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This has been fixed.

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A work around you can try is to click on the volume icon instead of the adjusting the volume to unmute the video.

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Looking into the issue.

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Looks like this is caused by persistent mouse move issue triggered at the OS level. Seems that most browsers have patched the problem at the browser level except for Chrome.




I've implemented a workaround to check the cursor position when the mouse move event gets caught. This should prevent the video control bar from popping up when there is no real mouse movement. The fix has not been deployed yet, but you should expect to see it on the site sometime this week.

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I'm unable to reproduce the problem you guys are describing. T_T

For those of you who are experiencing this problem, I need more information about your environment:

  • Are you a basic user or subscriber (yearly, monthly, gifted)?
  • What extensions are you using in chrome?
  • What version of chrome are you using?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • Which playback (Streaming, Progressive, HTML5, YouTube) were you using when this happened?
  • Are you on a laptop or a desktop?
  • How many monitors are you using?
    • If you are using multiple monitors, does the problem only occur in a specific monitor?
    • If so, which monitor does it occur in?

I don't know if any of the above would cause your issue to happen, but maybe it will help me narrow down what could be causing it. Thanks!

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@ttthrasher: Hmmm... Post some screenshots if you encounter this problem again. It'll make debugging easier. Thanks!

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@secondheartbeat: The new video player doesn't have the resume code in place yet. It's on my todo list to add that feature back in, pending any other fixes I need to make for the wysiwyg first.

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@ttthrasher: Got any screenshots? What browser/os were you using when this happened?

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I made some changes to how player preferences are cookied when I rewrote the video player js. Just committed some code that will convert the old settings to the new setting format. This should be fixed the next time we deploy new code to the site.

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We just pushed out an update to the wysiwyg. Can you guys check if this issue is still happening? Thanks!