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Ideally, used retailers would just keep an invoice of games sold and send an agreed upon amount of money for every sale to the publishers (where applicable). Used retailers gets their money, publisers and developers get their money, and those who play games get a better deal.   But that will never happen because neither party will be content with just some of the money. They must have all of it. And that's the problem with an economic system predicated upon perpetual growth; there's no such thing as "enough." 
How is that ideal?
That is completely against property rights.
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So you agree that the larger the used sales "problem" is, the more new copies would have been sold?

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I don't think you realize the distribution of wealth in the video game industry is lopsided....

Not nearly as much as in the vehicle industry. 

Based on an 11 year average, 57 million vehicles are sold each year in the U.S., with an average of 18 million (31%) being new vehicle sales (including private, government, commercial and fleet), and 39 million (68%) used. Of the record 59.1 million vehicles sold in the year 2000, 30% were new, and 70% (41.6 million) were used. The used market alone represents $363 billion dollars in gross sales, with an average selling price of $8,716 per copy.

Article breaks it down further if you are interested.

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Dude...you're messing the point....  Devs and publishers get mad at the fact that Gamestop by and large just mark their used games down 5 to 10 dollars for new games...and Gamestop gets all the profits for the work of devs. That's the system they want to curb and stop. That's the sale they could have made from some dude that just wanted to save money on taxes...that kills them because that's a significant portion of their sales.   Also...maybe you should look up software laws and how very different it is from physical items.  And do you really need someone to tell you that the housing market is unbelievably bigger than the game market that usually has to get support from their hardcore fans?

And yet they still bend over backwards not to openly insult Gamestop because they are one of the largest sellers for video games, new copies as well and do a large amount of marketing for games. I'm aware software is different from boxed copies, I didn't want to mention it much because I don't want this to turn into a debate between boxed and digital copies. Video game industry makes more profit than I think you realize.
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The publishers and developers know gamers ... we are a special bunch. No other industry is tied so close between deliverer and deliveree, nobody cares about a special movie studio or book publisher. But we gamers care a lot about the studios that make our favourite games. The publishers know that, hence the "you are taking money away from the developers" argument. They are playing the fanboy in us.

 There are plenty of people that follow certain directors and authors, what are you on about? Publishing houses and studies, no, but who follows video game publishers and not developers, either?
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Do some market research, find out what your would be competitors charge.

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Not meaning to talk shit on them, but any RPGs aside from JRPGs?

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But where they should have made $120 they made $60 because somebody wanted to save $5. Less houses have to be sold than games to keep the crews profitable.
Why are they entitled to the money in the used market? Again, every industry deals with it. They don't lose money which you seem to keep trying to put into the conversation.  If there are so many used copies out there for to people to buy over the new copy, they sold a lot of new copies as well. If it is large enough to be a "problem" they are virtually guaranteed to have sold well.
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But their livelihood does not depend on that one house. The whole construction crew did not spend 2-5 years working on one house, and if that said house does not sell well, they will still get work. The part about replicas is important because when you sell your house, you aren't directly taking away from the money that would go to the construction crew.
First off, there is no money being taken away. There is no tariff placed on developers for each used copy sold. They have already made a profit on the original sale. 
No, construction companies do not get work if a community is stagnant and no one is buying new houses.
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Are there hundreds of thousands of exact replicas of your house, the new sales of which many people and their families' livelihood survives on? 

Can't see how the first bit is important. Yes, yes plenty of people are employed in the housing and construction industry. Far more than the video game industry.
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I feel like you started this topic just to fight with people who don't like the used market.

  Change 'fight' to 'debate' and yes I did, no shit.
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Shirts with a collar typically have a button on the collar. Do you consider that the top button? I don't. I never button that one up.
The button below the collar line it depends. Usually it's undone but some shirts it looks alright to button it.