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New Guns Day!

Doublestrikes were 25% off so I bought one to muck around with. The yellowish panel glows bright green in the dark. It looks pretty sweet.

Friend of mine gave me a Swarmfire to work some magic on.

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Just finished making the listings. I'll be adding more down the road because now this is a thing I do I guess!


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I know eh! They're very close though save for not having any real stress effects. Like, the original paint job on the Magnus looks pretty decent by itself. The Elite series isn't half bad in terms of style. The Zombie Strike series is fucking crazy cool, mostly just the SledgeFire for my money. I mean just look at this guy!

I'm doing at least a couple of these when I make enough to buy them. For $30 each they're worth every penny.

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Nah, the darts are specific for the inner-workings. They'd probably jam the gun if I painted them.

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I put this off for an entire year and I've never wanted to kick myself more. You can take the gun apart or like with the Magnus I just taped over the parts I didn't want to get paint into (screw holes, dart chamber, the crevice where the sliding piece moves). Sand it a bit, then roll with Krylon Fusion as it bonds well with plastic, and I seal them with Krylon Matte Finish clear coat.

Taking the tape off when the paint part is done is like Christmas morning! You'll be glad you did it. Let me know if you ever do one, I wanna see it!

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Dude totally feasible! I don't want to turn this into some kind of garbage soft sell article but I am going to be selling them eventually on Etsy. It's releasing them into the wild that's the hardest part.

I'm super excited that the Magnus can be painted without having to disassemble it, so it works like a dream. My Raider...nadda so much, but she's still pretty. ;)

And thanks guys for the positive feedback!

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Top o' the mornin' to ye, Giant Bomb community! Long time no see.

I made these and I thought you all might appreciate them. I've been meaning to do this for a year and never had the motivation, until one day I just said, "Fuck it! Let's do this thang." and here we are! I experimented on the Nerf Raider first because it doesn't function that great, so if I screwed up who cares. Turns out I didn't! Anyway look!

Nerf Raider Before:

Raider After:

The finish is dry and smooth, took a lot of patience and light coats of Krylon Fusion. Clear coated to lock in freshness ;)

And then there was the MEGA MAGNUS. One of the most badass Blasters that Nerf makes. It fires MEGA darts.



I'm gonna do a buttload of these. If I forget to post them here, follow me on Instagram at @Turbo_Toaster and my twitter is still @TurboToaster.

Love you miss you GB Community. Till next time, keep fit and have fun!

- Kat

Edit: Finished making my listings!


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The original RE is the only kind of tacky I will accept in this household.

However the GC remake was delicious and I really want to play it again someday.

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Kat Smith (@TurboToaster)

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I think I'm gonna go....outside.