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I think quick looks are designed to give you an experience similar to sitting down at a friends house to see a new game. He boots the game up, and you guys play together while he explains how to play. Seems to work great.

I'd really like to see Let's Play video's of the bigger games where Giant Bomb crew play through the entire game. There have been several games this holiday season that I've enjoyed watching video's for instead of playing. MW3 SP campaign, Uncharted 3 SP, BF3 SP, all these campaigns don't seem very interesting to play to me so having them on in the background while i'm doing other things is similar to watching a friend play and I enjoyed them.

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Haven't played that much yet but I was trying to get to the wizards college so I was riding towards the town nearest to the college. (The small one before the big town it's in) I got there and was thinking I'd just ride on through and (SPOILERS)


BAM! Dragon attacks! WTF, where did he come from!? BOOM DEAD! So I reloaded and go off my horse and got ready to fight. Must have died 4 times trying to kill this guy. He didn't breath fire, he was a frost dragon I guess. So each fight that I got him low enough on health he'd go land on the far side of the bridge at the edge of town then he'd own me as I tryed to get close to him.

So after several deaths I started the fight again and as this son of a bitch often does he flew off into the mountains above the town for a rest and I waited for him to come back. He pops up again and starts flying towards the left but stays up in the mountain, then I see him attacking something up there. Then he lands and his hit points are going down then all of the sudden all quiet... WTF?! Something just killed the dragon way up on top of the mountain. How the hell am I supposed to absord his soul!?

So I start up the mountain and as I get higher it gets harder and harder to see. I have a rough idea where he was so I'm looking around in blizzard conditions trying to find a dead dragon and suddenly I'm face to face with a Giant. He doesn't attack right away so I run off realizing this @$$hole must have killed the dragon. I spawn my flame slut (i'm a conjurer) and start a fight. He goes down pretty fast but my flame slut gets killed several times. Then I'm standing there looking around and I still don't know where this dragon is!? And this guy was wandering around the middle of the woods. I can't see more than a few feet in any direction. I spend the next 10 minutes just traveling in circles around where I killed this giant looking for an enormous dead dragon. I eventually find him lying between trees behind bushes perfectly concealed. I'd never have known he was there if not for the prompt on screen that said search dragon.

I harvested his soul, took his bones, and spent a few days in town getting myself orgainzed and continued on to the college.

Love this game.

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How far do you have to go into the game to get your starship? I played for a weekend when I had time and made it off the start planet and onto coruscant but the missions were too hard there so I had to go back and grind a bit before I could proceed. What I wanted to do was get to a point where the game world was open to me and I could just move around as I pleased on my starship.

When does this happen?

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The question should have been "What game do you think will win Giantbomb's overall game of the year NEXT YEAR?"

This year there is simply no competition. There is only one game that deserves it and it will win it with ease.

We'll probably be talking about why Skyrim deserves to be game of the year for next year too! The runaway success of this game is likely pushing bethesda into overdrive to make DLC for the game so I would be shocked if we're not still talking about the newest dlc stuff for skyrim this time next year.

Actiivsion is probably already making COD: Medieval warfare!

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I love the interface. The only complaint I have about it is the D-Pad should be able to swap weapons/powers/spells on your left and right hand by pressing left or right on the d-pad. Currently you can press up on the D-pad and access a favorites list that you can us the triggers to assign your abilities to. It's faster, but I think you should have two weapon sets for each hand and the left and right dpad should swap them out one at a time.

It'd also be nice to have the dpad down button be a 3rd set that forces you to swap both hands out. (as in press down and you equip Shield/sword)

(there might be stuff like this possible and I just don't know it, I didn't get a manual with my redbox rental)

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You could elaborate if you like. "I don't like it" leaves a lot of questions.

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@AnimalFather said:

nobody is posting any reviews? are they under embargo? seems fishy.

Activision does not need any added press from review sites to help sell this game. They invest heavily in advertising and EVERYONE knows when this game is coming out. Many games need the approval of some of these review sites before consumers will buy but this franchise is not one of those games. It could also mean that MW3 is a giant POS that all the review sites rated below a 9 and activision made it clear that making that known before launch would equal no more activision access ever.

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No link to read all about the Spoilers?! Where do I get all the dirty little secrets!?

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Battlefield would a mych better game with a better unlock system. In every class, in every vehicle you start out missing stupid stuff. Flares for aircraft are an extremly big deal. Same with aa missiles. It would have better to start people with one flare, no reload and one aa missile, reload as normal then at the first unlock you get flare reloads and aa missile upgrade gives you the 2nd missile.

I play the engineer class and its the same story there. Without the at mines and anti air missile that class is limited with what you can do.

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@Barrock said:

I just watched Ryan Davis play Dark Souls for 2 hours. It was worth millions of dollars. 50 was a damn steal.

Quick Look? I don't remember it being 2 hours... am I missing stuff!?

I love giving Giantbomb my money. I give them $5 a month because I would hate to see my weekly Bombcast not get posted. I also love buying T-shirts! Giantbomb would be wise to post new shirts in the public area because I had no idea what I was missing until I became a member. Love the shirts. I wonder how many users would sign up in a heartbeat if they knew what cool shirts you had for sale.

Except that lincoln force shirt, I wanted something to show member support for 2010 but that shirt...no.