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The giant head of curly hair didn't point that out?

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The game is amazing. People waiting for it to go free to play are going to be waiting for a while. This isn't another shitty MMO - this is a true MMO that is going to be around for a while.

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Get the fire longsword early since that will scale with what you're doing.

I actually am going INT/STR so I used a bonfire ascetic on Duke's Dear Freja to get the Moonlight Greatsword which scales with Int. I also got the Blue Flame sword which acts as both a sword and a catalyst/wand to cast spells (you cast spells with R2.) The Blue Flame will drop from an NPC invader on your way to the NG+ version (or using bonfire ascetic on the bonfire before the boss) of DdF.

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Vinny makes everything better.

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I can't wait to have Vinny on my coast

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@afabs515 said:

Pack it up guys; Souls is over. We had a good run, but it's come to an end.

That's BS. If anything they'll have more money to put towards the souls games. Or, more likely, nothing will change.

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I found the game to be a little easier than Dark Souls 1 - after they released the patch that allowed you to turn human after helping someone beat a boss. Before that it was tough managing human effigies but after that I would just help someone with a boss, get the tricks down pat, and then take it on myself.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Souls 2 and it was the perfect difficulty for me.

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The guild is awesome so far. Had fun talking with you guys over the weekend in game. The guild ranks are sweet too!

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I'd love to join a giant bomb guild. If you need an officer let me know as well.

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It doesn't happen often in the gaming industry but when it does I'm impressed - they completely revitalized a game and made it better than it initially was. Final Fantasy XIV did it and not Diablo 3 did it. It's the game it should have been and the teams need to be commended.