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Either its true, or this guy is an absolutely incredible writer. Its incredibly difficult to compose that level of fiction, and that quality. If you read it through, it reads very much like someone's honest experiences. But hey, maybe someone really spent the time fabricating all that stuff in some insane rage, but the guy actually seems pretty chill and is a fan of social justice himself.

yea, reading through some of it, and some of the pictures he posted, id be pretty surprised if all of whats on that site is fake. he writing doesnt read like a typical troll.

Regardless of whether its true or false, however, something personal like this really has no place for discussion on the forums.

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Alright, mods go ahead and delete the thread.

Just PM one of them.

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Well, the idea of desecrating dead bodies for your own purposes is kind of gross from a basic human society standpoint. Necromancers, being based entirely around doing such things, fit into the villain role much more readily as a result.

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I think your Gumshoe doesn't look depressed enough.

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Tell me more about Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal.

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Going to take an entirely uneducated guess and say the political motivation of the game is to show how it is impossible to avoid civilian casualties when bombing / artillery shelling an area as densely populated as Manhattan island.

Is that assumption accurate? Probably not.

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Final Fantasy VI and Persona 4, both games with only moderately strong main story lines, but offer amazing individual character story arcs.

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Just google it.

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I rarely actively seek out music to listen to. When I do, it's 100% video game music.

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@turambar: Games played in Naxx count toward your dailies, so you never have to play other people again I guess.

Do they? I won a few games playing a zoo warlock but don't remember seeing any dailies updates. Will check later.