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Can we please have RUN GFB shirts now?

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This collector pack would go great with my Cataclysm collector pack.. I love Blizzard art :D

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@rorie: Sorry this took so long.. The server I'm on is Rexxar. My druid 'Sparkitup' is now level 78 and my mage 'Tsang' is 80. Once I'm done in Icecrown I'll be starting up the MoP content.

Also, thank you to everyone for your suggestions & tips.. I'm enjoying World of Warcraft a lot :D

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@cornbredx: I appreciate that.. I just hit 72 and halfway to 73, picked up about 300G+. I have herbalism (this character was a weed joke) on this druid, I'll take a look there. I'm getting pretty good at the flight -> drop from air -> prowl technique.

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I just got back into the game and I have no where else to turn. I need a way of raising gold in as little time as possible I don't care if it's hard or not to learn/do. I need 5K gold for Artisan Flying.. I'm doing Northrend for the first time by myself. My druids flight form is not fast enough and I'm getting in all sorts of trouble.

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No. 3 Road, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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Yo.. can someone put together a tracklist?

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@face15: Dude, those are amazing. Did it take you a while because I want you to fix my site logo with your wonder twin powers

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Neversoft <3