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I'll admit, I'm disappointed. I've been waiting for a DMC game for 3-4 years now and quite simply, this is not it. Where's the too cool for school Dante, with his swagger and cockiness? All I see is a Saint's Row reject. It's a very odd move for Capcom to make with one of it's most popular IP's. Of course I have to remain optimistic, it can still be a good game, but it's already pissed off the hardcore fanbase. Introduce new gameplay elements, fine. New story, I'm ok with it. But making a complete character overhaul is almost never a good move. I'd get the impression I'm playing a DMC knockoff rather than a continuation in the series.

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Quina is the ultimate androgynous FF character (even though it is an....it)
Personally, I think an obvious choice would be Tifa. There's not many female characters in the roster in the first game, she's one of the iconic female characters in the series, and her close quarters style of fighting can diversify the roster up a bit from being another sword or magic user. If she's not in it then I expect Sabin from FFVI or Zell from FFVIII to take on that martial arts kind of role.
Seifer from FFVIII seems too easy to include. Like they could just rework the character skin off Squall and be done with it. Same with Edea and Ultimecia. If Seifer is included, then I would imagine they'll attempt to make his use of the gunblade different from Squall e.g. favouring power over speed.

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@ChineseTea said:
" I have no idea what the hell is going on, but good on Atlus for using (what seem to be) 20 somethings instead of the usual teenage protagonists we seen in games like this.
If I remember right, the male protaganist is a 30 yr old salaryman. 
This game has the amount of madness I love. Interesting premise, now I'd love to see some gameplay.
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Awesome news for PS3 owners who get a chance to play a fantastic game. I'm sick of exclusives. Games should be made available to as many people as possible. It only hurts the consumer for great games to be limited to one platform.

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@Slab64 said:

Way to e-fellate an artist who doesnt know you're alive and doesn't need your "help". Really, you aren't changing anyone's mind.

Probably not, but I was just trying to get some perspective from the other side on a topic that was taking a quote way out of context. Prince just so happens to be one of, if not my, favourite artist of all time for many reasons other than the music he makes so of course I'm willing to defend him. Not like he needs my help.



Maybe you guys don't get cable in England? Either that, or UK top 40 is VASTLY different than in the States. 

I live in N.Ireland mate but yes there is such a thing as satellite TV. Perhaps MTV is different in the States than it is here, I dunno, but pre-Internet, the biggest way for an artist to make it big was to get regular playtime on MTV. Can you honestly say with the existence of the internet that is true anymore? I think that is what Prince was trying to say. Prince once said in the early 90's  that the Internet would be a great way to distribute music to the masses and well he was right.



Being relevant, and making bullshit controversial proclamations designed to get your name all over the media for a day or two are two totally different things.

Uh, again, the media are the ones that are taking a statement way out of context and you're all lapping it up. And yet all Prince has to do is say something like this and a lot of people are commenting on it. It's not the first time he's been controversial and it hasn't damaged his reputation.




They already are. It's called self-publishing on the internet. "

And now he's showing artists there's another way you can publish where the artists gets the rightful sum of money they earned without giving a share to record companies, more exposure to people who wouldn't otherwise buy his album and keeps the current fans happy by offering the album at a ridiculously low price than the £10 it normally is to buy a full album. What's the problem?
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  Way to take a quote out of context guys. Really, stand up and be proud.
Prince didn't say the internet, as a whole, is over, (although him talking about gadgets filling your head with numbers is classic Prince XD) just that the music model of releasing material on the internet is. He went on to say:

 The internet’s like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. 

Which is true, after all what modern day artist has made it big lately through MTV? Prince wasn't always like this though, he's one of the first to set an example for modern day artists by making all this work available solely on the internet. He's released several albums through it, and it's no exaggeration to say he was a trailblazer in that regard. But while it's easier for artists and bands to release their work on the internet and get it out there, it's also harder for a number of reasons. For one, it's very hard to get yourself out there and recognised when there's thousands if not millions doing the same. You either need a lot of luck, novelty value or organised promotion behind you. Furthermore you have illegal file-sharing. I think it's no secret that the music industry is kind of suffering and that artists aren't getting their fair share of the profits they probably should earn. Let's say hypothetically you own a shop and for every product you sold legit, 50 more were stolen. It wouldn't take long for you to go out of business now would it?
Look I'm a huge fan, but even I know Prince doesn't have the same impact now as he did in the 80's (not like I'd know considering I'm 22) but you all ask if Prince is relevant and yet here you are talking about him. The only reason you're hearing this now is that Prince is releasing a new album here on Europe this Saturday. Free with every copy of a national newspaper. Let's say it's a new business model in terms of releasing music. And it's win-win for everyone. Prince gets a sum of money upfront to release the album in the first place, plus I would imagine, a share of the profits for every newspaper bought. The newspaper in question gets more exposure that way. And the fans get a new album for the price of a paper. See? Win-win.

With this means of distribution, Prince has screwed the entire pipeline, and look.... wouldn't it be nice if other performers ditched their contracts and went innovative like this?  Prince would definately love it if they did, I think that is an example he is trying to teach here.  

Yes, he is about the money, but not ALL about the money.  If he was, he simply had keep sucking the Warner Brothers teet. He's eccentric sure. An egotist, most definately. But he is an unbelievably talented artist who is still a big name since the 80's, still pumping away songs for the fans and a big inspiration for artists today. You have to respect that. 

@eroticfishcake said:

" Prince is over.  Seriously, that guy was meant to do a gig in Dublin once but not enough people came so it was cancelled. "

Well he's released another album a couple of years back using the same newspaper distribution deal and he managed to sell out 21 back to back nights at the 02 arena in London easy enough.
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Electric Eel Shock are my favourites. You don't get many bands with drummers who play naked with a sock to cover their modesty and also plays with 4 drumsticks .

They're really in their element when they play live though.
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My recent favourite was the discussion about Yakuza 3 (16/03/2010 about 45mins in)
"Oh man I love this game! If you like Grand Theft Auto, guess what?! Yakuza 3 in stores now BLLAAUGGH SEGA!!"

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Mentioning one that I haven't seen mentioned yet:
Team VJ Episode 11 - Around 22:55 Vinny and Jeff talk about George and his workout. My personal favourite was when George is flexing in front of the mirror and Vinny whispers "Yehhh the ladies like that.." lol

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I would say it's probably the funniest movie I've seen in years. I don't think I've ever seen a movie audience laugh as loud as when I saw it.
 I thought I would be seeing an ultra-violent slice of throw-away popcorn fodder, but what I actually got was an ultra-violent thriller that had me at one turn sitting on the edge of my seat and at other genuinely unsettled at what I was seeing (you know, in a good way).

The best example I can give is   

The whole film was very reminiscent of Kill Bill in terms of tone and atmosphere. Again not what I expected but a very pleasant surprise.
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