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The problem with the Vita slapped me square in the face when I watched them playing the PSV version of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom.

The Vita can basically play PS3 games. The graphics look the same to me. So why can't I play my ps3 games on the vita? Why do I have to spend $50 to buy the Vita version if I'm already buying the PS3 version? If they made the PSV be a portal for playing PS3 games then I'd be happy to give it a shot. Instead of uncharted Golden shower, I'd be playing Uncharted 3 on my couch when my wife is watching her shows. Or when my daughter is watching Lady and the Tramp for the 15th time I can still put a little time into Saints Row the Third on ps3 by using the Vita.

I'm not on board with paying $50 for games on the vita that serve no purpose. Just make ps3 games multiplatform between the ps3 and psv and let me play my games on both. Charge an upgrade fee to use the game on the vita if you must but I don't see why companies will support the vita when it looks like they have to design a ps3 game in the process. Just make the two platforms work together. Bigger games might struggle to fit on the memory card even at 32 GB so maybe figure out a way to stream/install on the ps3 so the vita only needs a fraction of the files?

Figure it out Sony, then I'll buy it.

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Just wanted to say how awesome your coverage of the PSV and launch titles are. I'm really enjoying watching you play the games. Outstanding job guys.

I went to your store to throw a few bones your way and found the member 2010 T-shirts on sale!

Would love to get a coffee mug or something, keep up the good work!

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I think I have a few psp games at home but I can't say I want to play them. I sure as help don't want to pay to play them... This program never made sense to me.

Paying for psv doesn't make sense either though... (not buying it)

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Downloading at 20 kb/sec....

I suppoed I can stream it from that little button but I'd really like to be able to download the whole thing quickly and not worry about that... I used to be able to listen to you guys on Stitcher...any chance you can get yourself back on stitcher? I like streaming there via my phone...

Maybe say something about this horrible bandwidth? I feel like it's an issue that warrants comment.

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I have yet to be able to download this weeks Bombcast, download speed won't go above 30kb/sec. I just reset my router and modem assuming it was a problem there, I'm on comcast, Bay area, any specifics on this? Edit: Ok it's hovering around 50kb/sec now, should be done in 23 min...you guys on dialup now?

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None of the zones are that bad, everything runs fine as long as the game doesn't try and load 50 people at the same time. But empire station is a very small area with the highest amount of players in a single zone. Game goes from wonderful to 5 fps a lot. When they were launching they kept the numbers down to the 100's or so on station, or mabye that is just how many people were there...but with 250 person instances in taht small area it's awful.

I wish there was a way you could opt into smaller instances. Some hardware seems able to deal with it ok but even the high end systems report much lower frame rates than everywhere else. Warzones (pvp) are almost as bad. With empire station it's at least understandable because you can't expect the game to preload 200+ people into memory so you can not have the game pausing but in warzones it should be able to load the 20 or so people and keep the game running smooth....buy maybe not?

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I'm getting sick of the performance hit on empire station. I look forward to random times I can login and the station will have about 100 in that zone, game still runs fine. But 200+, just shoot my poor computer. I'm getting 5 fps if I'm lucky.

I want an option to pick low pop instances so the game can function normally. The fact that pvp with only 20 or 24 people in a match still goes to &$%^$ makes me concerned.

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I'm kind of a noob when it comes to group etiquette in places like flashpoints. Didn't realize the difference between need and greed nor that it was considered "stealing" or ninja'ng loot when you need something that your character cannot use. Some players get upset when you take things that your companion is able to use which I thought was a little odd.

The only reason I know all this now is because the players were kind enough to tell me when I did these things. So now when I'm in a group i'll only need things I can use myself and i'll greed everything else. Pass on things I have no interest in I suppose, but everything is worth credits...

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@DarknessMyOldFriend said:

Step 1: Get Slicing

Step 2: Send your crew on lockbox missions

Step 3: There is no step 3.

3. Right click lock boxes.

What did you do with all your lock boxes!!??

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@Floppypants said:

I don't look forward to the queue.

I do! That means I will be playing the game soon! This has to be a launch update for the game. 9pm PST is 12:00am EST so I think this is technically the launch but the early access window got pushed back to Dec 22 now we are in overlap land. Maybe it's only pushed back for some people.

I hope they give out free prizes or pets or something for being here at launch!