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Fuckin eh!

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I will just throw out Niagara Falls as an alternate option. There are many cheap hotels here (I mean...real fucking cheap. Too cheap.). The city is built for tourists, lots to do and beautiful scenery. Buffalo is right across the bridge, shuttles go back and forth regularly. Hit me up on Twitter (@TurboToaster) if you guys might want to go that route, I do not mean to take away from the Chicago idea at all! Just an option for ya's. ^_^

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There's a direct correlation between the pain of losing you and how immensely fucking awesome you were on every conceivable level. You lived the FUCK out of life in ways I could only dream of. I am confident I am not alone in being devastated beyond all measure. I'll always cherish the friendship we had and everything you taught me, directly and indirectly. I am forever changed by knowing you. I want to make you proud, brother.


"Little Sister"

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I could be flat wrong but it feels less like a game system and more like a big push by cable companies to rope people back into TV. As far as video games go this next generation, I'm sinking my fundage into a sick gaming rig instead.

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Most of the time I don't even think of myself as a girl. I'm just me. And I've never been interested in feminism of any kind because of the stereotypical bitchiness associated with it (some of it is necessary, other times they're more interested in being able to play Santa than having the legitimately important issues stamped out first), but I'm finding out on my own that sexism is VERY real and is just about one of the most medieval things I've encountered by first hand experience.

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@Insectecutor: Seems like that's been exactly the case lately =T

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@TeflonBilly: omg this always makes me blubber like a wee baby

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Mad props to Drew and Vinny though, those guys are the sweetest most hard-working people. Mucho love to them forevah

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Another thought I had was a feature regarding Indie stuff, like a Creativity Showcase. Even if a game isn't good, it might have bits and pieces that are great and worth exploring. Maybe certain programmers, artists and other essential people could then join forces and combine their strengths. I love the microcosm of ridiculous things that comes out of Indie, but they get lost immediately to the swirling vortex. Man, who doesn't love panning for gold in the XBLAi section? There is something so amazing to me about playing as someone's horrible paint doodles. I am very easily amused.

Also contests. I think there should be t-shirt winning opportunities here weekly (more opportunities for subscribers, sweetening that deal a little). Thoughts? I pitched it to them but never heard back. I don't know the logistics of such a thing but hey, a couple shirts a week would jazz people right up! Just keep it to the US to keep it easy, if you win outside the states just have it mailed to a friend and then sent to you. That's what I do, or would, if I ever won anything =T