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Drunks are certainly more dangerous, though I find both equally annoying.

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The real answer is: where do you damn kids find the time to listen to all these podcasts?

What else am I going to listen to on my commute to and from work.

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I listen to both though I will say I listen to the bombcast more out of habit without the enthusiasm I have for the beastcast. The same is true for pretty much all of Giantbomb's content. I haven't watched an unprofessional fridays in months.

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Have a 750, never had a crash.

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@y2ken: Honestly, for my money, if we're talking about Gwyn's kids, the most interesting theory I've seen is that The Nameless King is the mysterious unknown last son of Gwyn. The one that was removed from the annals of history, statues destroyed, etc. Betraying his father to side with the dragons would certainly be a thing to make Gwyn angry enough to do that.

It's safe to say that isn't a theory any more at this point, but rather just accepted fact. The items and soul descriptions attributed to him states that he was a dragon-slaying god of war, one that gave up everything to ally with the ancient dragons, and the heir to lightning. There's also the fact that the Dragonslayer Armor states that Ornstein came in search of him after Gwyn linked the flame for the first time.

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@mirado: Her breasts aren't big enough.

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Off topic here, but I noticed that Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin is T for teen. Why is this the case, when the rest are M? I just find it a bit strange.

Dunno. Viewing the ESRB pages for DrkS 1 and 2, they're nearly identical with the only difference being that Dark Souls 2 lacked "exposed buttocks" for its partial nudity.

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@asilentprotagonist: Big hat and Oceiros are not one and the same. Two item descriptions makes that about as clear as anything in Dark Souls is capable of being. The description for White Dragon Breath states that Oceiros was "edified" by that creation of Old Big Hat's, while Ocerios' soul states that he was someone of royal blood that stumbled upon a group already worshipping Seath, as opposed to one that helped create that worship.

That all said, it is important to note that Dark Souls 3 is less a direct sequel to the events experienced in DkS 1 and 2, and more the future of one of the many permutations of Lordrans past. After all, time and space are both distorted here. Additionally, certain item descriptions are given an almost archaeological degree of unreliability. Seath is called the pale drake, but we know he was in fact a dragon. Similarly, the game refers to it as Drang but we also know its true name is Drangleic.

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@hunkulese said:

I think it's kind of the point. If you're not attacking every chest by now, you're doing it wrong. You can only get away with, "Surprise, this chest wants to eat you!" so many times.

So the solution is to do it way more often?

We've had a game that did it rarely, and another that didn't do it at all. So yes, probably time to have one that does it way more often.

One thing that I'm disappointed in is how weak they are in this game. Throw a Lloyd's Talisman at one and put it to sleep, and you can keep hitting it until you run out of stamina. It will "wake up", but won't actually attack. By then, it'll already be down to half health.

I'd also like to see more mimics on all fours as opposed to the bipedal ones. There was only one this game. Maybe some mimics without legs at all that just hop every where, but have extra long arms?

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@cairnsythebeard: I think one thing that stands better explanation from you is what do you mean by "communal modding".