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@Ryax:  LOL!! 
@JJWeatherman said:
"       This is him. I'm sure of it. "
Mine eyes have seen the coming of the Lord!!
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@Dain22:  BIngo!! This is a certainty, whether the game launches or not.
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maybe when the WoW expansion comes out they can play that for a while.
Ok, while I have no doubt that this is it, it's finally going to see the light of day, I am not excited. 
I don't need to be excited. I didn't even need to post this, but I did, so I am trying to not be excited when I am really excited?
Is this like a post traumatic stress reaction to such a catastrophic delay? It must be.
My anticipation turns to frustration, then to anger, then to hostility, then to indifference, then to hostility again, only end up right back where I was in 1998?
Fuck I need a drink, and let the silly one liners ensue!
Those damn stupid aliens are gonna pay for blowing up my ride!
Am excited again. There that was easy.
edit: For the record  Saying "Always bet on Duke" means you are desperate and would fuck a donkey if that's all that was around. That means you are willing to wait over ten years for a promise and that's fucked up. No more Bet on Duke's
Stick to "Hail to the King, Baby!"  or "Shake itr Baby" or Damn, I'm lookin good!"
Had two drinks actually, and am fleein it! Excited!!

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I don't like being led by the nose, nor toyed with. To me there is nothing of substance in this story.
As much as I wish it weren't true: You can always bet on Duke to create traffic.
Sad state of affairs.
Edit3 Must retract statements about Gearbox. There is at least one 3DRealms connection, not sure if any LookingGlass people are there(I didn't feel like going through them all)
The only way I could give a crap about Duke anymore would be, well I really just don't give a crap.
edit: is it worth pointing out that NO ONE ribbed Matt in all these comments. I have never seen that before. Kessler is winning!!!!

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The Mist

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I agree with you about the forum stuff. I just made my last entry there for a while. At some point I will want to use the mod tools, so I'll need help/advice I'm sure.
So far I like the game a lot, but it is a little frustrating to not be sure of the game play as it is happening. Was that awesome spell, and overwhelming assault a result of skill or imbalance? Too much stuff that may not have been intended or might be changing over the weeks to come.
I continue to be impressed with Stardock and their support for the players.
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Simply amazing.
I had a 486/33SX and Quake was unloadable without a DX processor. 
So my first painful gaming upgrade was an INTEL 486/33DX x3Overdrive, and a 33.6 modem. Even then I still had to run software quake in a very small screen size. But I loved it anyway. 
If you put Master of Puppets in and start episode one, the game kicks off with Leper Messiah. No better way to play Quake.

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Trespasser  comes to mind. I was really hoping for some fun from that one.
Looking down at your "heart" tattoo on your bosom to tell how much life you have left was entertaining. 
But that's about it.
Mistmare also comes to mind. Such a good premise for a RPG too.
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Wakka from FFX
because in FFX-2 he hooked up with Lulu

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I can't wait for this, well, one more day?