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I'm Australian and used the EU code. It worked. Unless that's normal, I don't know. Anyone shed some light?

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Didn't try the Alpha, but am enjoying the Beta. Seems very similar to Warframe but without the crazy grinding (as others have pointed out) which I don't mind, but I DO mind that loot chests seem really awkwardly spaced and are too rare for me; always feel like I'm missing out on loot if I don't check a certain section/room on the map, so would like to see some more chests in plain sight. Not too many, but at least a few.

Another thing annoying me is the grimoire lore stuff; I have a writing background, and love lore in any game, so I'm a bit disappointed that I can't read up on lore. Maybe I haven't reached a point in the beta where you can access lore pages or something, but I find it crappy that this world has got me so interested yet I can't read up on its history or mythology/lore.

Level 5 at the moment, so haven't tried the MP maps, apparently I can access PvP after level 6, so I'm really looking forward to that. I think it's good value for a Beta (maybe not for those who played the Alpha) and am looking forward to trying out the Titan and the other guy, as I'm currently a Warlock. I want to know more about these characters, just telling me I'm a Guardian isn't good enough. I. Need. More. Lore. Please.

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@sargus said:

@detectivespecial said:

Can there be a creator as outlined in the worlds religious texts and evolution? No. Those texts each have their own theory as to the origins of life, and they are incompatible with evolution.

I can only speak to Christianity with any real sense of authority (I'm far from an expert on most other religious text, though I'm familiar with them), but this is not true. The Bible is not incompatible with evolution.

well the bible is more incompatible with logic. unless you believe a flood that cant be proven or someone living in a whale for 3 days.

reading the bible for facts is silly. its supposed to be a book of fictional stories with morals of being good to others and good to yourself.

The flood HAS been proven though, I won't go into it deeply, but the theory was that there was a massive flood after the last Ice Age that inundated the Mediterranean area with flood. The result; flood stories from all the major civs of the time.

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@drekly said:

You're essentially paying $5 a month for the live shows, mainly UPF and that's it. Sure you can think of it as a donation, but they're part of a corporation now, so now it's more of a 'tip'. I saw Jeff's interview and he states that ads are a dying business, and a subscription model is much more lucrative for a big company like CBS to see and pick you up. As a webmaster of several large sites (probably totallying around 250,000 members) - I can tell you that yes ads are dying, but they still make a fortune, especially gaming ads. People use adblock, but you still make a lot, A LOT, of money. That doesn't even come close to how much they probably make from full banner ads and sponsorships, don't think for one moment that GB needs cash desperately. The subscription model served the purpose of being lucrative, and now it's in place because - why the hell not, it makes money.

Content is at an all time low and apart from the odd 'hey we went to iceland' type videos which show how good their editing can be, it just goes to show how lackluster almost everything else to do has become. Want to watch us spend 45 minutes talking about how crap this game is, how much it's just like CoD, how it has this, that, and whatever from another game and it's just a carbon copy? No, because it's fucking becoming a metaphor for the content you're providing.

How many of you have stopped subscribing or really contemplated not renewing? Would you have done that 6 months ago? A year ago?

I don't know what the guys do there, I really have no idea, but for a week's work, we get like 5 quick looks, a live show and then Patrick does everything else.

You cannot do that when Youtube is practically pooping out content as good, if not better, on a far more frequent basis.

I love the personalities, and I've been thinking about all of this for a while now. Maybe it is me who has changed. I do fucking love GB, but it really truly needs to step up its fucking game - it's going to fall behind the speed of the internet.

Dead on. I do think we, as an audience, have changed too, but it was just so much better, and different, before the CBS buyout.

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I've been coming to this site for a very long time. When I discovered Giant Bomb, it was love at first sight. I remember my first Quicklook and I remember telling all of my friends about it. I remember the first Live Stream and how things that needed to be done that afternoon didn't get done. The first Bombcast helped ease the wait leading up to a midnight release for a game I don't even remember. There was a sense of pride I felt in this website and in these people that I've never met...

So what happened?

It starts with Jeff. His acerbic attitude was refreshing at first; Here's a guy that, somewhat like me, was jaded and expected more of an industry that was (and still is) very juvenile and insecure. But now it's wearing me down. It's like he's not having fun anymore and now everything is a joke or a critique. I can't remember the last time where it seemed like he genuinely liked something that came out after the 90's. When I watch or listen to him, I know that there is a 50% chance of hearing him say "Wow this is duuuumb", or seeing him sigh and look around like whatever he's doing is a waste of time. That seems like a great way to alienate some of the people that you're trying to connect with. Jeff, a guy that I admire, is simply becoming too sardonic for me to appreciate.

As far as everyone else, I don't really have a issue except to say that Patrick showed up and the site started to change soon after. I don't mind that he's focusing so much on niche content, but it seems like Giant Bomb went and got all hipster because of him. A site that used to be almost exclusively about games (big or small) and people playing those games, now seems to be forcing-feeding us 'Frosted Indie-O's, the Breakfast of Underdogs' on a weekly basis. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, but when there isn't a ton of content to begin with, and most of it is dedicated to your indie developer friends, and their friends, and friends of friends...

Which leads me to my biggest concern, which is, as I stated, that there hasn't been as much content as there used to be, and half of the stuff I want to see is now behind a paywall. I understand that you have a small staff, but people love you guys AND you are well-respected, which is an extremely coveted position to be in. So did you really need to capitalize on that by adding Premium content? I'll admit that I almost subscribed a couple of times, but never did simply for the fact that the kind of stuff I now have to pay for is the kind of stuff that made me love the site in the first place, back when it was just there to enjoy. I would never had come to love this site as much as I do, if back then it was in the state that it is in now. I used to suggest to my friends (and even some strangers) to make Giant Bomb their video game destination of choice, and many of them did. But I can honestly say that I have not made that suggestion in about 7 or 8 months.

Please don't interpret this a rant. My purpose of saying this is not to get attention or start something. I'm only saying this because I sincerely love you guys and I'm just disappointed in the direction I think the site is heading. I could be way off base and I could just be having one of those days where I think about things too much. I know this is insignificant and trivial, but I consider you my friends, and friends don't let friends ruin a good thing.

I agree, it's why I stopped coming to the site in the first place. And now that I'm back I can't see myself staying long.

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Hey guys, I have been having log-in issues for a while now, it actually made me stop visiting GiantBomb for a long while, but now I'm back.

I can't log-in from anywhere within the site, and every time I use the correct username and password I get the "wrong username or password" message. I changed my password yesterday and I still get the "wrong password" message.The only way I logged in today was by clicking the "activate account" link through my email. If I don't do it through my email, I can't log in.

Please, help?

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Really enjoying the PS4 so far, loving games like SteamWorld Dig and Child of Light, but I am a bit tired of downloadables, really hankering for a meaty, quality title. Hopefully Watch Dogs or Wolfenstein can fulfil that need for me.

Also don't like the analogue sticks on the DS4, they don't feel as responsive as the DS3 sticks. Also need MP3 support, c'mon Sony, what's up with that?

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I still play MP, sometimes can't find a game, or it takes 15 minutes to find one but I don't know if it's cos I'm in Australia.

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Looks like a cool game, might download. But I do wanna know if you need to pay to win.