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I think anime has just fallen into an insular niche. As video games become more widespread and mainstream acceptable, anime has stayed about where it's been for a decade or so. Most people are aware of it but have no interest in watching or deriding it because they just don't care, and it's not an approachable hobby.

If anything, there needs to be more market research done for anime. There seem to always be conflicting information regarding that medium's profitability: whether revenue is actually rising or falling, whether the market is showing major shifts to over seas or not, just what segments of the market shows revenue imbalance between broadcast and other products, etc.

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Also in way I wouldn't want anime to try and adhere to any sort of global standards. The reason a lot of people get into it, usually around high school age, is because those shows are so incredibly different than anything you've seen before. One big reason for that is because Japanese culture is so completely divorced from the west. Even a grounded drama about high school teens is nothing like what you would experience in the US or Europe. Changing that formula with western influence would be like putting ketchup on sushi.

That's not exactly what media criticism is about.

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Hahaha anime is ridiculed all the fucking time what are you on about?

There is plenty "Anime is for Jerks" type of ridicule, but nothing that really approaches any serious criticism.

You can find it if you decide to search it out. You won't find any major websites attempting to do so though, certainly not non-Japanese ones.

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Metal Wolf Chaos might be the three coolest words ever strung together, like of all time. How have I never heard of it until now?

The following will be the best 2 hours of your life.

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@turambar: The game is about the Witcher books, not about Poland. I'm not arguing that the witcher series is purely based on Poland. There are a lot of Irish, Anglo-saxon, Germanic, Roman and Middle Eastern Influences the author included in the books. There's a lack of black people in the books for sure. That's a flaw of the series and the author. Just like Tolkien books have the same flaw.

Others have made that statement, and that statement is what I was responding to. As I have repeatedly said, the argument you're trying to have is completely unrelated to the comment I was responding to.

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@aromaticflower: Listen, I'm totally with you on class being the larger problem with our country, and I'm more than on board with ousting the Tory scum, but the Tories have a majority. UKIP got more votes than everybody but the Tories and Labour (it didn't translate into seats thank god, but theres no denying that thats worrying). If you put a Muslim Pakistani man in a room with a Tory voting white man you'd best believe that conversation will come down to race, as much as the Tory might insist that it isn't. Race is a big deal here, like it or not. It's more subtextual here than in America definitely but that doesn't mean that it isn't a massive factor in our country's recent history.

And yes, I've been to America. Yes, the climate is more palpable there. But if you walk into a pub in Salford, where i'm from, and don't manage to over hear a conversation by a group of white guys about "Sharia law" or burkas or some shit I'll buy your drinks all night.

I think that is a universal thing in the 'West', there has been a very pervasive rising anti-Islamic sentiment since 9/11, it's pretty scary.

It's hardly American or European either. Tension between Muslims and Buddhists in countries like Myanmar are at a height. There's also been an ever increasing amount of tension between Weigers and Han Chinese in Western China that's led to plenty of blood shed for about as long as I can remember paying attention.

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@turambar: Yes it's sad that the author took ideas from middle eastern culture , but didn't include many other cultural ideas in his work.

However, these books are written by him and the Witcher 3 is basing itself on these books. You can argue that the books are therefore flawed and the writer could put more diversity in his books in the future.

Does this mean that CD Project Red should take it upon themselves to go against the lore of the series to include more diversity? Personally i don't think that's fair. Zerrikanian's are not common in the Witcher lore, and their land is fairly unexplored in the books. It would make more sense to have DLC or a new Witcher game where you finally get to explore this mystical land and it's inhabitants, without betraying the Witcher fans and the developers, who care about the source material .

You're talking about staying pure to the source material. I'm talking about whether the source material itself was entirely Polish in the first place. These are two completely different conversations.

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@marokai said:

Don't get me wrong, there's a fight being had about these topics, I just don't think they're being had here, or that editorials on the topic here are going to do much to reach an audience outside of this site that actually do need to be reached. The Giant Bomb audience is a pretty progressive place that has always been much better at discussing and receiving these kinds of topics as almost any other site that isn't moderated to death.

Let's not be crazy here. Giant Bomb absolutely is a forum that is very heavily moderated. This community isn't a unique butterfly, it's just soaked in stronger preservatives.