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i have over 2000 games of dota 2. i switched to it from league of legends. never played dota before. i think its one of the best made games out today. it does piss me the fuck off and i take breaks for a few days from it and do something else but i always find myself going back to it.

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I'm a man and I love looking at sexy women and I love to fantasize about doing things to them. Sorry if this offends anybody (not really), but it's just the way of things.

whoa... creepy

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Ive been looking into this game. It seems like it might be pretty good. I love playing mobas but i hate the hostility it creates and all the rage it induces. This Moba is trying to minimize that as much as possible.

Its in beta and i havent got a key so i thought Id ask some trustworthy bombers if they have played, how is it?

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waiting for $2.50 gamer

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i am probably going to get the PS4. Ive had xbox since the original came out but xbone doesnt appeal to me for some reason.

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scream "LAG!!!" whenever i die

scream "NOOB!" whenever i kill someone

scream "YOU HAVE NO LIFE!!" whenever i lose

scream "YOU SUCK PRACTICE MORE LOSER!" whenever i win

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gears turned to shit when they switched from the no respawns mode to the fuckin call of duty garbage modes.

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@cornbredx said:

My sister's daughter has Autism.

My sister used a leash, sometimes when my neice was younger, to control her daughter when they went out places. Although it was kind of fruitless in a lot of ways and my neice is getting older so it's not really prevalent anymore.

Anyway, she also has a tag on the leash from a doctor to show it is for medical reasons.

She has been considering getting her a dog helper now that shes older.

It's hard to explain beyond that unless you know what a kid with autism can be like when they go crazy.

Do not say " Go Crazy" That is the worse way to put it.

id say thats the right way to say it. They do go crazy. My daughter has bipolar manic depressive disorder. She definitely would go crazy sometimes. Shes on medication now and 99% of the time shes good though.

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dude... dont

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theres something called soylent. its like a paste that you eat and it has all the nutrients youll ever need.

edit: i see someone answered this earlier with a link to it.