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@damnable_fiend: You may be thinking of William Sanderson as J.F. Sebastian.

Dourif was not in Blade Runner. But he was in Blue Velvet. "Now it's dark."

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"Damnit Janet!"

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I am truly saddened to hear you are prohibited from the Sauce. I do not drink much myself, but I love a good IPA as often as I can. Hop Stoopid, Ranger, Sierra Nevada and so on. The more bitter the better. I love beer.

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Hey man, sorry I missed this thread. I figured it was another, "Oh how great is Patrick thread" there are so many;) But I always read "Worth Reading" so now I know.

Truly deepest condolences on your loss, but then, congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

I lost my mother just over a year ago. It hasn't gotten easier, I still don't know what it is yet. I just try to enjoy all the time I have left with my dad.

Take care Patrick

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It was a combination of Pong, and that Space Battle arcade game. The vector graphics one, where one ship was a small Star Destroyer shape, and the other was a Starship Enterprise shape. Then it was Sea Battle on the Intellivision. It's been totally downhill ever since.

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I can't score the game now; pre-expansions.

However, if I did I would give it around a 60/100

The loot is bad, and anything you find in-game and think is good, is trumped by what you can find on the AH for a similar level.

That to me, sucks ALL the fun out of the game.

Perhaps it is fun to crawl through a game finding items another char can use, but as I am playing with my Wizard, I am only finding things that will be good to another class at a later playthrough, or i am "gearing" myself from the AH. That SUCKS!

I am going to guess this will be "fixed" with subsequent patches and expansions, but the WoWification of the Diablo franchise just SUCKS.

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I think this is what we get for assigning value to non-valuables. Very strange when I think about it.

D3 started out nice for me, but boy around the end of ActII, the story, of all things, is actively getting in the way of an item hunt with no decent items.

I think the game is too tied to the AH, but we really should have seen that coming.

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To me, commenting on Normal difficulty being too easy is pointless. Whatever the game's final patch designation is, in 2020, Normal will still be too easy. The difficulties have always been on a finish one unlock the other basis in all Diablo games.

In the past, once I finished Normal, Nightmare was too hard for me without a lot of grinding. I did finally get a character to Hell in D2 though so I am ok. I can't wait to get to Nightmare in D3, the gear should be fricken nuts.

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I am the only one excited by my lack of excitement for excitement. So much so in fact my BattleTag is OnlyOne#1999

I will certainly play, but I knew enough to avoid the launch. I may even wait until it becomes a BattleChest.

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Before the time when time was time...

Even the greatest of heroes,some who destroy the very fabric of existence...

Must surmount their first and greatest obstacle...

Potty training.

God of War: Precurser: Potty Pandemonium