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I'm thoroughly confused about that Gamergate video. Where are the forums, messages boards, and websites that are dedicated to the harassment? The only central place for everything seems to be r/Kotakuinaction on reddit. (which I have no idea why they'd call it that...)

And in that thread its about as far from what he describes as possible. Is he only looking on Twitter and 4chan boards? I mean...it's twitter. And 4 chan. It would be like me trying to demonize gaming culture by plugging in a headset on a 360 call of duty game and saying, just listen to how awful these guys are!

Is there some formal Gamergate website I'm not aware full of terrible people? I think they're just pointing to twitter posts. I mean try posting your messages on something that allows people filter your reponses so the worst posts don't get all the attention. (upvotes/downvotes)

If you try and post something trying to discuss the subject on r/games is just gets deleted. So it seems important to note that the options for discussing it peacefully are being taken off the table and it's either twitter or some random place people won't know how to find.

Edit: Just tried searching GamerGate in r/Games specifically and amazingly there are two posts that got a decent amount of comments and are still there. If you look over the comments section it's just normal banter and that is what you get when you let the majority filter out the unpleasant people. It's definitely this way with r/Kotakuinaction but if this subject was so toxic you'd think they'd be happy to keep reddit threads up to refer to for examples but all I see anyone pointing at is twitter nonsense. Don't use twitter to debate something. It's common sense that is a terrible idea.

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With all the talk of "Sony will have all the same DRM" coming from the gaming press I had basically written off the PS4 and Xbone. Was already planning my next gaming PC then Sony comes out and offers a system at the right price without all these stupid restrictions.

Pre-ordered on Amazon the instant I heard this. Then realized I have that sony credit card and I can earn a butt load of points on the sony store for using it there. They had 2 day shipping offered free as well so I pre-ordered there. Told my wife about it this morning and she chewed me out for ruining fathers day! So I technically have 3 of these pre-ordered.

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I think my favorite part was stepping out into the light house area for the first time. It's night time, there are lighthouses in every direction and the sky is full of stars and the moon is shining through some clouds. That was awesome.

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Heh, nice list.

Had many of the same thoughts as I played. The first time I did a finishing move I had a "WHAT THE F---" moment. Those seem like they don't belong in the game. Guy goes from hero rescuing the princess in the castle to psychopath.

Also the part where all the enemies stop and pray and you just go around murdering them...didn't like. I probably didn't have to do it but they're all armed enemies that are going to wake up and kill me soon right?...

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I'm very happy since I stopped using my 360 almost completely. That last dashboard update did it for me. Was always a hesitant Gold sub but for $35 (on sale) it seemed to be just a bit more good than bad. That changed with that newest Dashboard. What a joke that thing is.

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Hmm, alright, I'm in.

That Roller Coaster Quick Look had me laughing my ass off. Spend 5 min making coaster, try to ride it, falls through tracks instant the ride starts. WTG devs. Will look for that on a $1 sale, looked fun, but not $10 fun.

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In principal it sounds good but in reality you get games like BF3 shipping without Wake Island and Karkland and then calling that extra content. You might as well ship CoD without the MP mode and call that extra content.

I'm all for adding value but I can't think of any game that does this, it's always about locking content away from some users rather than giving more to the early adopters.

In the end the early adopters still pay the highest price. If they don't like the game and want to sell it they're stuck with less money. If they like the SP side but not the MP they're still stuck with a used code. The people buying the game used are given the option to buy into the MP side after the harsh light of reality has been shined on the game. And if some folks wait a month they'll likely find the new game discounted and available for less. In the case of BF3 I think the missing maps from people buying the game a month or so later cause a bigger problem with keeping the community alive. If everyone who comes into the game (today) instantly needs to buy more maps in order to use many servers I think that works against them. I think the recent patch has done more good for the game than that map pack did.

Developers should work on adding more content rather than taking it away if they want to reward people for buying new. DLC is perfectly suited to be this reward, buy the game new, DLC = free. Buy the game used, the DLC costs money/points. Choose the better value.

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My contribution just went from $15 to $50! I'd love to see them get involved!
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I bought Legend of Grimlock for $12. Got a steam key too!

Also bought once upon a monster from best buy for $10. Shipped.

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@Cataphract1014 said:

If we can get past the trolls that say they won't watch something because it has something they don't agree with 2 minutes into it, you will see that this video answers and refutes every challenge that has come up against the ending. There are even some things in it that I didn't notice from other lists and videos. It is a long one, but if you watch the whole thing, you will understand it.


All things being equal the simplest solution is usually the right one.

Is this all some elaborate plan to trick us and pull the greatest come back ever? Or is this simply Bioware/ EA deciding that finishing the game and completing the endings would be a waste of money. I think the latter. I think they did have other endings planned and in development but rather than completing them all, they just stitched together what they had and pushed it out.

I'd be happier if they simply said to be continued at a point late in the game and finished everything properly. What we get seems to be a random collection of things that don't appear to be related. I can see how different endings would use different parts of these but as one ending they don't fit.

I'll bet one ending involved that scene on the ground with the reapers and the blue scene where they take off is the intended version. The others are slight adjustments to use that same clip in the "other endings" The ship getting destroyed in warp and the relays being destroyed clips likely were from the same ending and the crashed normandy. Again when they ran out of time they just made minor adjustments and used that for all endings.

I think we're seeing what they had done at the time which is little parts from multiple endings. This is what you'd expect if you asked to see everything in mid development, they work on multiple things at the same time so if development was halted and they were forced to ship this is what they'd have.