training for my first MMA cage fight (day 19)

today was my last day of hard grappling. Next week is rest week since i fight that saturday. I still train til sunday but only workouts not fighting after tomorrow.

Well i ran 3 1/2 miles. Then i was going to do the kickboxing class but i decided to wait and train jiu jitsu.

My main sparring partner came in. He is my weight class but is ranked number 2 in blue belts jiu jitsu in arizona in my weight class. He beats me about 70% of the time. We are both about 126 pounds. He is 5 foot 4 im 5 foot 6.

We decided to do a fight where we dont stop until someone is either asleep or gives up.

We fought hard for about an hour straight. I broke my little toe on my left foot. Then i fracture (i think) my middle knuckle on my left hand.

We kept fighting. Eventually he got on my back and was choking me. I kept fighting it. Got it his legs off from around me and escaped.

He put me in a triangle choke. I picked him up and slammed him. He let go enough for me to slip out. I got on top and was trying to bend his arm in a straight arm lock. He fought out and swept me over. i went for a sweep back and he passed my guard and was on top of me.

We fought that position for a while.We were both exhausted since this was about 45 minutes in. I eventually recoved my guard and had my legs around him again.

I faked a triangle choke and ended up sliding behind and taking his back.

I sunk in the choke after a hand position battle.

My arms felt like jello by now. 50 minutes or so in the fight.

We fought and fought and fought. I couldnt finish the choke but he couldnt get away.

He rolled to his knees.

I flattened him out.

Squeezed with all my strength i had left.

He started passing out. He tapped right before he totally fell asleep.

Felt good. Hand is swollen, toe is broken, can barely stand. But i won that match.

8 more days til my real fight.


training for my first MMA cage fight (NEWS)

I am fighting my original fight on February 25th. He is a tough brawler. A weight lifter and trains a lot of stand up fighting.

But now i am also fighting another cage fight in the beginning of March.

This 2nd guy is a wrestler. He took 2nd place at his last tournament so hes not bad.

So i have went from 0 cage fights to doing 2 within a 2 week period.



training for my first MMA cage fight (day17)

It was brutal. I did the hour and a half of jiu jitsu. All against bigger guys.

Then i did the 45 MMA workout blast. That was difficult.

Then i did some boxing training. Just technique. Learning how to pivot out the way and counter strike.

Then we did full on %100 boxing sparring. This guy that hasnt trained in a year came in. He said he could still take me.

I knocked him out with a good uppercut to his ribs. Felt good.

Then we did ground fighting. Basically jiu jitsu with strikes.

I destroyed the guys in my weight class. I was having a good night i guess.

Then i went against a guy 60 pounds bigger than me. He held me down and bashed my face in a for a while.

I eventually swept him over and got on top. It was revenge time. I hit him as hard and fast as i could. Busted his lip good. Landed some hard shots to his ribs.

Then with 30 seconds left he got back on top. I defended for the last 30 seconds. I have a swollen busted lip and slightly black eye.

Everyone came and congratulated me. Told me i did really good and im going to win this fight coming up.

Im sore but i feel like im improving well. We will see i guess. Only 11 more training days.


training for my first MMA cage fight (day15)

today was a hard jiu jitsu practice. we went through every position you could be put in and had to fight out of it. i got paired with a fairly new person (i am a blue belt. been doing jiu jitsu 2 1/2 years almost every day. im actually decent.) because he wanted me to help them out. it was tiring but fun.

then we did something called shark and bait. thats where someone goes in the middle of the room and fights each person one and a time until he goes through everyone. then the next person goes in the middle and fights each person again. i did good. again it was exhausting.

i didnt do the workout class afterwards today. i got my ribs squeezed pretty good in one of my matches and my kidney area is still really sore.


training for my first MMA cage fith (day14)

It was a very hard day. We did 25 minutes straight of %100 full on boxing. I did better than i expected. But i had a major headache afterwards.

Then we did 20 minutes of kickboxing. A lot easier for me since i have long legs. I can land kicks from further than most people. Still was exhasuting.

Then we did 20 minutes of Ground and Pound. (Basically JIu-JItsu with punching on the ground) This is my specialty. Was easy for me.

Then we did round robin takedowns. One person in the middle. Goes with everyone. Then someone else goes in the middle. My kidney is still very sore so i only made it through half of this.

Was a brutal and long night.


training for my first MMA cage fight (day13)

today i did jiu jitsu class. i landed a very high flying triangle choke. (youtube it if you dont know what it is)

felt good.

then i did the MMA workout class. sucked because my kidney still hurts from the last day.

then i did boxing. trying to learn my range and work my jab. its hard for me. im not a good boxer really.

got my nose busted tonight again. im starting to not notice when it starts to bleed.


training for my first MMA cage fight (day 12)

did the kickboxing workout class and then sparred. i was winning the match for the first half in my last sparring session.

i got the takedown and was on top hitting him in the face a ton. eventually he got up. (he is 40 pounds heavier than me)

we kept going. he landed a kick to my chin. it sucked. kept going. i went for the takedown. he blocked it. he landed on top.

started throwing elbows into my kidney. it hurt like hell. i got up eventually. we kept going. 5 seconds left.

he lands a knee into my chest. round over.

its the next day now. and im in pain. my kidney is KILLING ME.


training for my first MMA cage fight (day 11)

again this isnt actually day 11. just the 11th day that something interesting happened. or training was good. or something noteworthy.

today i did the mma workout. all arms today. was tiring as hell. i just got a tetanus shot which is required for mma fighting so i was super sore already.

then we sparred for about an hour. i went back to my old gameplan of going for the takedown. i got beat up a lot going for it today but i did manage to get a few takedowns on the bigger guys. even got an armbar off and won a match.

then i focused on footwork for a little while. god i make a lot of mistakes.

hopefully im getting better.