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I thought I did like it more. But then after 100 games or so I started to realize its not really about skill. Its just about which team wins 5 vs 5 fights. Will your team have all 5 show up at the objectives? If the other team doesnt you win. I prefer Dota because even if one of your teammates isnt doing shit for the team you can overcome it. In HOTS you either all 5 be a cohesive group or you lose. Also healing is fucking op in this. To many heroes can out heal the dps of even the strongest guy. I dont know. I like the game but I cant see me playing it often anymore.

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as badly as i want this game I didnt buy it because i just knew the matchmaking would be terrible. i missed the last mk game but heard nothing but complaints about the matchmaking.

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The modes felt bad to me. the hostage rescue was alright but the one where you drive cars in circles is broken. you can literally just drive a car in circles for 4 hours and unlock every weapon in the game. you earn so much money its insane. and that mode is boring as hell. no building destruction with the horrible spawning and the very few weapon choices made the game boring to me.

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hardline felt like call of duty to me sadly

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^^^^ thats what I was missing! Destructible environment! Where did it go? I loved blowing up a building with a tank some sniper was hiding in

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me and my friend still play vegas 2 on xbox 360 together. put it on realistic and max terrorists and have some fun

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Im looking at getting the new rainbow six when it comes out. That looks awesome. I should of read reviews before buying hardline it seems. My fault completely.

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I have not played a "battlefield" game since bad company 2. But i remember loving it and playing the hell out of it. So i went and got hardline. Played for a total of 4 hours. Enjoyed almost no time I put into it.

Did I outgrow the game or something? I have not been keeping up with video game news lately so I have no idea if this game is good or bad in your guys eyes.