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Should have been Ryan and Vinny.

Well if we're talking about wishes, it should have been Vinny, and then a commentary on Vinny over Vinny from Vinny!

With the occasional cameo from Vinny.

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YES!!!! I knew I couldn't be the ONLY one excited about all these, "AM I THE ONLY ONE" posts

Thank all the heavens for games other people don't care about

or am i the only one?

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Well if we want to be silly about it

Dead Dark Demon's Souls Island Nation

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Divine Souls

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this is Valve

If it says next year in the headline

do yourself a favor, forget about it for five years.

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Atlus for my first char

then I just used my standard rpg char names






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Yeah I have the 60gb, I was concerned when Sony said no more backward compatibility, so I swooped one up.

Now I can see why they decided that though, with all the classics coming to the PSN or getting an HD treatment.

Sorry, to the point, of course the 60gb had an embedded Emotion chip and some hardware additions too(edge smoothing, and screen size) that must have helped SH2 & 3. The shadows and shading on SH3 looked especially nice on the PS3. I wish I could do some screens. This is also on a 720p HDTV. But games like FFX and XII don't look that great to me on the PS3, I would need to hook it up to an old CRT TV. I would imagine those FF's would be candidates for an HD upgrade. If they did anything with VII I would think it would be a full remake. I know MGS is getting some HD updates too. There I go, off the point again!!

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Silent remake of Silent Hill 2

Never liked the VA at all in SH2

In addition, as much as I love the atmosphere of the game, I hated trying like 57 doors and only three of them can be interacted with, and two of them are locked. WTF?

No thanks, finished the game on easy just to see the story.

[edit] last time I played SH2 & SH3 on my PS3/HDTV they actually looked fine to me. Not so with ICO and SotC I think those games really needed an HD update. ICO really looked bad, and Shadow had that horrible frame rate.

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Vyvyan rules!!