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I really think it's funny that Ubisoft is trying to justify this. We get it, it's a multiplayer game, but there are other things involved in the game besides the multiplayer. Physics, story, etc. Plus, there could have been early copies in the hands of enough people to give some sort of experience similar to the final product. This just shows Ubisoft has no confidence in the product.

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I don't think my import worked either. It recognized an import, but the choices I've seen so far haven't been correct. For instance, the first Dragon Age character was referred to as a female (I played male) and Hawkes brother is still alive (he died in my game.)

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I'm just looking forward to climbing towers as a car, checking out the area to unlock the map, then zip-lining to the finish line.

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I bought Halo MCC for the singleplayer so I haven't experienced any of this yet, but it sounds dreadful. This is Microsoft we're talking about and their flagship product. Why didn't they just throw money at this until it was fixed before release?

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I started out this console generation a PS4 only gamer. As time went on and more games came out, I decided to get an Xbox One and it has slowly but surely become my favorite among all three (also own a WiiU.) The user experience, online, controller, tv integration, games, etc. all just roll up into something I really enjoy. The PS4 is great and I love playing games on it, but I'll usually play a game on the Xbox One over the PS4 because of the ability to use an external hard drive (added a 2 TB HD for 75 bucks to bring my total storage to 2.5TB).

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As soon as I heard the color change I knew it was Outland.

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Everything I keep reading says that the mobility in the game gets better. That's the one thing I don't like so far. Moving isn't as fluid as it seems in the trailers. I'm usually jumping from railing to railing and then I'll miss and hit the ground. Or I'll hit X to grab onto something and overshoot it. I hope it gets better (I've heard it does) because I don't like that so far.

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Is this game by itself worth buying an Xbox one for? I don't think so. Does the Xbox One have a ton of other games out or coming out soon along with Sunset Overdrive that would warrant a purchase? Absolutely.

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I never did finish this game on the original PS3. I think I might pick it up when it drops.

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You said "Play Bayonetta before you play the first one. Just trust me on this one :)" Do you mean play part 2 before you play the original?