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No. 3 Road, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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Yo.. can someone put together a tracklist?

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@face15: Dude, those are amazing. Did it take you a while because I want you to fix my site logo with your wonder twin powers

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Neversoft <3

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If it comes with a toast skin/paint-job, I'm in... but I'm holding out for an official Pokedex version with a Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow combination 3D HD remake. I just got a WiiU Deluxe... Super Mario World is fun.

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How to get Survivor+

1. Start "New Game Plus", it will ask for a new save. Make a new save.

2. Complete the prologue; Pause the game at The Quarantine Zone (save should say "20 Years Later")

3. Exit to main menu, go to chapter select.

4. Choose Hometown

5. Select Survivor, it will ask for a new save. Make a new save.

6. Good luck

I just finished Hard and started Survivor tonight; bought the game used (Online code still works!)

Bottles & bricks are your friend. Don't waste shivs on enemies. Don't engage enemies unless forced. If you have any questions, message me because I've put 20 hours into this magnificent bastard over the weekend.

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I have taken this to heart like I would for any other family or friend. I respect everyone on this website; community and staff. To have something happen so sudden and unbelievably damaging, makes me furious without answers or reason. Not that it would make it any more acceptable, I need some sort of closure.

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I'm downloading the game right now... 4 hours left. I'm tethered to 3G.

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