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P.T is a special experience. Like Portal, so clean and tight, and hard to follow up.

I took no chances, on hearing the news of P.T's imminent departure. I upgraded my HD and immediately DLd P.T. again. Now I have a spare.

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I do not understand why the concept of DLC became an accepted thing. This is a marketing strategy with only money in mind and the companies who do it should feel guilty for preying on impulsive minds and tendencies. I thought DLC would die out years ago, it should have died out with the "horse armor" bullshit. For my own part, Artorias of the Abyss was the first and still the only DLC I have ever purchased. Do not get me started on the bizarre idea of these pre-order dog-and-pony-show trinket items and maps they tack on to lure gamers into an unnecessary, early purchase that only serves to fuel a marketing team's idea of what they can get away with on gamers' dimes. Pisses-Me-Off: is the only message they should read.

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David Bowie

That is all

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Hey GB guys, and all here, I am sorry for your/our loss, and condolences to his family. This is terrible news.

Such a personality, and all around entertaining dude, Ryan, you will be missed.


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I always have mixed feelings about unearthing venerable, beloved franchises.

Thief TDP, and II was what it was because of Looking Glass Studios, that right there turns me off of other developers getting involved.

I don't expect publishers to care about that, and so I do not get too excited when they bring back "classic" franchises. People are excited about Eidos being involved but they were only the publisher of the original games.

Now speaking of the Cradle, Shalebridge Cradle that is, the level is a mind fuck of unheard of proportions. What you hear about the level is scarier than the level itself, B U T that is the point, and the level W I L L scare and unnerve the crap out of you if you get to it.

It is very far along in the game, and Thief:Deadly Shadows is not the best representation of the franchise.


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Remembering how much time I spent in the 80's playing AD&D Treasure of Tarmin on the Intellivision, then downloading the Vol.3 emulator package and getting to do it all over again in Minotaur! It runs in Win7 64-bit, I don't know how.

The arcade version of Raiden


Any LookingGlass/Irrational game. Specifically Thief series.

Diablo II

Making massive trouble in any GTA game.

Sins of a Solar Empire

Getting Black Knight weapons in Dark Souls.

WoW 3.3.5. private server Remember Auberdine!!

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"I'm going to the Bear Pits tonight. Wanna come with?"

Hard to pick a favorite since there are so many great games, but I'll go with Thief.

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In order to get to level 60 the game has to be fun first. They blew it and now they're scrambling, almost feels like cutting and pasting shit to the game. Thanks but no thanks, pointless grinds feel like desperation to hoodwink players. Nothing Blizz can do to this game will remove the RMAH stink it has.

I thought these guys were making a Diablo game(for 8 years?), the core mechanics are no-brainers. Did not D2:LoD show them anything?

Instead they bogged everything down and curtailed the item hunt. Nice job

Cockamamie storyline, invasively implemented. Terrible follower implementation, they really need to shut the fuck up. That shit will likely not be patched away.

I love the intentionally decreased item levels before Inferno so the AH is ALWAYS the go-to option. Fun Factor Zero!

I had seriously thought to wait for an expansion or even wait until the first Battlechest, specifically because of the AH/RMAH and I didn't. I ran out like a fricken idiot and bought it after the server issues seemed tolerable.

Really what more is there to say. I do not like getting taken and taken I have been. Fool me twice? HELL NO!

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Most recently, I paid full price for Diablo 3 only to find that the only fun to be had is searching the gold Auction House every four to five levels for better stuff than you can hope to find yourself. Gee, who the fuck thought that was going to be ten years of fun?

Latterly, I paid full price for Final Fantasy XIII, wherein the elements that make a good FF game are nowhere to be found. It might have been an ok game under a different title. Probably not.