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Maybe keep playing the game until they level again to see if maybe it's just a graphics bug? If they level again and you still can't level them up, then something is definitely wrong.

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I'm going to miss him and all of his jump scare moments. Good luck man!

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I probably shouldn't have said "gaming" laptop. I'm looking for a laptop that can play indie steam games and World of Warcraft. That's about it. We need a laptop to begin with, but I just want to make sure, for the price, that I get one that can play some low intensive games and World of Warcraft. I have a gaming PC already, so no need there. I'm just looking for the best laptop I can get for around 500-600 bucks that can also play some games. I really shouldn't have said gaming laptop, my bad.

So far, this seems to be the one I'm leaning towards since it has an nvidia card and seems like a decent enough laptop. Again, only going to be putting WoW and maybe some indie steam games on it. Nothing like Far Cry 4. I have my gaming PC for that. We just need a laptop and I want to make sure I get a good one.

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Well, then forget I said Dark Souls. That was just something that came to mind. I'm trying to find a laptop in that range (around 500) that could handle some older games. For instance, this site lists some but I don't know what would be good and what isn't.

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Hey guys, I'm looking to get a laptop for my wife and I to use but I want it to be able to play some games. I'm not talking about Battlefield 4 at 60FPS, but I'd love if it could play World of Warcraft, maybe Dark Souls, indie steam games stuff like that. I have absolutely no idea what to look for, but I don't want to go above 500-600. Do you guys know of the best laptops that would allow me to also play some games on it? Any brands to look for?

Thanks duders.

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Dragon Age needs to be on that list. It's one hell of a game. I'd say Mordor is going to be near the top if not the top and Dragon Age should be somewhere up there as well.

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I really think it's funny that Ubisoft is trying to justify this. We get it, it's a multiplayer game, but there are other things involved in the game besides the multiplayer. Physics, story, etc. Plus, there could have been early copies in the hands of enough people to give some sort of experience similar to the final product. This just shows Ubisoft has no confidence in the product.

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I don't think my import worked either. It recognized an import, but the choices I've seen so far haven't been correct. For instance, the first Dragon Age character was referred to as a female (I played male) and Hawkes brother is still alive (he died in my game.)

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I'm just looking forward to climbing towers as a car, checking out the area to unlock the map, then zip-lining to the finish line.

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I bought Halo MCC for the singleplayer so I haven't experienced any of this yet, but it sounds dreadful. This is Microsoft we're talking about and their flagship product. Why didn't they just throw money at this until it was fixed before release?