Yo, Everyone!

So good news, for me atleast. I bought brand new gaming pc, build from scratch! I have started some streaming sessions with my friends, we play league of legends so here's 1 for you guys too!


Start of a new week means new adventures.

So i bought a new game for my ever groving pile of games that i may never even beat, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has been started and Witcher 2 set aside. I really, really like the fighting in Reckoning but i think it's little bit too easy in normal difficulty. I have not met a enemy that had been difficult me to beat by a longshot. Second thing in Reckoning that i enjoy are the vistas and places you visit, they so vast and colorful. But i think when Dragons Dogma is released, Reckoning has to stay back for a while.

Some "news" from my nice weekend. We got together with my friends place to watch some World Champion ice hockey ( i really don't watch any kind of sports thou ) with some good grilled food and lots of alcohol. Night went long so we decided to go bar and keep on drinking! Bar wich we went had this rap artist on his gig so i will share a song from him, enjoy.


Summer is coming...

I really want to start writing blog or something, but i'm really bad at it, so i'll try something here now. So we had Vappu ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walpurgis_Night ) here in Finland last Tuesday and day before that was full of heavy drinking and all kinds of other vices but let's put the alcohol aside and talk something about games too. So i have piled lots of games to my shelf and half of them are games that i have not even finished, still i'm buying more games and leave them be too. Still i like owning games and the idea of playing them all someday. But i have been playing some of Witcher 2 on xbox and that's game i have been looking to play, but it has really weird combat system that needs to be learned all the way through, still i like the hard fantasy stuff and that whole world of Witcher 2. Then some of Trials: Evolution had been played with my friends, hilarious 4-player moments have been had. But that's the end of this blog i guess, practice helps in these kinds of writing things eh?




    •     I don't really like Finnish music but i have to share these two songs with you guys, because these are so awesome!

    3DS is pretty neat !!!

    Okay so i bought 3DS and it is neat little machine especially those AR games, i love them! I think those will be really big thing in 3DS! I didnt bought any release games cuz there really wasnt any good ones for my taste. So my friend code is 3050-7560-7258 add me if u want to :).



    Well i'm going to buy 3DS on friday, but i'm not sure if there's any games to buy for it?!  What i have been listening in all game related podcasts, people say that you maybe don't need any those first day release games cuz you can play those AR games and that Face raiders(?) game! But still i'm pretty excited about new console releases and this is maybe something cool.


    Yakuza 4 and drinking.

    I got price drop of Yakuza 4 so i bought it, tho i have never played single one Yakuza game. Good thing is this fourth instalment has reminisce option that let you see all the important story stuff from earlier Yakuza games, so i watch those things from Yakuza 1 and i got really excited to play these games. Know i have played Yakuza 4 like an hour and it seems pretty nice brawler game. But now im starting to drink cause it's saturday and in Finland it means that "pls get wasted right now" so im going to do it.


    This field is required...i'm not good at these!

    Mortal Kombat Ps3 Demo is actually pretty fun with friends, tho it's not as deep as Street Fighter 4 or MvC 3. I think the over the topness of MK9 really is it's thing instead of deepness of the fighting. And i'm really waiting for 3DS to arrive in Europe 25th, but i think i don't buy any launch games cause Dead or alive is not one of them.



    I'ts been a while since i wrote here, i have been doing all kinds of stuff, not really any important stuff but still. First things first, i broke up with girlfriend, well she broke up with me i should say. It has been like two weeks now when we broke, that's been bothering me so much, we had nice 2,5 year relationship. But i think it's better this way, i think. Good news are that i have been playing lot's of games, yeah playing them but not finishing them -_-. I sould say that people really REALLY need to play League of legends. I have been playing it actively like over a year. That's all folks, hopefully i write here bit more oftenly or often, which is the right word?!

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