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More than Horses and Swords 0

From the rugged terrain of the Turkish countryside (Ankara, Turkey, to be exact) comes this fantastic medieval simulator. Sometimes to make a great game you need a lot of capital. Sometimes all you need is creativity. Polish is a foreign word in this game; just an eyes glance at the title tells you that. It has no place next to big name titles. That has been established time and time again, but it does have a place in the pantheon of great titles.Traces of some kind of story could be dug up here...

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About time 0

I have always had a place in my heart for Assassins Creed. I feel a certain kind of connection to the story, having spent countless hours collecting, purchasing, and most importantly, stabbing my way through five games. I thought the previous game (Revelation) was a sadly predictable wringing out of the Assassin sponge and was curious, though a bit put off, by AC III.So, was it any good?If you want the quick answer, than yes it was. I thoroughly enjoyed slicing my way through a well defined era....

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Does it live up to the hype? 0

Battlefield 3. The most generic title. It actually is more generic than "Modern Warfare", They win the award for sure. But, how is the game? If you don't have internet for you console, Its bad. If you do (Like the other 7 million of us) its pretty good. This review is unbiased because I am not a BF nerd and never have been. I never played 1942 or any other up until BF BC.The multiplayer, If you haven't heard already, is pretty amazing. The campaign... Not so much. I was looking forward to playin...

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Long time No See! 0

Why, Why, Why, Could this have not been awesome? Its not like its too much to ask! I mean, it has been in development for  14 YEARS! This complete mess of a game is not worth any money out of your pocket. Slap your wrist in you even try to buy this game! The only reason to buy it should be that you are curious how this terrible example of the failures of several game companies turned out. The whole experiences is sloppy as hell. It all feels patched together, and cheap and gross. Thank god gearb...

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My Face, My face! 0

If you are looking for GTA in the 1940s, go get Mafia 2. LA Noire has almost nothing to do with its GTA cousin. It is an open world, but you won't be running around blowing stuff up with a RPG anytime during the game. The game even chooses when to let you pull out your gun, so you really can't do much but drive from place to place, while occasionally stopping for a side activity. This game is an adventure game at heart. It uses a new revolutionary face mapping technology that is slightly ...

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