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They need to stop doing this shit.
By pre-ordering the game you are not getting extra content, by NOT pre-ordering the game they are CUTTING content. It's no different to being promised "beta access" when you pre-order a game, when in truth you are just getting a demo.

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I see Amnesia is on your list.
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@Willy105 said:

"However, I wonder how Sony will react, if they plan on going back to the handheld business. "

PSP-2: $599 USD
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What's that FFXIII?
Sorry I can't hear you over the greater promise that FFXIII: Versus already holds.
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@iAmJohn said:

" That's all from the original version of Deadly Premonition before Swery went back and rewrote elements of the story.  Hence why the original name of the game (Rainy Woods) is used in said description.  We've also had, like, five million threads about this stuff, FYI. "

Sorry, I should have lurked more. I also realised like 30 seconds after posting this thread that "Rainy Woods" was mentioned in the description. I facepalmed, silly mistake for me to make. Still though, I thought "Rainy Woods" was a totally different project (or so SWERY has stated), I wouldn't expect the basic plot premise to be so similar.
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I got this from ShopTo, an online retailer in the UK:
"A horror title by Marvelous Entertainment, this game begins when the body of a young girl named Anna Graham is found one particularly rainy morning in the woods outside the town of Rainy Woods. This sends the town into panic. Has the legendary Raincoat Killer returned? To investigate, the FBI has sent agent David Young Henning to the town to investigate. He's not alone, though, as three peacekeepers from the town support David as he attempts to solve the case. David can also turn to Jeter for advice. Only problem is, Jeter is a person who exists only in David's mind...

Taking control of David (and his split-personality character Jeter), you find yourself placed in a recreation of a classic American west town, right down to stoplights and paved roads. The game takes place in a eight kilometer squared sandbox world that features weather and time-based changes. You're free to move through the town as you see fit. In addition to walking, you also have access to a car. As you investigate the case, you'll learn that there's something not exactly human behind it all. David is thankfully skilled with the weapons. You'll end up using guns and swords as you face off against creatures who stalk the night."
Source: http://www.shopto.net/XBOX%20360/VIDEO%20GAMES/XB2DE19-Deadly%20Premonition.html
Are these name changes real? Or did ShopTo just f*ck up? It may sound stupid but after watching the ER, these name changes could be a game breaker for me...

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@Rolento said:
Tanaka didn't talk specifics on the memory hold-up.
Does he have Amazing Commodities?
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@EggPuppet said:
"Cocaine's euphoric effects are largely due to its interaction with dopamine pathways."

... and ecstasy's euphoric effects are largely due to its interaction with serotonin pathways.  The message here:
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@Jadugarr said:
" @Tsukiyomi: And don't imply the narrative is inexistant by placing your own sarcastic quotations around it. That'd be pretty damn insulting to the developers. "
Not really, it was clearly a choice they made to avoid giving any clear direction to the person playing the game... and the game is better off for it.  I placed quotations around "narrative" not to be sarcastic, but because I was referring to the type of  narrative that you had mentioned as opposed to the type of narrative that I thought you originally meant. 
@Jadugarr said:
" @Tsukiyomi: Tell me, what was the second-half of the game about, then?
You're totally missing the point. It's not about anything really, you're simply progressing through a strange, almost alien-like environment - just like the rest of the game.