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@video_game_king: It's just called "Wolf Children".

Personally, I don't find lists like these that useful as they are mostly preaching to the converted. Dan and Jeff's disdain for anime isn't coming out of some lack of exposure. It's simply willful ignorance. Jeff likes wrestling. Jeff likes things like Transformers. With those two interests alone, it's not difficult to recommend a half dozen anime (mostly coming out of the Super Robot genre.) But his opinion on anime in general, as opposed to in terms of any specific genre, themes, etc, is pretty clear. So I prefer just to let people like that be, and giggle and laugh to myself when I hear them being wrong. It's far less exhausting that way.

tl;dr: In my experience, most people that "hate anime" do so because they just want to dislike it, not because they want to find something to enjoy in the medium, and simply didn't find it. Let those people be.

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So put down $5 at GameStop and wait a week after release. While waiting, watch Twitch, read reviews, or whatever you do to make a decision as to buy a game or not. Then cancel or complete the transaction dependant on your decision. Why is this such a big deal?

^ This

^ This is dumb. Why are you preordering a game if you are then going to wait a week after it comes out to do homework? That seems like it defeats the purpose of a preorder. If you're going to wait a week you should just not preorder to begin with. Unless certain businesses are holding content ransom that you'd like to play with your $60 purchase.

Because the best way to get a grasp on how you feel about a game (aside from playing it yourself) is to see it out in the wild.

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People are willing to give the people who made Colonial Marines money AGAIN?

Colonial Marines was made by Gearbox. Isolation is made by Creative Assembly.

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Giant Bomb is to Endurance Run as Kojima is to Metal Gear.

You mean that fan demand will force the crew to make another Endurance Run, and 40% of it will be Jeff making moo noises for no discernible reason?

Oh, so you've watched an endurance run before.

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You give that thing way too much credit.

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Giant Bomb is to Endurance Run as Kojima is to Metal Gear.

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Finally got around to watching the video, and I am quite impressed. It is very well done on all levels, particularly in the way it talks about the inherent creepiness of the Miku concept without being defensive of it, nor immediately dismissive of it.

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As a non native English speaker would i rather see a new gender neutral pronoun instead of appropriating words that have a different meaning. Example in Sweden have there been a movement to start using the word hen instead of the masculine han (he) and the feminine hon (she).

There is an analog, using ze and hirr instead of he/she and his/her, but it runs into two problems for most people.

1. It sounds dumb.

2. It causes the same amount of, if not more awkwardness and confusion in usage than they/their.

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FFVI, also know as the best RPG ever made.