or 50% if they have one single thread. You should try really old games like theme hospital or half-life 1 before asserting the problem is on my end, even more recent games will probably have that problem, as age of empires 2, other game I may play.
Those are games I own and I didn't finish, although I was really close to finishing theme hospital. A few years ago I would play homeworld and it would use 100% of my CPU, it was on a P4@2.5GHz, while the recommended requirements were something like 350MHz, if I am not mistaken, that was during the winter, in summer I tried to play black&white, but I didn't know about this software and had to quit. Now I have a centrino duo and I could try it, again it would use 100% or 50%*, actually I will play homeworld 2 if I can find it.
*notice that 50% is still too much, for so old games, it would be really bad if a core would take all the load, as that core would be overheated while the other would do nothing, but I think that is not the case, every I/O interruption may cause the process to resume on a different core.

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OK, maybe the question seemed more complicated than it actually is, or maybe it is not in the right place. Sorry for that and thank you for telling me where should it be.
Is there an RSS of the videos that are posted in giantbomb? I mean, the content of this page:
On the left you can see a list of videos. That's great, I would like to have the same in a podcast fashion, with links to the actual video files offered through RSS. I'm quite sure that has to be implemented, but I cannot find it.

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I don't feel like using a workaround to get flash to work on debian amd64, and I wanted to check the videos posted, is there anything like a feed I can subscribe with Miro so that I get the new videos?
Watching videos about games is like going to a cake shop to enjoy the smell, but that's all I'll get for the next month.
Thank you.

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@HitmanAgent47: @SpikeSpiegel: any game on any CPU will use the 100% of it, no matter how old is the game and how new the cpu, it's just the way games are made, you can check it. There are some exceptions, starcraft (1) limited cpu usage with a patch time ago.
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@SlasherMan: It's a laptop, heat is much more of an issue in laptops. Thank you, I'll try those.
BTW, just to complete the thread slightly more, the best program to limit CPU usage I found so far is BES.
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OK, so looks like I can move thousands of miles or kilometres away but I'm always at warm places (from Madrid (Spain) to Los Angeles (CA-USA) for three months)
I've found it is possible to limit the CPU that a game is allowed to use, that is a good way to reduce the heat produced by old games, since they don't really need much CPU but they tend to use it at 100% regardless (which feels very wrong, but that's the standard).
I can happily check the CPU usage with the tasks manager and see how this is reduced from 100%.
Now I was wondering what could happen with the GPU, if it is used to 100% regardless too (since I can't check that) and how could I reduce that usage if so.
I will probably install half-life (1) if I can get it to work and not to burn my computer.
Thank you.