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Looks pretty interesting, hopefully EA Bright Light can come up with something that is more fun than the questionable Harry Poter games.

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 I'll assume you've got the first part of the quest, since that's one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. As for the second part, you mentioned the guys name in your post. Just use the search function.

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A staff member at Official Nintendo Magazine has responded in this thread: 

"Meh, whatever.

We'd rather wait for the opinions of people who actually read the magazine and then tell us if it's any good, rather than anyone giving the typical "official = biased lolz" reaction before the magazine's even out yet.

I'd respond further, but we at ONM actually care about professionalism and so it's not our place to comment on other sites or magazines."
He has a point, you can't judge something that you haven't read.
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@Rizla: As an England fan I don't mind having Capello as the manager because he has obviously been very successful in his career. I would like to see an English manager but there don't seem to be enough that are 'qualified' for the job. The only person I can think of from the top of my head is Roy Hodgson. Steve McLaren was the last Englishman to manage England and that was a disaster. I blame the media partly because they always hype our chances when other teams like Spain and Brazil are favourites.
I hope Rooney will be fit and that Gerrard and Lampard can bring their best form. The goalkeeping position is my biggest concern, Green and James are not exactly Buffon or Casillas.