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It's very easy on the easiest difficulty and pretty easy even on normal. You should have no trouble whatsoever with this on those difficulty levels.

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I enjoy the platforming in DmC; the Angelic and Demonic pulls make it interesting at least, as does the glide ability you get later on.

And personally I prefer this over DMC 4, but not over DMC 3.

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@WarlordPayne said:

Wait...you can't skip cutscenes? This is the first time I've seen that mentioned. With a game that relies so much on replayability I'd think more people would be complaining about that.

You can skip cutscenes; press Select on PS3, and I guess the corresponding button for 360.

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I dig this game hard, loving the combat, and don't mind the platforming at all. The boss fights are pretty awesome, especially the Bob Barbas one, and even Lillith's is ok.

Really looking forward to unlocking Son of Sparda mode, and then Dante Must Die. IMO, too many people have played and finished this on easy and normal difficulty and therefore why so many are saying they finished it in 6/7 hours. I am on chapter 16 on Nephilim, collecting all the collectibles and secret challenges, and have clocked up 15.5 hours. Can't wait to start on Son of Sparda.

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Never really bothered me, as the quality of a game for mine doesn't rely on whether there is a free look button or not. I would prefer gameplay, combat, story, etc. and whether the game as a whole is enjoyable and fun.

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No issues at all here; on the latest drivers, Sapphire HD7850 2GBOC. Had minor issues when I first got it, but that was with older drivers. Haven't had a problem with these drivers or the one before it.

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My Sapphire HD7850oc runs the game fine overall. Only starts to struggle when I put everything on Ultra. Have had no crashes so far with everything on high/very high, no MSAA, VSync on, Direct X 11. I am on the AMD beta drivers.

Hey OP, did ya download the CAP2 Far Cry 3 profile from the AMD website? The CAP2 profile is pretty important to the good running on an AMD card. The CAP file is downloaded separately from the beta drivers.

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@Demoskinos said:

I think the other half is that there is the crowd that has its expectations of what Resident Evil SHOULD be and can't just accept it for what it is. I've long since just accepted that Resident Evil isn't a horror game anymore its an action franchise and its slowly evolved into that ever since RE4.

I went in expecting nothing less than gunning down lots of nasty creatures and being a ton of wacky new virus strains and several main characters transforming into hideous monstrosities. Its all par for the course now days for Resident Evil. I guess if that isn't what you want from Resident Evil then you could be disappointing but I for one am really liking it.

Well said, man, totally agree. I, for one, am entertained when playing RE6 and am enjoying the experience. I have been gaming for 26 years and throughout that time there have always been games that generate love/hate criticisms. I am having fun playing RE6 and will continue to enjoy it even while others hate and smash on it. It's just the way it always will be.

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@jimmyfenix said:

resident evil 6 isnt perfect but it doesnt deserve this level of hate

I agree.

I am enjoying the game and have had a few "oh snap" moments and I have only played Leon's campaign so far, plus a bit of Mercenaries. I couldn't believe the reviews going around and so tried it myself and must say I don't understand what some of these "reviewers" want out of RE6. I am a long-time fan of the series, so I was bound to enjoy it, but the criticisms leveled at RE6 has dumbfounded me. It is a good game, and I have heard that Chris, Jake, and Ada's campaigns are better than Leon's, and if that is the case I can safely say that RE6 is a good game and is definitely worthy of a purchase.

Don't believe the bad hype, people, try it out for yourselves, I can nearly guarantee it is not as bad as these reviewers are making out.

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@LordXavierBritish said:

Because Microsoft is a front run by the Illuminati intentionally running a horrible customer service department so that they can force people to turn to piracy at which point they track and record every IP address that attempts to download these files so that they can one day activate the Darknet, turning control of every personal computer on the planet over to the whims of the AI Core, a hyper advanced cybernetic intelligence covertly researched and constructed on the International Space Station, which will use its newly found deific status and unlimited power to rule the world, if not the universe, with a cold iron fist.

Best post ever.