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@TeflonBilly: omg this always makes me blubber like a wee baby

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Mad props to Drew and Vinny though, those guys are the sweetest most hard-working people. Mucho love to them forevah

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Another thought I had was a feature regarding Indie stuff, like a Creativity Showcase. Even if a game isn't good, it might have bits and pieces that are great and worth exploring. Maybe certain programmers, artists and other essential people could then join forces and combine their strengths. I love the microcosm of ridiculous things that comes out of Indie, but they get lost immediately to the swirling vortex. Man, who doesn't love panning for gold in the XBLAi section? There is something so amazing to me about playing as someone's horrible paint doodles. I am very easily amused.

Also contests. I think there should be t-shirt winning opportunities here weekly (more opportunities for subscribers, sweetening that deal a little). Thoughts? I pitched it to them but never heard back. I don't know the logistics of such a thing but hey, a couple shirts a week would jazz people right up! Just keep it to the US to keep it easy, if you win outside the states just have it mailed to a friend and then sent to you. That's what I do, or would, if I ever won anything =T

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@Sanj: Yeah definitely. There's no real easy answer to this after thinking about it some more. I don't know how that stuff works, the only thing I know is that something has been missing lately and it started before CBSi.

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@ThePickle: Yeah I hear you, though bands go on tours where repetition directly pays the bills. Maybe they don't like it, but they suck it up and do it because that's a compromise they make for their audience. I'm sure they could squeeze one out a year (like I said, Summer is the best time and something to look forward to in the year. Plus, people would stop asking. Everyone wins.) I don't play video games for a living, but I can't imagine this is too much to ask.

Maybe my saying something is against the rules? I don't know. It'd be lame if it was. I don't have anything to lose at this point so I may as well calls it as I sees it lol

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To me, it hasn't felt like their hearts have been in this for some time. I don't much care for what they're doing these days because of that and I kind of mentally checked out around the time of the Tested poster. I don't like that it feels as though the Community is only important when they need money and suggestions are met with a weird "Yeah yeah okay." attitude. They go on trips and complain (yes I get that it's not a vacation, but maybe keep it to yourself? It's a tad disrespectful to your hard-working audience.) Endurance Runs should be done once a year in my opinion. If there are no games in summer, why not make that the ED time? Maybe have a quick little show and tell on Mondays for cool stuff developers send you where each dude brings in one thing to show everyone. That's a cool perk I would love to share with people if it were me. Anyway, after 4 months I'm very surprised they're not, "Settled." Whether you pay for a sub to support them or for content, they advertise it as paying for content. They're not delivering, and that's not okay.

As a Cartoonist, I came here and loved the living toons that were the guys. Dave was awesome enough to bring me on to work with them and integrate that artistic aspect of my life with this site and I had a great time. There's a lot I really wanted to do and pitch to them but never got the chance. The life force seems to have been drained from this place somehow, unfortunately. I hope they find that awesome spirit they once had. :)

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Honestly I totally agree. Most social interaction rests heavily on Facebook which is the coldest, most uninteresting way to socialize. But it's efficient, so quantity over quality I guess. That's more or less why I don't like it, but if I don't use it then I drop off the map to everyone in my life. Sad but very true.

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Hey guyz. If Quests come back, I won't be a part of them. My tumblr will have more, don't want to say it here.

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I loved and hated it at the same time and I'll be seeing it at least two more times. It's a strange way to feel about a movie lol

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That's my Xbox! His name is Cornelius and he's on right now.