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still not as bad as the league of legends players.

buts its a moba. either get used to the douche bagness or dont play mobas.

it doesnt get better.

also the MMR you get to in dota 2 when you first get yours is not even close to where you actually belong. they do not give you enough games to see. youll either move up or down quite a bit over the next 25 games.

that said my steam name is tunaburn and i play dota 2 pretty much every day.

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Have any of you actually played League? Runes were the easiest thing to acquire and even if you stacked all of one particular type you'd be looking at a less than 5% boost to a particular attribute.

They gave the game an interesting flavour and something to theorycraft, it was never an issue and I'm glad Blizzard is allowing for some character customization.

I've asked a question question in the Lol/Dota 2 thread where no one really has an an answer: What purpose does runes exist? As a Dota 2 player it seems kind of a mystery to me since it serves no game purpose. If it was meant to speed up the game then there are fairer was to do that. If it is meant to constrain or equalize the early game then there are clearly easier and more straightforward ways to do that. What seems to be a problem is that it screws up new and casual players who don't understand or forget about it. The only thing I could determine is that best it is an "ante system" and at worst it is just a blatant money grab by introducing an artificial sink. It doesn't matter if it is easy to "buy" because it seems extraneous and mandatory to throw currency in.

It forces you to spend your in game currency on the runes. Hence if you want characters youll have to spend cash. By the time i hit level 30 which is required to play ranked i had purchased only 2 characters and only had enough for 2 rune pages. People saying it only takes 1-2 games to get a rune must of not actually maxed out a rune page with lvl 3 runes. some of the runes can take 10 games to get by itself. and then you need 30 of them. Plus multiple pages. It is a ridiculously long grind and the reason i quit playing league.

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Hey im glad you are listening to peoples posts. Thats awesome. I think you will really like strife if you can get it to work. Its definitely the most relaxing of the MOBAS.

I play it when i just want to have some fun and not be all serious.

Also enigmas black hole is the single craziest spell in a moba in my opinion.

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@tunaburn: That's why I'm gonna wait till at least a month in. I think it's very dependant on finding the right team in the right game. I'll take a look at Smite sometime..That's Hi-Rez Studios and third person right? Kept getting Beta invites a while back.

yes but i said strife not smite. i hate smite haha

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Do not pick one to play seriously until you have played against humans a few times.

The community in league gets really really bad once youre playing against people.

Much worse than Dota 2. I like both games but i ended up sticking with dota 2 simply because of that.

I have about 1000 League games and 2000 Dota 2 games.

Also i have never spent a penny on dota 2 and i have 100's of cusomization options. At least 2 items per character. My dragon knight has a whole set.

I do not like the paywall for league. once you get to ranked you will see the new champs picked every game. and unless you have saved up a shit ton of gold or want to spend cash every 2 weeks you will be behind.

Also Strife is like league but a lot easier to master. And the community is 10 times better than any other moba right now.

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So my band has had a facebook page for a while. We dont really do much with it but today i made a bet that I could get us past 250 likes by the end of the month.

Not sure if i can do it but fuck it.

loser has to buy our new PA system since our old one broke sadly.

I really dont wanna cough up $150 but I will for the band if I lose.

Anyway if you guys want to go like the page it will help me not have to pay plus it will help my band out in general with getting better shows and shit.

Thanks in advance guys. And if youre not interested its all good my Bomber brothers.


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i have over 2000 games of dota 2. i switched to it from league of legends. never played dota before. i think its one of the best made games out today. it does piss me the fuck off and i take breaks for a few days from it and do something else but i always find myself going back to it.

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I'm a man and I love looking at sexy women and I love to fantasize about doing things to them. Sorry if this offends anybody (not really), but it's just the way of things.

whoa... creepy

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Ive been looking into this game. It seems like it might be pretty good. I love playing mobas but i hate the hostility it creates and all the rage it induces. This Moba is trying to minimize that as much as possible.

Its in beta and i havent got a key so i thought Id ask some trustworthy bombers if they have played, how is it?

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waiting for $2.50 gamer