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1. Ignore anything other than story missions until the whole thing is resolved.

2. Before you start another story mission, see if you can figure out how to use the makeshift solution the game gives you. If you figure it out, you'll lose far less things as you do the story missions.

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Rokka 11 - This show still sucks, but at least this happened:

Are you kidding?

I'm assuming that's a rhetorical "are you kidding?" because surely nothing I've said these past few weeks would seriously make you or anyone believe I was kidding.

Also, someone refresh my memory. What excuse did Bunny Tits have again when this whole thing first went down? Why is everyone suspicious of everyone else but her?

Excuse for what, having a mental break down? Bad writing probably.

For those interested, the LN apparently had inner monologue sequences from the perspective of the 7th. That perspective always uses gender-netural pronouns to refer to themselves and always refers to all 7 Braves by name when referring to the others, so there is no hint to the identity. Does pretty much exonerate Adlet and Fremy though.

I feel like I’ll burst out in laughter, the one lurking among the seven secretly thought. [They][4] were trying with all [their] might to act flustered as [they] stared directly at the Heroes of the Six Flowers.

It had all been [their] plan and everything had perfectly unfolded just as [they’d] predicted. With [their] fake crest [they’d] slipped in among the Six Flowers. Then [they] lured the six to the barrier and sealed them within the forest. As if exactly following their hypothetical scenario, [their] entire plan had been a success.

Things had progressed far too simply and as for the Six, fear was now spreading through them.

So from here on out, the imposter planned to continue to conceal [their] true identity and proceed to take out the Six Flowers one by one. It would probably be an extremely easy task. And [their] first objective was Adlet Maia. He was the first person [they] would kill.

The seventh had been shocked by Adlet’s fleeing speed, his quick-witted thinking and luck. [They’d] never imagined that he would be able to safely escape from being surrounded like that. It seemed to the seventh that it was a mistake to judge Adlet as inferior in comparison to the other Flowers.

However, it was an issue of little significance. No matter which path Adlet took he was still checkmated. Now the only thing Adlet was waiting on was for one of the others to kill him.

So the seventh would let Adlet roam free for a while. There was no need to rush.

In the seventh’s mind, killing Adlet with their own hands wasn’t the best course of action. In fact, they wanted to leave the task to one of the Heroes of The Six Flowers.

If things went smoothly then the seventh could place all the fault and blame onto the person that killed Adlet. And even if they couldn’t do that, a large fissure would form in the mutual trust shared among the Flowers. Using that fissure, they could tactfully go around, causing further internal discord among the companions.

The seventh didn’t know what was going to occur in the future. But they did understand that flexibility was very important. They needed to be able to view the circumstances well, without just sticking to one way of thinking so that they could accurately use the tools available to them. And more than anything, they could not let themselves be suspected.

If they could do that then victory would tumble into their lap.

Well then, who in the world will kill Adlet for me?

Fremy was going after Adlet. Chamo had restrained Hans. And Mora, Nashetania, and Goldof were running towards Adlet. The time is now, the seventh had been thinking.

They couldn’t say that things were going well. Originally the seventh had expected thatit would only be a bit longer before Adlet was easily dealt with. But the seventh had been shocked when Adlet took Fremy hostage. And the seventh had never even thought that Adlet would continue to run for an entire day after that.

Adlet was entirely full of surprises. And his self-proclaimed title of world’s strongest was beginning to seem that it wasn’t a lie.

However, that was a trivial miscalculation on the seventh’s part. Adlet’s end had been a matter of time from the beginning. Even if he held out for one or two days it didn’t change the situation at all.

The seventh wondered what they should do after killing Adlet. Of course, the next person they would deal with was Fremy. That would also be a simple task. Her companions would automatically come to kill her.

Things would get a bit more difficult after that. Whoever seemed to be directed with suspicion would be executed. If opinions seemed to be split it would stir up a confrontation and cause them to kill one another. So without overdoing themselves by carrying out a plan, the seventh figured they should play the situation by ear and respond accordingly.

Though the chance was low, if the seventh had suspicion focused on them their move at that time would be to escape. Having killed two of the Six Flowers would already be a sufficient military achievement.

If Adlet stopped the fight, the seventh wondered what they would do if Adlet tried to resolve things through talking. Just the order of how the seventh would deal with things would change. Taking the lead in the conversation, they would execute Fremy. After that it should be good to deal with Adlet. There would be some difficulty that came along with that plan, but the seventh didn’t think it would be much of a problem.

As a renowned war strategist had said, when a battle begins, the end is 90% decided. The seventh reflected on the accuracy of those words.

When Adlet had set foot in the temple the seventh had been able to set into motion their trap of producing fog without anyone noticing. At that moment the outcome had been decided.

However, the seventh did have one concern. It was the faces the Heroes of the Six Flowers would have after killing Adlet and Fremy. Though the seventh had been desperately resisting the urge to snicker up till that point, the seventh wondered if they would be able to resist smiling in front of the others when the remaining heroes realized that neither Adlet nor Fremy had been the impostor.

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I barely fully comprehended anything Code Talker explained about Skull Face and his plans. I feel like I missed something there. Did he just fully explain Skull Face's scheme or partially explain it? I understand Skull Face wants to wipe all languages except english.....and that has to do with the parasites infecting people or something......gah, it all went by so quickly I barely "got it"

If you could, could some of you explain exactly what was told story wise in these missions? I'm kinda lost and I feel like I shouldn't be. Please be wary of future events in the game though, I'm only this far and if it's further explained, don't talk about those elements. No spoilers past these missions

The parasites that would wipe out languages were originally a pet project of Zero that Skull Face was researching. Zero wants to unite the world by forcing it to adhere to his will, his system, and everyone speaking only English would help with that. Ultimately, that project was abandoned.

However, Skull Face has his own agenda, and his actual plan as far as the parasites are concerned is to tear down what Zero is trying to build, and wipe out English instead, causing him to develop the English strain without Zero finding out.

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Snake Eater still reigns supreme. IV and V are in a desperate struggle for number two though.

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I'll say again




Anyhow, I just finished mission 31 with the fight with sahelanthropus. Skull face is dead physco mantis (s) saved one of those viruses and gave it to liquid, and so on.

I know it's a broad question but I get all of chapter one. Up till where it pulls a metal gear and loses me when skull face's plans are explained.

Maybe someone can shed some light on what the symbolism is between skull face and Big Boss? I think I get it but I don't, and did physco mantis (?) Fuck with liquids head? Just a nice clif note version of skull faces speech would be nice.

Also please don't spoil anything from chapter 2 after mission 30/31. Even if it would answer a question I asked, knowing that ill find out ia enough.

Much Love,

Fellow Bomber

The entirety of Eli, child Mantis, the man on fire and Skull Face is explained in cassette tapes in Chapter 2.

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@ichthy: You need to shoot Tretij Rebenok about 20 times and then you can fulton the man on fire without your fulton being destroyed.

I'm going to assume the wormhole fulton lets you get around that?

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Those "Eliminate the Armored Unit" side ops usually have one. Alternatively, episode 9. Park your horse in the road, and just sneak up from behind.

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Just had this happen to me in Mission 38. Had to find an item and extract with it. Found it, picked it up, got spotted as I was getting in my helicopter, and restarted the mission in a huff since I wanted the perfect stealth and it was a short mission anyways. Second time, it wasn't there anymore.

Edit: Nvm, the mission is just dumb where the objective will change locations randomly.

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It's a fan hoax and has literally nothing to do with anything.

What makes you so sure?

I'm not certain, but the way this is all being done doesn't seem Kojima-esque. It's too hidden. Kojima's trickery has always been big, loud, and flashy. From the MGS2 trailers to Moby Dick Studios, it demands your attention. This simply feels too subtle.

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Yes, if we put in our own conjecture and try hard enough we can make any story work.

This entire thread is based on your conjecture of what Kojima's intentions were.

My own conjecture is that MGSV was intended to be like MGS2. Not only in the type of fan reaction it is beginning to elicit, just as MGS2 was in part about providing the idea that Snake as an "ultimate soldier" could be recreated by placing someone else in a certain situation, MGSV is about providing the idea that "Big Boss" had ceased to be a man, but a legend and title that could be taken up by another without the world even batting an eye.

Also, Big Boss's fall happened in Peace Walker. We already played through that.