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That's amazing. He used to call me 'Little Sister" which kinda makes this really surreal as if things weren't surreal enough. That's really cool.

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The part I really enjoyed was when Phil was staring into that old program like when he was a kid. I think we all did stuff like that, it was cute and honest. Phil wears his heart on his sleeve for good or ill. I don't know much about what happened recently so I can't speak to that or have any opinion, but I do think he is very talented. He takes everyone's thoughts about him to heart which can make him better at what he does but also it contributes to his bitter view on the world, which in turn...doesn't help matters. Again, not knowing much about anything other than my own observations, I would suggest that he;

A.) Be open to criticism and

B.) Pick trusted individuals or mature groups to tell him the truth

Criticism and being able to handle criticism is essential for any creative person to succeed. It fucking sucks, but them's the breaks. If he lets everything in from every knob on the internet, it's a road to absolutely nowhere.

Aside from that I got super emotional during the backstory segments for Edmund McMillen. I'm really happy for him and his partner. All around I love Indie Game: The Movie. I hope there are more as the years go on and the indie scene evolves.

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This is ridiiiiiculously well done!

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Yeah dude I'm right there myself. My gaming time is few and far between these past couple of years.

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Fuckin eh!

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I will just throw out Niagara Falls as an alternate option. There are many cheap hotels here (I mean...real fucking cheap. Too cheap.). The city is built for tourists, lots to do and beautiful scenery. Buffalo is right across the bridge, shuttles go back and forth regularly. Hit me up on Twitter (@TurboToaster) if you guys might want to go that route, I do not mean to take away from the Chicago idea at all! Just an option for ya's. ^_^

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There's a direct correlation between the pain of losing you and how immensely fucking awesome you were on every conceivable level. You lived the FUCK out of life in ways I could only dream of. I am confident I am not alone in being devastated beyond all measure. I'll always cherish the friendship we had and everything you taught me, directly and indirectly. I am forever changed by knowing you. I want to make you proud, brother.


"Little Sister"

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I could be flat wrong but it feels less like a game system and more like a big push by cable companies to rope people back into TV. As far as video games go this next generation, I'm sinking my fundage into a sick gaming rig instead.